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package rafthttp

import “net/http”

type ResponseWriter interface {
AppendHeader(string, string)

func WrapResponseWriter(w http.ResponseWriter) ResponseWriter {
return &responseWriter{ResponseWriter: w}

type responseWriter struct {

func (w *responseWriter) AppendHeader(name, value string) {
w.ResponseWriter.Header().Add(name, value)
using NUnit.Framework;
using NzbDrone.Core.DecisionEngine;
using NzbDrone.Core.Parser.Model;

namespace NzbDrone.Core.Test.Parser
public class ReleaseEpisodesParserTests : ParserTestFixtureBase
public void should_return_all_release_episodes()
var parser = new ReleaseEpisodesParser();
var episodes = parser.Parse


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Corel Draw Pro x6  . Activation Codes and Serial numbers information list for the following Corel products.
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