Committee Members

The committee members and volunteers come from different walks of life and carry proven professional track record. Our aim is to leverage our members’ professional experience and deliver the services with professional excellence. Our committee members are:


Virat Jagannath Shah

45 years old. Virat is the founder of this movement and leader as defined by Reginald Buckler, a philosopher and writer - ‘A leader is one who knows the way, who goes the way and shows the way’. He eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps with the Sarvodaya group activities. His passion is self-less social service. His ideal is Gandhi ji. He is an Instrumentation Engineer who worked at reputed companies like Dhrangadhra Chemicals, Atul, Reliance Industries, Saudi Refinery and now a full time social worker. He lives in Ahmedabad with family, which includes 2 daughters, wife who is a chemical engineer and runs own food processing business.

Manojkumar Damodardas Topiwala

Rohitkumar Jivabhai Nayee


Nilang Jayantilal Shah


Binit Hasmukhbhai Patel


Dinesh Prabhakarbhai Kansara

45 years old. Dinesh is a telecom engineer with 24 years of experience. He worked senior positions at companies like Tata Telecom, Reliance Communication. He is now an entrepreneur running a telecom business in India, USA, Australia and UK. He lives in Navi Mumbai with family, which includes a son, Dhairya and wife, Reena who runs the family. His passion includes reading, writing, cartooning and social service.

Jayesh Mukundbhai Jani

45 years old. Jayesh is a wandering monk like Swami Vivekananda in our group. Little, smiling, bespectacled, honest and contented person with deep interest and professional qualification in spirituality. He specializes in Spiritual Wisdom, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercise, Pranayam, natural principles, …other mysterious yet interesting subjects for 27+ years now. His passion includes delving into spirituality, music and reading. He lives in Ahmedabad with family which includes, a daughter,…… and Jigna who runs the family. Jayesh is a civil engineer and worked at many reputed builders like Bakeri Group. Now he works as in-charge of project execution for a fast growing IT company. Jayesh has been conducting Yoga camps for Footpath School students for several months now.