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Photoshop is the most likely candidate to be used for image editing as well as for very large images, especially in the arena of printmaking. As such, there is more and more support for it in print and web publishing. Although Photoshop is a very powerful program that caters to professional image manipulators and web designers, the actual use of it by beginning artists can be more frustrating than fun. The file format and layout of Photoshop (abbreviated PSD) files are pretty complicated and notoriously hard to work with. Whether you use Photoshop as a beginning artist or as a hobbyist or professional, the following sections of this book cover the basics of image editing in Photoshop. DNG, RAW, and JPEG Like many other photo editing programs, Photoshop offers a variety of file formats, the most popular of which are the RAW and JPEG formats. RAW files contain all of your original image data, and therefore are suitable for print purposes. However, RAW files need special software to be opened and manipulated, and, at least in the past, they weren’t user-friendly. The JPEG format has become the accepted industry standard for web publishing. JPEG files are commonly known as images because they comprise a series of still images. They’re really just a collection of multiple images at varying resolution. However, as more people access images on the web, they’re coming to know JPEG images and want them to look better in their web browser than they did in the past. Moreover, images on the Web are now loaded in memory because images are now being stored as data instead of as a series of still images — the latter of which is the usual way that images are stored in Photoshop. Getting Acquainted with Photoshop Photoshop’s file format is based on layers. Each layer of your image exists as a separate file within Photoshop. You access each layer and modify them through the Layers panel. You can use these layers to build your image by layering them into one another, thus creating the composite image. A layer is just a container for all of the image’s pixels. Each layer has a numerical identifier that acts as the index of the file. For example, the image that you see in the Layers panel in Figure 5-1 — or any other image in your Photoshop file — is represented by two layers. Each layer has its own red color and is numbered with a 1, 2, and so on. **Figure 5-1:** Layers allow you to

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Photoshop Elements is one of the most widely used photo-editing programs. It’s a powerful tool that’s easy to learn, so you can start editing right away. Unlike with the other Adobe programs, there is no longer a Photoshop and Photoshop Elements program. You can download the latest version of Elements directly from the website without first downloading the full version of Photoshop. Photoshop Elements (formerly known as ‘Bridge’) is the ideal choice for anyone looking to edit photos without a big price tag. Due to this popularity, the term ‘Photoshop Elements’ is used to refer to any image manipulation tool which can save and open files in the.EPS file format. E-tools and web browsers, for example, usually open.EPS files, but other applications such as word processors and scanners also make use of this file format. Elements can save and open files with a variety of extensions, such as.PSD (Photoshop file),.EPS (Elements file),.PPM (PaintShop), and.SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics, very commonly used for web pages). It can also convert almost all the formats, that you can possibly think of, and even a few things that aren’t even possible on Windows. Photoshop Elements is available as a desktop application on Windows, macOS, and a universal Android app. It is the most capable program for free but it also has some excellent paid options. Let’s dive right in and find out what’s available! What’s New in Photoshop Elements 2020? PC and Mac (Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS X Catalina, High Sierra and Mojave) New features: Elements 2020 is released for Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and above. This software has the ability to open, save and import photos on any compatible Windows PC, Mac or Android device. Photoshop Elements 2020 can be a great alternative for photo editing. Its powerful features come at a price, but what is offered is worth every penny. If you’re looking to edit or add more complex tasks, we suggest that you opt for the desktop or mobile version depending on your level of expertise and expertise. If you’re less experienced, then you can find out what Photoshop Elements can do for you and how much it will cost you in 388ed7b0c7

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The brush tool has a large selection of settings. Many of them do not work the same way on Windows and Mac computers. For example, on a PC, you can set a brush to be ‘Hair-Style’ or ‘Soft-Round’, while on a Mac it will set the brush to ‘Crisp Linetone’. This is useful when working on color images that are being re-saved with the same settings as they were originally created. To select a brush, navigate to Brushes > Brush Tool. To select the Brush Type, use the following methods. 1. Pick Brush Type from the Brushes panel menu. This opens the Brush Settings. 2. Right-click on the brush icon in the Toolbox (the green brush by itself) to activate it, and then use the drop-down menus to change the Brush Style (from the camera icon), Brush Tip Shape (from the camera icon), Transparency (from the camera icon), etc. 3. To assign a Brush Preset, navigate to Brushes > Brushes Preset. A list of pre-created brushes will appear. 4. You can add brushes to a Brush Preset. To do this, drag the Brush Preset onto the Brush tool icon. Click on the item in the toolbox (the green brush by itself) to activate it. Then use the drop-down menus to change the settings of the brush. 5. On the Deselect All Brushes button at the bottom right of the Brushes Preset. Brushes will be deselected automatically. For more information about brush settings, see: Brushes > Brush Options Brushes > Brush Settings Brushes > Brush Presets Brushes > Brush Styles Brushes > Brush Presets > Brush Styles Brush Settings This palette shows how the brush settings are changing. The primary color you are using, the brush size, and the brush Opacity are displayed in the top-right corner. Under Opacity (on the left side), the available Opacity values are shown. For example, when the value of 100 is selected, the Opacity is set to 100%. When the value is 0%, the brush has no Opacity. Under Transparency (on

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