RealityCapture is a program specialized in photogrammetry work. It features an intricate layout replete with a full array of tools to help you create a plethora of content. It can help you create 2D and 3D maps, virtual reality and related elements, geo-referenced maps, orthographic projects, and many other things, especially those linked to laser scans.
Assets for your game or animated movie can also be achieved through this app, as the capabilities of the program can extend as far as you allow them.
Intricate interface, but for a reason
Navigating through this app as a first-timer can be a bit awkward. This is some intricately designed software for sure, but understanding how to operate it is made easier thanks to the tutorial that greets you upon boot up. The modular interface helps with this, in that it can be adapted to your needs and use cases.
Upon adding a set of images, you will be prompted to align them. The images need to be of the same subject, each taken from different perspectives. What RealiyCapture essentially does, is map out those perspectives, creating a three-dimensional model from the two-dimensional image you inputted.
After the alignment process completes, you will be able to manipulate the model as you see fit. The app is capable of showing it to you in multiple ways in the "Mesh Model" menu, where you can analyze its texture, among other things. A lot more convoluted tasks can be achieved with this program, which is why the skill ceiling is at the level it is.
A lot of possibilities
There are lots of use cases for such an app: you can build a game of your own with its help, and the ability to turn 2D images three-dimensional is very versatile. Virtual reality games, too, can be made with the use of this app. "Puzzling Places" is an example, made possible by the engine and facilities provided by RealityCapture.
This is the kind of software where the possibilities to create are practically limitless. Artists can rest assured knowing that such programs exist: efficiency is key, and the pipeline of this app ensures that everything they require is within arm's reach, while not sacrificing any functionality in the process.







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Create 2D maps, 3D maps, virtual reality images and games with this easy to use utility. You do not need any special software like SketchUp or Alias to create 3D models. RealityCapture quickly generates 3D meshes from standard image files like jpg, png, tif and more. Exporting to other file formats: mesh, OBJ, STL, COLLADA and more. Export unlimited number of mesh models! Export to 3D printer software and generate physical objects! (Needs a laser scanner to produce mesh models, can be used as standalone app.)
RealityCapture Features:
– Create unlimited number of mesh models from standard image files like jpg, png, tif, etc.
– Save mesh models in OBJ, DXF, STL, C4D, JSX and more.
– Export mesh models to 3D printers software like Meshroom and 123D
– Generate 3D scanning meshes from real objects.
– Export mesh models into Trixels Mesh format.
– Export meshes into Collada, STL, C4D and OBJ formats.
– Export into 2D maps, 3D maps, virtual reality, 3D terrain and more.
– Export data into 3D maps format.
– Create real 3D models from 2D maps.
– Create realistic 3D paintings.
– Capture real time 3D wireframes in Blender and Cycles.
– Export real time 3D wireframes.
– Create a 3D model in your mind, save it and import it into RealityCapture.
– Many 3D models and textures pre-made in Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender and other software.
– Generate and edit 3D maps in a variety of map formats.
– Create real time 3D maps in SketchUp or Alias with RealityCapture’s real time 3D map editor.
– Draw 3D objects and place them to 3D maps.
– Apply map data in other 3D modelers like Meshroom, Unreal Engine, SoftImage, Blender, etc.
– Create interactive, augmented reality 3D maps.
– Create stunning interactive 3D models.
– Generate beautiful, realistic 2D maps.
– Export models to video formats like.mp4,.avi,.mov, and others.
– Export maps to panorama.
– Export canvas to.png or.jpg.
– Import geometry to STL or other formats

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RealityCapture is an innovative and robust photogrammetry 3D modelling software. It can convert 2D images into a realistic 3D model. It can do that in real-time. More images allow for more 3D modeling for more accurate rendering.
You can convert and also import any 2D source image, including photos, drawings, images, and any other regular image file format (jpg, gif, tif, png).
RealityCapture is very helpful for 3D landscape modeling, architecture rendering, earth graphics, and video game development. It can also create high quality 3D models. It supports various file formats such as DWG, SVG, FBX, OBJ, PLY, Collada, 3D-Studio, and 3D-Scan. So it is very versatile and supports a wide range of graphics file formats.
If you require quality, fully-automated orthographic mapping, up to 1000 polygon 3D models can be generated in a single run with high speed and efficiency.
With RealityCapture’s powerful and useful features and tools, 3D models with complex features such as geometry can be completed in a short period of time. These models can be used for high-quality rendering, creating animations and games, and even applications such as architecture.
App Features:
Supported Formats:
Other features include:
• Multiple camera sources
• Image background
• Text
• Layers
• Textures
• Color picker
• Transparency
• Perfect Center
• Skeleton
• Control Points
• Cuts
• 3D map
• Mesh modeling
• Animation
• Motion
• Measurement
• Presegmentation
• Polygon
• Bezier
• Multilevel
• Boolean
• Raster Brush
• Polygonal Raster Brush
• Path Brush
• Control points
• Hexagon
• Border Editing
• Image Grabber
• Snapshot
• Pie Chart
• Color Picker
• Feature Point Drawing
• Geopackage
• Release Notes
• Manage Clipboard
• Public and Private groups

