Max DVD Author provides you with a comprehensive DVD creation and burning application that comes with support for multiple input file formats, enabling you to quickly save your home videos to a DVD, SVCD or VCD.
Ease of use is one of the main advantages that this program comes with, as you are guided through all the necessary steps for creating your DVD, from selecting the input files to configuring the menu appearance and burning the disk.
The main interface is simple and well-organized, enabling you to choose one of the two available options, namely authoring or burning a DVD. The next step requires you to browse for the video files you want to include into the project. Common input formats are supported, such as AVI, MPG, WMV DIVX, MPEG, QuickTime, MPEG-4/H.264, MP4, RM/RMVB and ASF.
The application displays a list of the input files, together with detailed information about their location, video and audio frame rate and the total play time, as well as a small preview of the video. Thus, before proceeding to the actual format conversion process, you can review your selection and easily delete files or add new ones.
The input files are converted to the appropriate format and the program automatically generates the DVD menu and the chapter list. The only option for customizing the menu is the possibility to change the background picture.
Prior to burning, you are prompted to configure a few options, such as selecting the burn device, customizing the disc volume name or choosing the folder where the temporary files are stored. Furthermore, you can change the video aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3 are the two available options) and the output disc frame rate type (NTSC or PAL DVD).
To conclude with, Max DVD Author enables you to create personalized DVDs, SVCDs or VCDs without a lot of hassle. However, the lack of menu customization options, support for subtitles or video editing capabilities is a rather major drawback, compared to other applications from its category.







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Max DVD Author is a simple and easy-to-use DVD authoring software that offers you the chance to create your own personalized DVD movie from scratch.
It helps you to easily select, edit and burn your home videos to a DVD movie. No need to download other software or to spend hours on editing. All you need is a DVD recorder, a computer with an operating system (OS) and the Max DVD Author ISO file.
Main Features:

The program is one of the best DVD authoring software on the market. It can convert any video and audio files (such as AVI, MPG, WMV DIVX, MPEG, QuickTime, MPEG-4/H.264, MP4, RM/RMVB and ASF) to DVD that can be easily played on any player or computer. In addition, the application supports both NTSC and PAL DVD format.

With Max DVD Author, you can create an attractive and professional DVD movie with a great movie clips right away. All you need to do is burn or record your desired video in to DVD format and then start the authoring process. Max DVD Author is the most user-friendly and easiest to use DVD author software and has been used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Max DVD Author is not only a DVD movie authoring software but is also a video converter application, and so with it, you have the power to convert DVD movies to other video and audio formats. You can convert video and audio files between any video and audio formats with ease and create all your desired output file formats. The simple and most user-friendly video converter.

You can also create DVD menu and chapter list for your video disc with the Max DVD Author.

In addition, all these features are provided at a user-friendly price.

Input Picture Formats:
Max DVD Author is an easy-to-use DVD authoring software that has been used by hundreds of thousands of users across the world. Max DVD Author can convert any video and audio formats to video DVD using various video codecs, including AVI, MPG, WMV DIVX, MPEG, QuickTime, MPEG-4/H.264, MP4, RM/RMVB and ASF. With the various video codecs that come with this DVD authoring software, you can easily convert any formats of video and audio files to any DVD video format, including NTSC and PAL. In addition, Max DVD Author is the best DVD author

Max DVD Author (formerly Max Movie Maker) Free Download [32|64bit]

This program enables you to create your own DVD or SVCD directly from your home movies, without the need for third-party editing tools. Max DVD Author can work as a stand-alone application or as a component within a larger video editing or DVD creation application.
The program includes all the features found in the DVD authoring area, including converting video files to DVD, adding and customizing the menu and chapters, applying audio effects, as well as creating a DVD with a background picture.
In contrast to other DVD authoring tools, this application is designed to be used simply and efficiently, without the need for advanced video editing skills or knowledge in DVD authoring.
The program supports AVI, MPG, WMV DIVX, MPEG, QuickTime, MPEG-4/H.264, MP4, RM/RMVB and ASF input formats. Max DVD Author supports all the major video formats, including HD video. You can also add subtitles and insert special effects. Although the software is aimed at users having intermediate knowledge in video editing, you can choose to ignore the features that require more advanced video editing skills.
The menu can be created in 2 ways: A template menu contains the general chapter list, thumbnail list and audio description. The user can also modify this menu using a drag and drop interface. A user-defined menu is a list of video files, one to be shown on each of the chapters.
The program can create both NTSC and PAL DVD. For each disc, the video can be stretched to fill the entire DVD video region, resulting in a 16:9 aspect ratio (default), or in a 4:3 aspect ratio, depending on user preference.
The program is able to create different types of chapters. Specialized chapters (video, audio and sub-titles) are automatically created in the video files while any other chapter type (standard or music) is user-defined.
Max DVD Author is able to convert an unlimited number of video files to DVD by preserving the original audio and video level information. You can also adjust the bit rate and create the DVD in a “salt and pepper” mode (alternating menus of black and white video), instead of the usual “white background on black text” look. Furthermore, the output can be a compatible SVCD, VCD or DVD-R or DVD-RW.
Max DVD Author can also be used to burn movies to DVD or other discs. It supports the use of any type of disc

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The application combines the efficiency of an integrated interface with the flexibility of non-linear editors. It offers an intuitive and easy to use editor with a familiar Windows look and feel, making it easy to navigate and use. Multiple cam…Freeware, Price: USD $49.95, Size: 16.88 MB, Downloads: 1,812 Download

What’s New in the?

Max DVD Author is an award-winning video program that provides a simple, straight forward way of creating your own DVDs. It enables you to choose any video, audio and menu options you require and create the DVD in a simple, straight forward way.
From one-time use video recordings, to multi-media presentations or corporate marketing tools, Max DVD Author makes it simple to create your own DVD.
Key Features Include:
1. Allows you to configure your finished DVD in a very quick and straightforward way.
2. Supports common video, audio and menu formats including AVI, MPG, Quicktime, DivX, ASF, FLV, MP4, RM, RMVB, WMV, RealMedia and MPEG format files.
3. Supports NTSC and PAL video and audio, which makes it suitable for both DVD and SVCD or VCD recording.
4. Allows you to edit your video before it is converted to the final format.
5. Provides several simple, straight forward ways to make your DVD menus.
6. Provides you with a convenient way of adding special effects to your DVD.
7. Provides you with a range of pre-recorded video and audio clips in a number of different popular formats including AVI, ASF, DIVX, MPEG, RM, RMVB, QuickTime and WMV, which makes it ideal for creating and burning DVD presentations.
8. Supports printing, copying and burning.
9. Allows you to print, copy, create menus and save the finished DVD to the hard drive or a disc drive.
10. Supports Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera browsers.
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System Requirements:

It takes approximately 5 hours to complete, please make sure your system can handle this game for the whole duration.
WASD to move
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[R] to reload
Other important notes:
– This is an indie game that was developed and published by the author for free.
– This game was written entirely in Unity and is only compatible with Unity 4

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