Turning to a custom field such as LOB Link Item Field is something you may want to do if you are planning to look up, then link items from your line-of-business programs to SharePoint.
It is worth pointing out that you also have the possibility of creating a snapshot that encapsulates all the external data and integrating it into your item.
First and foremost, you need to indicate the data source connection, with options such as web service URL and database connection string being put at your disposal.
Another notable aspect regarding LOB Link Item Field is that it is capable of handling any database that supports Oracle Native, MS-SQL native, OLE DB, or ODBC driver, which gives you considerable flexibility since you should be covered as long as the database or web service you are relying on complies with the SOAP standard.
The next step you need to take is select a view, table, or operation, then begin mapping your fields. If you deem that necessary, coming up with new names for said fields is possible.
You may also want to know that, in case you plan on saving external item fields, you can decide whether you target one single SharePoint field or prefer to divide the content across multiple destinations. What’s more, filters can be applied to your database items, all with minimal effort on your side.









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You can do a lot in dealing with LOB link item field including pulling the content from the external source, filtering your view, doing sorting, and changing the view.

Planning to look up items from Oracle B2B Partner Portal to SharePoint?

You may find that it is a bit hard figuring out how to implement LOB link item field since you might find the data/content a bit hard to access. To change that, you may want to use the LOB link item field, which is a web service-based solution.
The said link item field is ideal for Oracle B2B Partner Portal users as it may be more convenient for them to use. If you are a SharePoint user, you may need to know that the data that LOB link item field saves is just a snapshot of the data retrieved from your Oracle B2B Partner portal database. You should be able to access Oracle B2B Partner Portal content and then link it to your own content in SharePoint.

LOB Link Item Field Fields:

To start with, LOB link item field field generally includes four kinds of information:

Web Service URL


Connection Type

Field Mappings

A good example would be Oracle B2B Partner Portal or even a great example is Oracle B2B, however, it all depends on your preference and the type of data you are planning to store in the database. There are plenty of other Web Services that are compatible with the LOB link item field that you can use as well. These are just three options that you should consider when creating a LOB link item field.

Your First Blog Post as an Oracle B2B Developer

Just in time for the Bull, I have completed work for another Oracle B2B Partner Portal Application Service. This time I created a new Application Service, called “Finance”, which will include the following requirements:
1) The Service will read and write from two tables for Account Type Summary and Invoice.
2) Accounts are rather long names, which I have represented here with abbreviations. Using the 4- and 5-letter abbreviations in a table doesn’t carry the same weight as Accounts with 9- or 10-letter names. I’ll have to create some type of naming convention.
3) The following are the major requirements of this application service.
3.1) Accounts are called Type in the source tables. They are used to export from the

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Adding item data to the line-of-business programs is certainly a feature that is worth considering, especially when you have database or Web services that allow you to integrate things with your SharePoint.
You need to know that a LOB Link Item Field is not all about saving external information, but also looks like an item itself.
With LOB Link Item Field, you can avail of some additional features that were not previously available, namely the option of allowing external data to be processed before going into SharePoint.
Moreover, you will also get to see external data that fits in with your SharePoint site, which means you will be able to replace the current item view with a modified version that includes the external data.
So, what is it really? Is it a regular external item field or something different?
The first distinction you need to know is that LOB Link Item Field is different from any other external item field. There are alternatives to the fact that LOB Link Item Field can handle any database or database-like repository, and that’s because you can use things like Oracle 11g (with compatibility pack 9i), Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 in order to integrate the data into your SharePoint line-of-business solution.
But what truly sets LOB Link Item Field apart from other external item fields is the fact that it can be connected to a record in SharePoint, rather than an external database. And, with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, when you’re working with item link fields you no longer have to worry about using a data source connection since SharePoint can pick up and pull in the data from the database itself.
Compared to SharePoint 2013, adding a LOB Link Item Field in SharePoint 2010 is considerably easier, although there are cases when the external data source may not have been updated enough to fully support the SharePoint Feature Model.
So, what’s it all about? Well, when you have a database or web service that is capable of integrating information with SharePoint, you can make sure that you extend the SharePoint site with information from external data sources. And what is more, you should be able to synchronize things with your SharePoint solution and have external data get picked up into SharePoint itself.
You can also opt to save external item fields, including LOB Link Item Field, in the SharePoint destination that can be replaced with a view on a SharePoint-based

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LOB Item Link Field is a SharePoint feature that helps you to customize data associated with your line-of-business system and interact with it based on your needs.
The core characteristic of this functionality is the ability to re-use item fields that already exist in your databases to either create a new SharePoint item or link to a pre-existing one; the latter is a more accurate description since it implies that you can create a new item and associate it to an existing external item in the system.
Whether you are looking to perform database retrievals to populate lists, use a custom SharePoint field for storing data, or adapt existing item fields from your line-of-business system, LOB Item Link Field is your best chance.

Widen your Reach

Building a public website is something you need to do on a regular basis.
Whether you own it yourself or outsource that work to a web development agency, your web presence is incomplete without any sort of content.

Conduct a survey

In order to tailor your web presence according to your business needs, nothing beats determining your target audience.
In other words, you need to define if your website will be geared towards the general public or more sophisticated groups of people.
Do so by ensuring that you also identify the type of content your target audience has a high interest in, ensuring that you target keywords as well as categories that match your audience’s expertise and preferences.
It is essential, therefore, that you frame your future endeavor accordingly.

Choose a SharePoint site

If you want to reach a broader audience, building a public website might just be the right choice for you.
Given the fact that many potential readers and clients prefer to access your content online, integrating a web presence into your existing SharePoint infrastructure can ensure that everyone is able to reap the benefits.

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However, you may be counting on them for a part-time job, which means that you may want to look for additional ways to sustain their motivation.

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Identify your goals

Your website need not be everything and anything.
On the contrary, you have to define your long-term goals.

What’s New in the?

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With this custom field, you can enable a BCOI link item to come directly from the source table.
Save Linked Item from Database or Web Service
With this custom field, you can enable a BCOI link item to come directly from the source table and save it in a SharePoint list of your choice.
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When reading from external data sources, you can either rely on fetching individual records, or pull the whole column value
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It is important to highlight that it is possible to use external data as an indicator of the existing item.
Such field can be used to push the right information to the right users in your organization based on how they are uniquely identified.
Another benefit in deploying external data items into lists and libraries is that you will get the much-needed ability to pin down and control access to information.
Of course, if you decide to go with external data sources for an item field, you also need to consider that managing an external table will require the assistance of a database administrator.
Lastly, it is worth mentioning that you can get your hands on a complete visual training workshop for deploying external data sources.Q:

Controlling back arrow with button click is not working

My problem is that I cannot go back to the previous tab, I don’t want the back button or tab bar.
I have made a tab bar application where I have an option button which toggles the selected tab/page.
if (optionButton.selected) {
[self selectPageIndex:3];
} else {
[self selectPageIndex:-1];

The button works perfectly if I navigate to the selected page, but when I hit the back arrow button(only back) I get the exception ‘Received memory warning’.
– (void)viewDidLoad
[super viewDidLoad];
[self performSelector:@selector(loadView) withObject:nil afterDelay:0];

-(void) selectPageIndex: (int) tabIndex

System Requirements For LOB Item Link Field:

This mod is compatible with both Paragon and Masterpiece edition.
Due to how the G-Rank achievements work, you will need to join three guilds in order to unlock them.
In order to connect to a server, it requires using the Steam Client. You can download this here.
1) For the best performance possible, you should use your computer with the following specs:
-CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 – 8 cores, 16 threads (Quad-core)


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