ClearMyHistory Crack Free For Windows [2022]

*Erases your browser cookies, Web cache, temporary files, and more
*An ever increasing number of hidden system folders and files are always present on your computer
*Hundreds of browser extensions, programs, plug-ins and processes can store private information about your online activities
*Online Identity Theft risks can ruin your personal and financial life for good
*Lies, lies, lies! Large companies and individuals alike all trick consumers into giving up their private data
*So you see why you need your computer privacy
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Version 3.25 CHANGELOG
New Feature: Now includes a quarantine folder that functions to hide any files you choose to quarantine (re-download, re-install)
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where “Suppress Firefox Tracking Protection” was causing more to be cleaned, instead of suppressing tracking protection and the only reason why I can think of.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that caused “Scan for new content” to appear permanently
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when trying to clear a network location
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the Uninstall section when “Clear the data” did not work properly
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the “Delete System Data” in the Uninstall section would clear the entire “Desktop” or “My Documents” or “My Music” folder
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where “Clear My History” would become “Clear All History” after clicking the “Cleat My History” link in the “Advanced” section
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the installer would not re-attach itself after completing install
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in the Inactivity section where we were not limiting the number of days or weeks of inactivity (v2.51)
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where downloading a new version of the program (2.21) while a previously completed install on the same PC was still active would cause the PC to not be protected by the “Inactivity setting” feature in the “Privacy Settings”
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where a string in the uninstaller was different
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where a “File Transfer Protocol (FTP)” folder, that was created by the FTP service in Windows XP SP2, is prevented from being deleted by default
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where deleting the “Internet Connection Sharing (

ClearMyHistory Crack+ Free PC/Windows

– Cleans entire PC by erasing History logs from all leading web browsers
– Erases Temporary Internet Files
– Erases Cookies
– Erases State of Online Games
– Runs in background mode
– Locks browser windows for Privacy and Secrecy
– Brings back deleted files without downloading
– Eliminates Bugs and Errors
– Protects your system
– Has No Freezeups or System Lockups
ClearMyHistory’s online knowledgebase can assist with answers to your questions and most Common Issues (FAQ). If you have a question about ClearMyHistory, please click on the “Help” tab. Your questions will be sent to our “Help Staff” for review. They will be notified of your question and will be in touch with you via email to assist with resolving your question. If you are unable to resolve your issue, please fill out the “Contact Us” form on the help tab and a member of our support staff will assist you.

– Play your favorite Games online right from your Windows 7 desktop
– Play online with your friends, and compete with them
-…without slowing down your computer
– Easy to set up
– Full customization
– Original art
– Optimized graphic engine
– Automatic updates, new features
– Support for new Games coming soon
– Auto-Updates: whenever a new version of our program is released, it will automatically download it and install it for you.
– Auto-Download: whenever a new version of our program is released, it will automatically download it and install it for you.
– Support Games: you can play your favorite Games online without slowing down your computer.
– Works with over 50 Games
– Automatic Game Syncing: you can play and sync the same game at the same time on multiple computers.
– Advanced GUI: you can quickly switch among the pages and play the game you want, all with a single click.
– Full Offline Mode: you can play a game you can’t play online on your PC.
– Captcha Fix: you can fix the Captcha system in the game.
– Possibility to Configure Game Play: you can use different Controls, Rules, Speed, etc.
– Impressive Graphics: you will never be disappointed in any game because of the awesome Graphics.
– Full Privacy Protection: your computer usage won’t be monitored by third parties.
– Safe System: you will never encounter unwanted installation, adware or

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Never worry about your online privacy again!

ClearMyHistory guarantees your computer and internet privacy by ensuring all traces of your online computer usage are permanently erased and cleared on your PC. Information from every website history log that is stored on your PC and recorded in hidden locations like temporary files, cookies, system registry and the index.dat file. Your web browser only provides partial privacy protection by allowing a small amount of temporary Internet files and cookies to be deleted, but they do not clean built-up data in all of the hidden files lurking in your computer over time.

ClearMyHistory cleans and restores your valuable computer hard drive space and quickly speeds up system performance by cleaning out old and unused application plugins, a new feature not found elsewhere. It also allows you to simply and securely erase your private files from other applications like Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

ClearMyHistory – the new patented C.L.O.A.K. feature you won’t find in any other privacy software! Our special hiding techniques, code named “C.L.O.A.K.” enables you to actually insert fake last used settings and files – and enabling you to truly clear your history by spoofing your actual tracks!..not just cleaning them! C.L.O.A.K. is exclusively available in ClearMyHistory only! Give ClearMyHistory a try to fully assess its capabilities!

ClearMyHistory Description:

Never worry about your online privacy again!

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Robust, great feature set
I had no idea how much this tool saved me! There are three reasons I installed it:
1. I wanted to protect my kids from seeing what I did on the Internet.
2. I’m a super-clean Windows user and don’t want any remnants of my online activity.
3. I’m a privacy nut and need to clean up my existence online.
I know there are some similar products on the market, but the concept is unique and the feature set is robust.

Works great, but I recommend updating before you use
The link in the app description takes me to an “update error”

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System Requirements For ClearMyHistory:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
.NET Framework 4.6
Sparta.NET Minimum System Requirements:
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