Nowadays, SWF videos are commonly used to display content on websites, but it can be difficult to convert your existing clips to this file format or insert them into web pages.
ImTOO SWF Converter is an intuitive application that seeks to provide a straightforward way of performing these tasks. It allows you to convert video and image files to SWF while also offering support for batch conversion. Additionally, it can create HTML documents and embed the generated clips.
However, it should be noted that no video editing tools are included.
Can process any number of clips or images in one operation
The application's support for batch conversion enables you to load and export multiple files at once. You can even use drag and drop actions to import pictures and videos with little effort.
Most importantly, you can assign an individual conversion profile to every file in the processing queue, should you wish to export each of them to different formats, using separate format settings.
Built-in encoding profiles
The program can convert the source files to SWF, MOV or MP4, as well as extract audio tracks and save them to M4A or MP3. There is a customizable preset available for each format, but it is also possible to create new ones and use them for future jobs.
ImTOO SWF Converter also allows you to modify many encoder settings, such as video and audio quality, frame rate, dimensions and bitrate.
Does not offer any editing features
Even though the application's primary function is to convert videos and images to SWF, the source files often need to be enhanced or corrected before they are processed. Unfortunately, you cannot trim videos, merge multiple items or insert visual effects.
In conclusion, ImTOO SWF Converter is an easy-to-use program, designed to provide novices with a simple method of converting video and image files to the SWF format. However, it does not include any video editing tools.







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Handy Video Converter enables you to convert between many popular video and audio formats with a click of a button. The program will recognize the media types of any video you load and provide a list of compatible options.
There is a staggering number of formats available, and the options will be a perfect fit for most individuals, but it is possible to create your own profiles. Aside from converting from one format to another, it is also possible to crop and trim videos, add visual effects, overlay subtitles and narrate the conversion process.
Additionally, the software allows you to export the newly converted files as a variety of formats, including SWF, MOV and MP3. There is no audio conversion option, but it is possible to separate audio tracks and save them to MP3, AAC, WAV or OGG format.
Included Video Formats:
Although the program does not offer any video editing tools, it is possible to perform the following conversions with it.
Convert between the following formats, as well as other formats that you may have on your system:
The program can handle a whole host of video and audio formats, including WMV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MP4, MOV, RMVB, 3GP, AAC, MP3, WAV and more.
Additional formats:
Additionally, the program will convert between the following audio formats, as well as others you may have on your system:
You can convert between two files of the same format at once, as long as you have not made any changes to the two files, which is really useful for those of you that rarely make alterations to any media files.
Handy Video Converter Features:
The application is also capable of handling batch conversions, although it is not possible to trim or merge video files.
Additionally, it is possible to crop and trim video files, as well as to add visual effects, overlay subtitles and narrate the conversion process.
You can then save the newly converted files as a variety of formats, including SWF, MOV, MP4, 3GP, ASF, RMVB, MP3, AAC and more.
Built-in support for WMA and MPEG audio:
It is also possible to extract audio tracks and save them as WAV, MP3, WMA or OGG files.
Registry settings and profiles:
There are over two dozen built-in formats, as well as over one hundred profiles. You can create your own settings and have them

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This program is a set of tools for converting of digital files to the SWF format. The main window looks like a standard video converter, but the application’s main function is to enable the user to convert all digital files to the SWF video format using presets and custom profiles.
It also includes basic tools for preparing digital media for export, such as trimming video clips, merging parts together or adding watermarks. The main goal of the software is to allow the user to convert any number of files at once using presets, profiles and profile groups.
For this, the software allows you to import and export media files, set encoding options and insert a profile to the selected media as required.
Not only can you use the program to batch convert video files to SWF, but you can also save them in many other formats such as MOV, MP4 and MP3. There are more than 100 built-in profile settings available, which can be adjusted manually or using presets. The latter option includes over 5,000 pre-created profiles, which you can use to convert any digital files to the SWF format.
For example, you can set the quality of the video and audio in the converters, clip duration, output dimensions, and remove images, watermarks or backgrounds.
In addition to that, you can apply effects like brightness and contrast, remove visual clutter, change video bitrates and video codecs, apply subtitle settings or change the target file format.
The program can also work with the images only, to either extract audio tracks, trim photos, save JPG files and crop them.
It can automatically trim video files or save the selected images to JPEG format. The application also lets you embed, preview, crop and rotate images.
The software contains all the tools you need to convert digital media to SWF format, either one at a time or as a batch process.
ImTOO SWF Converter Full Crack Free Download
After downloading the free trial version, open the program installation file using the Windows start menu.
When the download is finished, double-click the.exe file to run the setup process.
After it is installed, the program will open and a standard video converter will start with the default settings.
There are no complicated steps to follow, and the software will guide you through the setup.
Start the program and test the function and settings for a few digital media files, and when you are satisfied, click “Create” to generate a new SWF file for

