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PowerGUI QuickConsole Activator Free [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

Separate the console from the source code.
View the source and identify the commands.
Use the source to produce your own script.

PowerGUI QuickConsole Features:

Autosave every 10 minutes.
2-Minute Logging.

Once installed, click on the PowerGUI QuickConsole icon in the system tray.

Select the Server tab on the resulting window, and then click Show Console.


The PowerGUI QuickConsole is a one-time deal.
Its code is freely available under an open source license, so you can modify it for your own needs.


In PowerShell v5.1, you can use the new –AdminRole switch in the Set-PSConsoleOptions cmdlet.

set-PSConsoleOptions -AdminRole WindowsAdministrator -AdminReadAccess Unrestricted -AdminWriteAccess Restricted -AdminCmdletAuthentication Basic -AdminLogFileFilePath c:\adminlog.txt -AdminLogFileMaxSize 1024


Afaik you can use Change-PSConsoleProfile to do this.
I couldn’t find anything wrong with the code below, but I’ve only tested it in a PowerShell environment with 32 bit Powershell installed.
$profile = Read-Host -Prompt “Select profile to use”
if($profile -eq “Console”)
“$profile = Console”
“`nChoose a profile name”
$profile = Read-Host -Prompt “Select profile to use”
“`nThanks for choosing $profile”
} until(Read-Host -Prompt “Press ENTER to continue”)

$global:powershell_profile = $profile

Change-PSConsoleProfile -profile $global:powershell_profile

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PowerGUI QuickConsole Crack + Torrent

Provides a PowerShell console to users.

Type of console: fast console

User commands: Edit, Write-Output

When activated, the commands are added to the quick console and appear in the console when a new window is opened.
The commands are added to a global array of commands that are persisted in the QuickConsole session.

To modify the array of commands, use the Settings menu.

To remove the commands from the array, use the Remove-Command array

To save the array, use the Save-Command array command

To reset the array, use the Reset-Command array command

This is the PowerShell quick console:

write-host ““`powershell` “`powershell -command`”
write-host “`n”.join(($quickConsole.Commands | Sort-Object -Property Command -Unique).get_collection())[0]
write-host “`n`n[ps1] export: ”
$quickConsole.ExportAsCsv([System.Management.Automation.PSObject[]] (Get-Command | Where-Object {$quickConsole.Commands.Contains($_)}));


Use this as a template to build your own QuickConsole:


PowerShell Session Management

System Tray Enabled for quick toggle

PowerShell is remote

Unzip zip and rar

Multithreaded x86 and x64

PowerGUI Tools for quick to use


PowerGUI QuickConsole is a free PowerShell console built on top of the PowerGUI PowerShell console.
With this console, you can get a a PowerShell console experience that is faster than traditional consoles.
It is also a good tool for easily transfer information such as Registry settings and System Variables.

PowerGUI QuickConsole integrates with the other PowerGUI utilities so it can be used with the full power of the PowerGUI tools suite.

To use this console, simply right-click the System Tray icon and select QuickConsole.
If you want to hide the console in the System Tray, you can also use the standard System Tray to hide the console.

NOTE: QuickConsole does not support embedded in windows so it is only compatible with window

PowerGUI QuickConsole Crack With Full Keygen

Easily open or close the console, hide it in the system tray or minimise it
For critical scenarios, users can right click the tray icon to quickly open the console for debugging or help
If left open, users can still access the QuickConsole prompt, View Menu, Context Menu and most of the editing fields
Fully integrated with the Script Editor, Commands, Help, Permissions, etc.

PowerGUI QuickConsole Shortcuts:

ALT + CTRL + C Open the console
ALT + CTRL + S Close the console
CTRL + ALT + M Minimise the console

PowerGUI QuickConsole trayicon application to the Windows start screen:

Change the icon and text using the properties of the dialog

PowerGUI QuickConsole Setup.ppt
PowerGUI QuickConsole Settings.ppt

Resources used:

PowerGUI Console
PowerGUI QuickConsole

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What’s New in the PowerGUI QuickConsole?

The PowerGUI QuickConsole is a console that can be used with a floating PowerShell window.

A full featured version of the PowerShell console with a Windows PowerShell Editor, PowerShell History, and PowerShell Edit Panel is included.
A Windows Shell menu, System Tray icon, and mouse gestures are utilized to create a flexible and efficient console.
Add a system tray icon to any text box and keyboard shortcuts are provided to work with the system tray icon.
Add an Edit to Command box and work with it as in the PowerShell editor.
PowerGUI QuickConsole includes the PowerShell Complete PowerShell Interface, an interface that turns PowerShell into a complete workstation.
The PowerGUI QuickConsole also includes a mouse gesture Windows Console.
Use of the PowerGUI QuickConsole is not an instruction for beginning to script. Scripting with this console is best done using the PowerGUI Script Editor.

PowerGUI QuickConsole Add-on Features:

A Windows PowerShell debugger can be started and stopped from the console
A console window has the ability to use the in-built PowerShell Completion system for running commands. This lets you add a command and have the list of possible commands.
A buffer viewer, when activated, lets you double click on a variable to see the value of the variable or a command to see the result.

See also
PowerGUI, the suite of PowerShell and Windows-based tools and scripts from the PowerGUI team.
Microsoft Scripting Host, used to write Windows applications and scripts.
Microsoft Office Scripting, used to write Windows applications and scripts.


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