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Antix SMTP Impostor Activation Code is a fake, testable SMTP server for developers. This allows you to configure and test the way SMTP servers work. You will be able to create as many hosts as you want on multiple ports.
Antix SMTP Impostor Product Key will not actually send emails, it’s made for testing purposes only.

It supports both authentication methods. The first one is based on password and the second one on username and password. If password is not provided it will ask you for username and password. This is useful for testing authentication methods.

The latter is supported as this is easily configurable. Multiple mail accounts can be defined by using a host. For instance:
“”: {
“username” : “testuser”,
“password” : “********”,
“mailbox” : “”
“”: {
“username” : “testuser”,
“password” : “********”,
“mailbox” : “”
“”: {
“username” : “testuser”,
“password” : “********”,
“mailbox” : “”

What is included in this download:

Antix SMTP Imposter comes in 2 versions: A set of 6 scripts, which includes all the necessary setup steps for creating test accounts for hosts, and a set of 4 XS scripts which include all the helper scripts for carrying out the tasks set out by Antix SMTP Imposter – allowing you to easily create a series of hosts and a small mail account on each host in a matter of minutes.

A set of 8 tests to check your configuration.

Readme.txt with the instructions and usage.

When you download the distribution file, open the folder and you can see 4 folders inside:





3 folders inside the Demos folder:




1 folder inside the Samples folder:


1 folder inside the NonActive folder:

Antix SMTP Impostor Crack License Code & Keygen Free Download

– supports UNLIMITED numbers of hosts/domains
– supports unlimited number of ports (including TCP and UDP)
– supports message relay (sendToHost method)
– uses Net::SMTP::Exporter
– process every record
– supports authentication (using username and password)
– supports SSL encryption
– supports DNSServers (with support for IPv6)
– supports anonymous users (userIsAnonymous methods)
– supports you to configure any SMTP server settings
– you can override ANY settings you want (or not)
– you can create as many hosts as you want in your test
– hosts CAN be installed on multiple computers (using winscp)
– read mail from any address
– the SMTP server only sends the email that is configured for the given address
– you can send and receive emails from multiple email clients (supported)
– you can use the mailFrom and mailTo methods to change the email address
– there’s even a special $mail->mailFrom method that will return the correct email address for the given domain
– the script supports IPv6 DNSServers (using antix::dns.ipv6)
– supports encrypting the connection using SSL
– supports authentication
– supports extending the SMTP server with additional methods
– supports sending a confirmation message when a message is sent
– supports debugging by using percents and sprintf()
– easy to change
– fake

+ Unlimited numbers of hosts/domains
+ Unlimited number of ports (including TCP and UDP)
+ Relay any email message (sendToHost)
+ Authenticate users with username and password
+ Supports SSL encryption
+ Supports DNSServers (with support for IPv6)
+ Authorizes anonymous users
+ You can configure ANY settings for the SMTP server
+ You can create as many hosts as you want in your test
+ You can read email from any address
+ You can change the from and to addresses
+ All you need is the email domain
+ You can use the mailFrom and mailTo methods to change the from address
+ There is even a special $mail->mailFrom method that will return the correct email address for the given domain
+ There is also a special $mail->mailTo method that you can use to change the to address
+ Fake

Antix SMTP Impostor Product Key is a fake, testable SMTP server

Antix SMTP Impostor Crack+

Host definition:
– Hosts edit :
![Screenshot of hosts edit](
– Recipient edit:
![Screenshot of recipient edit](
– Dictate port :
![Screenshot of dictate port](
– Dictate Class :
![Screenshot of dictate class](
– Hosts can choose which protocol to use : POP3, IMAP, SMTP (default of course)
– Ports can be multiple for each protocol to manage multiple user accounts.
– Emails can be sent from multiple accounts for the same server.

What’s New in the?

Tentative: This is a draft that is not yet ready.
Antix SMTP Impostor Screenshot:

Antix SMTP Impostor Usage:
Create as many hosts as you want on different ports and connect those hosts with the internal antix smtp impostor in the host’s config file. Then you can write your test scripts. If the fake SMTP server is down, the test script can check if it’s still down. You can also check which ports are used by the impostor and check if you get a response.


I found a simple bash script that automates everything I need.

cd ~/impostor





# do your stuff

# then save the config

# save config to bashrc

source ~/impostor/bashrc


You can edit the.bashrc config file and set the port you want the server to use.
$ echo 1 | sudo tee /etc/sysctl.d/

Change in the bashrc config file.
*Note: The changes depending on the host you’re using.

$ echo -e “net.somthing.file=’/etc/sysctl.d/'” > ~/.bashrc

Send an email:

$ echo “Message with fake smtp” | mail -s “subject with fake smtp”

Save config:

$ sudo service netfilter save

Note: You have to use sudo service netfilter save

After saving, restart the server
$ sudo service netfilter restart


$ service netfilter status

The service will restart if the service is down.
– If it’s running, you can test your scripts.
– If it’s down, make sure the service is down and reset the service.

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System Requirements:

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