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Capture Reality in Virtual Reality with Your Camera
RealityCapture is a powerful VR program that seamlessly lets you capture reality. VR camera capture solution for virtual reality generation.
RealityCapture is an easy to use, easy to learn and easy to use 3D capture and mapping software. The 3D capture solution for VR generation. Ideal for creating new and innovative VR content by making use of a multi-camera setup.
Thanks to its highly intuitive user interface, which has been developed to meet the needs of professional photographers and hobbyists alike. RealityCapture is an easy to learn and easy to use VR capture software, ideal for creating a new and innovative VR content by making use of a multi-camera setup. This 3D capture solution for VR generation also makes it possible to create 3D models of anything from an object in the environment to a statue or a sculpture.
Perfect 2.5D Photo-Realistic Model
RealityCapture’s powerful 3D model creation engine captures all details of the image. With its dedicated photo-realistic rendering engine and intelligent camera setup detection and recording, the 3D capture solution for VR generation is a great tool for creating photo-realistic virtual reality models.
Every captured image is placed into a PDF or any other format file you desire, thanks to the RAW image file and the multiple output options available through RealityCapture. The result is a realistic virtual reality model with up to 10 times more accuracy than 3D models created with existing VR capture tools.
What’s New in Version
1. Simplified 3D Capture Synthesis;
2. An enhanced digital LUT with a wider color gamut.
1. Simplified 3D Capture Synthesis:
Lighting, Textures, and Special Effects. For a better understanding of the 3D capture solution for VR generation, you might have noticed that one of the important aspects is how the resulting 3D model is illuminated. In other words, the environment that the camera is recording influences how the resulting 3D model is rendered. For instance, the lighting in a real-life capture significantly affects the size, shape, and other attributes of the resulting 3D model. This is where RealityCapture comes into play: The solution uses the camera information as well as the environment to reduce the variation caused by the environment by utilizing a profile generated by the camera. The result? A more refined and accurate 3D model that gives a higher degree of realism.
Enhanced Digital LUT with a wider color

What’s New In RealityCapture?

RealtyCapture is a complete 3D photogrammetry software that generates 3D models of physical objects based on photographed images.
3D Scanning is to our day-to-day lives what Flickr is to the Internet. It is what we take pictures to and upload online because we like how they look. But photographers don’t have the options for post-processing in the same way as computer artists. Just compare photos taken by people and you’ll see how much more powerful computers are. With RealityCapture you can. You can modify depth maps, create seamless maps, render and export 3D models of physical objects and a range of other effects all from your computer.
This software is designed to operate in all basic Windows computers and mobile devices, via web browsers.
– RealityCapture Features:
• Position and apply accurate global 3D coordinates of object points (not only one point per image).
• Can align and merge multiple images of the same object from different viewpoints.
• Fill geometric gaps and sort out non-conforming parts of the model.
• Create 2D contours of the scanned objects and save them as separate images and create specific interactive editors.
• Processes images and aligns them to make 3D models interactively.
• Export 3D models in OBJ, STL and PLY formats.
• Modify 3D models to generate post-production work: smoothing surfaces, lighting, texturing, etc.
• Process scanned point clouds of tabletop objects and export the data in a table format.
• Export photorealistic 3D models to STL, OBJ, PLY, PMDG, MPO and many other formats.
• Compatible with Google Earth and Google Street View.
• Generate photorealistic textures using Tiled Mesh.
• Extract contour and edge data to create customizable objects for print or 3D printing.
• Export 3D meshes to Unity asset catalog.
– Full of possibilities:
From simple business and education projects to complicated automated solutions
– Fully Supported Models:
• 3D models of people, rooms, furniture, games, machinery, vehicles, space, production facilities, animals, airplanes, medical equipment, jewelry.
• Supports multiuser models.
• Supports new private key import.
• Supports Modeling trial version.
• Supports OpenSim plugins.
– Compatible with:
• Autodesk 3DS Max.
• DAZ Studio.

System Requirements:

Windows 10
Mac OS 10.11 or later
PlayStation®4 system (Famitsu version)
Minimum specifications:
CPU: AMD FX-8350
AMD FX-8350 Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB RAM: 8GB
65GB OS: Windows® 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Windows® 7 SP1 (64-bit) Minimum recommendations:

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