Ela Platform deploys a collection of tools, libraries, code samples, an interactive console, and an IDE specifically designed to facilitate working with the Ela programming language. Based on CLR and Mono, Ela is designed for functional programming and can be used to create scripts or standalone applications.
Intuitive working environment and code samples to help you learn
Those who are familiar with Ela's syntax shouldn't have no problem working with the IDE and the console to create, compile and execute their scripts. Extended documentation is available to beginners, containing information regarding libraries and modules, bindings, functions, data types, exceptions, classes, operators, and the so-called lazy evaluation of code.
Furthermore, the package comprises a generous list of code samples for basic scripts and more complex ones (imperative and non-strict evaluation), which can help anyone get accustomed to the syntax and understand how the programming language works.
Full-featured IDE and an interactive console
Going by the name of Elide, the integrated development environment features syntax highlighting, code auto-completion, line and column numbering, code folding, word wrapping, and outlining expansion.
Additionally, it comes with a bookmark manager and other navigation tools, as well as text editing and code manipulation options (duplicate, delete, cut, transpose, move entire lines), all to help programmers focus on coding and increase productivity.
With just a click, your source code can be sent to the interactive console, where it is executed. While the package also deploys a standard command prompt interface for it, the console can be accessed within the main window of the IDE.
The IDE displays the output of the executed scripts, alongside any execution errors that might occur, debugging information, warnings and hints to fix them.
An all-in-one toolkit for Ela language users
With a user-friendly and customizable IDE, detailed documentation and samples to help you get started, Ela Platform bundles everything you need to work with the Ela programming language.
You can start by reading about the syntax and taking a look at the code samples to get an overview of what you can do using Ela. Once you are familiar with its modules and their functions, you can think of creating your own script or, why not, a fully-functional application.


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Ela Platform Free Download X64 [April-2022]

Ela Platform is a collection of tools, libraries, code samples, and an IDE specifically designed to facilitate working with the Ela programming language. Based on the.NET and Mono platforms, Ela is designed for functional programming and can be used to create scripts or standalone applications.
Ela Platform Features:
· A comprehensive documentation comprising a list of all modules and functions available for Ela language development
· A working environment for browsing the help pages, syntax and language reference, IDE, and code samples, as well as for executing scripts
· An interactive console with syntax highlighting and code execution, both for scripts and standalone applications
· A full-featured IDE to browse, test and execute Ela scripts
· A console with extensive debugging and analysis tools
· An organizational component that offers the possibility of creating and executing scripts, allowing you to quickly test and debug them
· An IDE integrated with an interactive console and a user-friendly working environment
· A collection of code samples to get you started with the Ela language and its tools
· A set of standard library modules that can be used directly or as reference for creating your own code
· A listing of Ela language functions and examples of how they can be used in real life
· A folder with helpful hints, tips, and links
· The possibility to create, compile, and execute scripts and standalone applications on the fly
· The possibility to write and execute tests, using a built-in test runner
· The possibility to analyze scripts and standalone applications for possible errors, bugs, and security issues using an integrated debugger
· The possibility to import Ela scripts from Windows console
· The possibility to import Ela compiled scripts into the IDE
· The possibility to import Ela compiled standalone applications into the IDE
· The possibility to host execution of Ela scripts and stand-alone applications in the IDE
· The possibility to host execution of Ela scripts and standalone applications on Microsoft Azure
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The execution of the Ela Platform module as an installation option within the Dashboard will be transferred to the Worker Platform instance, where it will be executed by a Running Worker instance as a background thread or a module within your application.

A worker instance is a thread that can be spawned from within Dashboard or from within your application and, as well as being reusable, can be executed asynchronously.

To be able to use Ela Platform as an installation option within your application, Ela Platform requires the Worker Management Tool to be installed on the Worker Platform instance, and to have a valid license for it.

Ela for the Operating System

The Ela language is based on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and is in a sense similar to its main language, Microsoft.NET. Though it differs in a number of ways, the basic constructs available in Ela are identical to the Microsoft constructs. For a full list, please refer to the Online Ela Language Reference.
The Ela Platform provides a set of tools, libraries, code samples, an interactive console, and an IDE specifically designed to facilitate working with the Ela programming language. Based on CLR and Mono, Ela is designed for functional programming and can be used to create scripts or standalone applications.
A set of classes and reference types are available, providing support for data structures, the so-called lazy evaluation of code, exceptions, and collections of.NET objects, along with built-in operators such as primitives arithmetic and comparison.
Ela Platform has a vast library of functions that we hope to see you use. This library contains an extensive set of functions to help you work with data: functions to transform, filter, aggregate, transform or differentiate data, functions to summarize data, functions to test data, and even functions to check the quality of data. We have also included functions for working with collections, such as to create new data structures and to iterate through them, to find items and remove them, to check the integrity of data, and more.
To make easier the reading of your code, Ela Platform includes a syntax highlighter, syntax coloring, and code folding. We have also included a set of code samples, ranging from basic scripts to large applications, and, as stated above, a comprehensive set of documentation to help you learn about the language you will be using and its syntax, functions, modules, and primitives.
Ela Platform features

Based on CLR and Mono

What’s New in the Ela Platform?

Ela Platform is a cross-platform application platform based on Mono. It offers you an integrated development environment for Ela, a functional language specially designed for command line scripting and standalone applications.
The Ela Platform IDE is an Eclipse-based environment with a friendly user interface and its various options enable you to:
? Design, compile, run and debug functional applications.
? Use an interactive console to easily test your scripts.
? Create, execute and debug scripts and applications.
? Expand your resources by writing plugins.
? Add packages, libraries, modules and bookmarks using the user friendly interface.
? Edit and format text.
? Find, move and duplicate lines and code snippets.
? Copy and paste contents from the web or clipboard.
? Execute, debug and run scripts.
The Ela Platform IDE can be used in Linux, Windows or Mac.
What is the Ela Platform IDE?
Welcome to Ela Platform IDE, a cross-platform Eclipse-based application platform. It offers you an integrated development environment for functional languages. If you are familiar with the Elm programming language, you will be happy to know that they are very similar. More precisely, they both use the same syntax for functions, data types and operators, a list or a record is equivalent to a dictionary.
You can take a look at the documentation provided with the package to get a better understanding of the language. You will find tutorials, documentation and a link to the GitHub repo containing all the documentation and samples included.
How to install it
To use Ela Platform IDE, simply open the ZIP package you downloaded and extract the file eAPI.zip into your Eclipse installation folder (usually under /eclipse/plugins/).
The IDE is made up of three parts:
The “eAPI”
The main part is called “eAPI”, which provides you with an integrated development environment for Ela. It contains three plugins:
– eAPI Editor
– eAPI Project
– eAPI Console
The main features:
– Compatibility with all the major operating systems.
– Integrated console.
– Scripting support.
– Bookmark support.
– Syntax highlighting.
– Code completion.
– Code folding.
– Version control.
– Outlining support.
You can use the IDE both as an Eclipse application or as a standalone application using the “eAPI Console”.
The “eAPI Console”
It is

System Requirements For Ela Platform:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz) or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti or better
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Disk: 6 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes: The game will automatically download the latest patch after launch.


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