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In FIFA 21 and FIFA 18, motion capture data was used to create an accurate player model, as well as to complement player animations. In Fifa 22 Free Download, the data is used to create a new and improved interactive animations system.

Below are some of the key features of FIFA 22 including improvements made to visual effects and player movements.

Visual Effects

New player models and improved player likeness: All player models were redesigned. The player likeness of players was improved, animations were re-exported in high quality and improvements were made to the facial muscles, brow, and nose structure.

Improved posing and animated motions: The animation of players during their on-ball actions is improved and is used to create new animations. Realistic player animations are also included in FIFA 22.

Real player movements and animations: The movements of players and their movements during simulated duels have been taken from real-life moves and added to the gameplay, thereby creating a unique feeling of realism.

Real player movement and feedback: The player motions also reflect the movements and feedback of real players. The movements of players during high-intensity moments are choreographed, animated and can be viewed in real time.

New camera moves: To enhance the realistic feeling of gameplay, camera moves during gameplay were improved.

Improved Player Ratings: Every real-life player has a unique rating. This rating is verified each and every time a real-life player plays with a player model in the game.

Realistic opponent features: FIFA 22 includes new artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a more realistic and challenging AI opponent. New visual elements were added to assist the AI of opposition team players and such additional information was used to give the AI opponents a more realistic behavior, movements and face expressions.

Realistic ball physics: A wide range of new ball physics have been introduced. The new ball physics and behavior add new levels of realism to matches and games, especially when you’re challenged by opposition players.

New Pass motions: The new ball physics and new pass motions add an authentic, realistic feel to the game. With all these new additions, the game will now feel more complete and more realistic in a gameplay sense.

Improved ball bouncing: For the first time, the new ball bouncing functionality has been introduced to FIFA. The new bouncing system and ball physics allows gamers to accurately experience real-life football in their favorite games.

Improved player collision


Features Key:

  • Easy Goalkeeper Contribution – For the first time in a FIFA game, players have the option to spend MUT Points on easy to earn goalkeeper techniques, training sessions, and blockbuster saves in the Ultimate Team Skill Games.
  • Premier League players and kits – The first FIFA game in 16 years to feature the Premier League players and kits will let you play like a true Premier League Soccer fan.
  • New Experience on and off the Pitch – Game Modes – Face the heat as the manager, take on Player Career Mode – and test your ability against one of the legends of the game in Pro Challenges – on and off the pitch.
  • Packed with new features – In FIFA 22, you can play goal keeper with your friends and make knock-out free kicks in your living room with a use of Kinect.
  • The biggest game in history – FIFA 22 comes with the biggest features and content of any FIFA game.


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Lead your favorite club through the greatest season of your life in FIFA Ultimate Team™ Mode, or take the field in five game modes and 15 Championship Cups™ in FIFA 22. Your opponents are as equally desperate to outscore you as you are to outscore them. With improved gameplay, refined dribbling and better football physics, this year’s FIFA will set a new standard as the definitive simulation of football.

Key Game Features

FIFA 22 comes with the new EA SPORTS Game Face™, an all-new skin, team and stadium editor in FIFA Ultimate Team™ Mode, improved ball controls and more tactical adjustments than ever before in Career Mode, two new and thrilling ways to play in Arena Mode with updated rosters, Career Dialogues for better storytelling and improved presentation, the new Adrenaline Rush and new Control Your Player animation system, and a new improved “one touch” formation control system on the pitch.

Adrenaline Rush

Fulfill your fantasy of becoming the ultimate footballing hero, by capturing your opponent’s goal before they do – even if your team is behind. You can do it alone or with a friend, with the move only being available from half-way. And when you are ready, kick off the new Adrenaline Rush by sprinting your way towards glory.

New Control Your Player

There’s never been a better time to control your player and move them like a footballer. With a new unique interactable control system that lets you decide how to play the ball at every moment, make clever feints and shakes and aerial passes with total control.

The New RealFeel Ball Physics System

UEL Engine 2.0 brings new fan-favorite features like Euphoria Collisions™, Foul Trouble™ and Vitality Metrics™, as well as a new technology called RealFeel Ball Physics™ which models our players and environments in a way that’s never been possible before. It generates more natural ball movement and lower passing and shooting times – giving you a more immersive, enjoyable and truly footballing experience.

New Competition

FIFA’s new Quick Series competition makes it even easier to play tournaments and leagues around the world in FIFA Ultimate Team™ Mode. Earn medals along the way and choose a path to unlock a host of rewards, including new player faces and more player items.

New Team Graphics

New player and team graphics look even more


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With the biggest, most accurate and most balanced set of player animations in the franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team gives fans the ability to play and manage their very own Pro Team across desktop and mobile. The game features deeper attributes and skills to allow you to unlock and create more expressive players and real-life tactics to improve your in-game performance.

The best FIFA controls in the franchise return, with game-changing precision passing, realistic touch controls, and more. And with the introduction of Dynamic Engine 2, players can now experience more verticality and height in the ball, giving them the ability to adjust their game to create unique, aerial attacking opportunities. FIFA 22 is the first in the series to feature Xbox One X enhancements, including 4K graphics, HDR, native 4K gameplay (on compatible 4K TVs), and increased frame rate.

FIFA 22 takes the next step in the gameplay evolution of FIFA with new gameplay innovations such as Soccer AI 3.0, Dynamic Engine 2, and smarter fluidity, unlocking more intensity and energy with each passing minute of play. The same revolutionary engine technology that powered FIFA 19 is the best in the series, with a more responsive and authentic feel to the ball and its path. Making the best moments and even the most unexpected goals more exciting and unpredictable.

Soccer AI 3.0

Soccer AI 3.0 places a greater emphasis on player intelligence, delivering more natural and emotional on-field interactions. This includes:

Impressions – Making decisions about your players’ strengths and weaknesses, and where your opponents’ weaknesses might lie.

Understanding – Adjusting players’ movement and positioning, as they try to read the game.

Playmaker – Focusing on players more aggressively, and making more accurate passes

Performance – Using player attributes more effectively, and taking more decisions in real time


Football, FIFA – Your soccer experience. Created by FIFA, felt by millions.

Digital + Enhanced – Dynamic Engine 2 features more fluidity, more intensity, and more natural and real-life ball movement, all thanks to the same revolutionary game engine powering FIFA 19 and 20.

Concrete Progress – FIFA Ultimate Team is fully integrated with the new Player Traits, giving players more ways to progress and unlock individual attributes throughout gameplay.

Soccer AI 3.0 – Featuring a radical makeover of all 5 on-field action types


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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