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Is an easy to use multimedia files converter application that enables you to convert videos and images to SWF, MOV or MP4 formats. Its “High Quality” option ensures that the videos have a higher quality. The application can also save the audio tracks as MP3 files. The program can compress the audio tracks to half the original size which helps a lot to save some storage space. There is a “Batch Conversion” function that allows you to export multiple files at once. In addition, the program has a “Customize Profile” feature that allows you to assign individual profiles to the source files that you will be converting. You can also create and use new profiles.
Its “Realtime Converter” function allows the user to modify many encoder settings, such as video and audio quality, frame rate, dimensions and bitrate. Also, the program has a built-in encoding profiles that offer several settings. Another useful feature is “Import Multiple Files at Once”.
How to convert from video to SWF video with ImTOO SWF Converter. You can add files to the conversion queue by dragging and dropping them. You can also set files’ properties, including frame rate, bitrate, media size and color profile.

In this article we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to convert video to SWF with ImTOO Video Converter. And also ImTOO SWF Converter which is a fast video converter.
There are lots of programs can convert video to SWF but here, we’re going to show you how to convert video to SWF using this simple video converter.
If you want to convert video to SWF, first, you should add the input video files to convert to the video converter. Then click on the “Go” button to start the conversion.
After the conversion is finished, you can select and save the converted SWF video on the output folder.
Conversion Process:
Step 1:
Add files to conversion queue.
Drag and drop the video files or folders you want to convert to the “input file queue”. Then add more files by pressing Ctrl+A or click Add button.
Step 2:
Set the output settings.
Click the output settings tab to adjust the output resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio codec, output folder and the destination of the converted SWF video.
Step 3:
Start conversion.
Click the convert button to start converting video to SWF.
Step 4

What’s New In ImTOO SWF Converter?

What¡¯s more, the tool allows to export the converted image or video to a number of formats, such as PNG, JPG and BMP. Besides, it allows setting different aspect ratio and dimensions, video and audio format, and even the encoding speed with quality and other adjustable options.
Its conversion speed has come to a premium performance level, almost never surpassing the preset speed, and the App¡¯s behavior has been fully optimized. In addition, the App is compatible with Mac OS 10.5 and later. The program has also got a good support to iOS devices running on iOS 4.2.1 or later.
Video tutorial:
2.1 Features
Convert SWF to PNG, JPG, BMP
This is a wonderful application for batch image conversion, which can convert several images to a new format at once.
Support for batch conversion – Batch conversion
You can import batch picture or video in one operation using drag and drop action.
You can convert video or picture into SWF easily, which is a popular format on the website. You can also extract audio from SWF and convert them to MP3 format. You can also embed SWF or image into HTML document directly.
Convert SWF to MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV
You can record SWF video and image from device hard disk or convert them from image file or audio file.
Support Movie Maker
The output file can be edited using Movie Maker.
Find all video files
Video files, including.swf files and.flv files are supported to be searched from a lot of other video formats.
Save video file to device
With converting function, you can save.swf file to device directly.
Support for iOS devices
You can convert image and video to.swf on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in the best quality.
Easy to use
The interface is extremely easy to use, as the left interface shows a list of source files and target formats; the second is a selection window, with all possible options you might want to use.
In the Edit dialogue window, you can set lots of options. There is also a Preview window, so you can preview the target files.
The way ImTOO SWF Converter works is by dragging and dropping files from the list to the Edit window.
2.2 Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Full hardware support
Full hardware support: Your

System Requirements For ImTOO SWF Converter:

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