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The price of Photoshop has gone up dramatically over the years and is usually around $700. You’ll be paying for a license that gives you the opportunity to use Photoshop for five years.

Photoshop is a powerful image-editing tool. Although the toolbars and menus are quite large, it’s easy to find what you want to do and how to do it.

The following chapters offer a basic overview of the tools that Photoshop offers:

Cropping and resizing tools


Faux finishes

Auto-Fix options

Text, basic art, and painting tools

Layout tools


Making selections

Adjustment layers

A little bit about opacity

Some cool features for the more serious photographer

Making a Custom Map

In this section, you discover how to make your own custom map. A custom map is a map that can’t be found on other maps. So although this map is made up of images from my personal cartography course, it’s not a map you can find anywhere else. This section also covers the process of creating a key.

You’ll be using the following steps to create a custom map:

In the Project Explorer window, on the right side, click the Create a New Map icon.

The New Map dialog box opens.

In the Map Project Type list, select Image Map.

Type a name for the map, and then click OK.

Click inside your new custom map and drag from one thumbnail to another to see the building blocks of the map. Select the thumbnail that you want as the initial map. For example, I use the Garibaldi map from the lesson in the section titled “Drawing a custom map in Photoshop.”

The new map appears in the Photo Map window. You can now add layers to the map, just like any other image in Photoshop.

Just as in any other image-editing program, layers can hold different objects on your map. (Layers can also be organized in groups, which I talk about in Chapter 2.)

In this exercise, you customize the Cather City map by adding a custom layer to it with an image.

You may be thinking, “Well, I’m pretty good with graphics.” And you may be. In this section, we’ll be creating a layer and adding an image to it. No artistic talent is required, just a little training in the basics

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How to change font size, font family, font weight in Photoshop

There are several ways to edit font size and font family in Photoshop. Some of these methods are easy, some require a little practice, and some require a knowledge of code.

Changing font size, font family, font weight in Photoshop using a simple method.

Method 1: Change font size and font family in Photoshop easily with a simple method.

For a beginner in Photoshop, changing font size and font family in Photoshop is easier than changing other properties such as color or gradation. Font settings are not as complex as the other types of settings in Photoshop. Let’s take a look at how to change font size and font family in Photoshop.

Step 1. Click File then Options.

Step 2. Go to Edit tab then select the Font group. Here you will find the font settings as shown in the figure below.

Step 3. You can choose between two text types on the top menu: either imported text or created text. We are going to modify the text in a picture so we need to type new text to create our own text. Click Create text button.

Step 4. Choose a typeface for the text. You can choose a typeface that is most compatible with the image. You can also copy the font from the original image. This option will be useful if you want to use a font that is not compatible with the image’s look.

Step 5. To change font size, type a number into the box. The number represents the font size. To add 1 point to the font size, type a number in the minus box and to minus 1 point to the font size, type a number in the plus box.

Step 6. Select the Fit to page or Fit to view option and click OK.

Step 7. Click File then Export.

Step 8. Save the output file in PNG or EPS format. This will render the font in the output as desired. If you do not want to use the original text, you can simply close the Photoshop and start the next step without saving the output file.

Changing font size, font family, font weight in Photoshop using a code.

For a beginner in Photoshop, changing font size and font family in Photoshop is easier than changing other properties such as color or gradation. Font settings are not as complex as the other types of settings in Photoshop. Let�

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A variant of distal renal tubular acidosis with type 4 renal tubular acidosis.
Clinical and metabolic features of three adult Japanese women with distal renal tubular acidosis type 4 (dRTA-4) are presented. Two of these women were diagnosed as dRTA-4 at the age of 21 and 46 years, respectively. The third, at the age of 70 years, was suspected of having dRTA-4. Plasma pH and metabolic acidosis were normalized with a free-form diet containing 1 mEq/kg of potassium phosphate. Postdilutional blood pH was 7.35-7.40. Urinary pH was 6.5-6.8. Mild hypophosphatemia was noted during alkali infusion. In the first two, the plasma bicarbonate concentrations were 13.5-14.6 mEq/l. Plasma phosphate concentrations were 2.2-2.9 mg/dl and 1.7-2.5 mg/dl, respectively. In the third, they were within the normal range. Plasma potassium concentrations were 4.2-5.5 mEq/l. The patients had residual capacity to secrete acidic urine. While the first two had proximal renal tubular defects, the third had distal renal tubular defects. dRTA-4 is recognized as a distinct type of proximal RTA, and it is essential to differentiate it from other types of proximal RTA.Q:

Is it always possible to find a linear map which is a function space inclusion?

When I’m learning linear algebra, I noticed the following property about linear maps:
Given two vector spaces $A$ and $B$, and a linear map $f:A\to B$, if we further assume that $B$ has a base $\{v_i\}_{i\in I}$, then $f$ is always possible to find a function space inclusion $f(A)\subseteq \bigcup\limits_{i\in I} \{f(a)\mid a\in A\}$.
I’m wondering whether this property always holds for any two vector spaces.
I find this property quite interesting because it’s so different from being a function.


It is false in general for vector spaces, even for finite-dimensional: take $B=\mathbb{R}$, $A=\{0

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On February 24, a man named David Wilson allegedly shot and killed a 12-year-old boy named Traylon Gaston as he sat on a bus near the intersection of Spring Avenue and Thomas Avenue in East St. Louis. The victim had been playing with some friends when he was shot multiple times.

According to authorities, the suspect was at the location with a.25-caliber handgun when he approached the boy and fired the gun. The gunshot victim, who was a friend of the suspect, died at the scene. No one else was injured.Q:

What is the verb for the opposite of forget?

I know forget means to no longer remember something, but is there a verb for the opposite of that? For example,

She forgot her birthday.

Is it:

She remembered her birthday.


The verb is remember.
From the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English by David Crystal:


To be aware of something in the past or to recall something about it.
He was so drunk that he was almost completely

A visual or mental image of someone or something.
She’remembers’ many things about her childhood.

The Cambridge Dictionary


I suppose you could say that she “refrained from forgetting”, but I don’t think that works as naturally.

She refrained from forgetting her birthday.


She reminded herself to remember her birthday.


How can I use Windowaplication directly in ASP.Net MVC app

In my case, the user is not using Internet Explorer. So all I need is to do is to create a Generic Html Helper or some other thing that would help me to output HTML(with and all other tags)
But the problem is that how can I use the method directly in ASP.NET MVC. I want to do something like

System Requirements:

Hard Disk Space:
10GB of free space
Minimum System RAM:
Minimum System Memory:
Minimum Graphics Card:
Nvidia GeForce 7800 series or Radeon X1800 series or better
Minimum Processor:
AMD Phenom X4 Quadcore series or Intel Core i3
Input Devices:
2 Buttons/joysticks/
3 Analog sticks/
2 Trackballs/
1 Kick/Punish Button/
1 D-

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