Resize, rotate, crop and organize all of your digital photos into family albums. Add captions. Email entire photo albums, automatically resized with captions included, to far away relatives. Turning your family photo album into an attractive website is as easy as pushing a button. Capture photos from your digital camera, scanner, hard drive, webpages or screenshots. Resize, rotate, lighten, darken and adjust gamma levels in batch. Easily drag and drop photos along with their captions between albums. Send and receive entire albums in email that you can then edit, copy, add comments and send along to others. Here are some key features of “NeoPhoto”: ■ Quickly organize dozens of photos into separate albums ■ Open a number of albums and simply drag and drop your photos into the right album. Work through more photos in less time. ■ Add titles and descriptions for quick retrieval later ■ Add captions, titles, dates and keywords to each album and each photo. ■ Generate or update a Website with a single click ■ With the click of a button NeoPhoto can build a website from your photo album using any of our 8 professionally designed themes. See the samples of the kinds of web albums NeoPhoto can generate. ■ Upload your pages and photos ■ Use the built-in FTP and/or SFTP client to upload your entire web photo album to your website. NeoPhoto makes it easy to regenerate and reupload your albums at will. ■ Batch Edit ■ If you’re like us you take at least half of your photos such that they need to be rotated or resized. With NeoPhoto you can rotate, resize, brighten, darken or adjust groups of photos at once. ■ Get photos from a number of sources. ■ You can pull in photos from your hard drive, your camera, your TWAIN scanner, or even drag and drop from webpages. With NeoPhoto you can also take screenshots directly into albums. ■ Send entire photo albums as a single attachment. ■ With the click of a button NeoPhoto can compress an entire album and email it preserving the order, descriptions, titles and keywords. ■ Create New Themes using the Powerful NeoPhoto Template Language ■ Using a powerful XML based tag language web designers can create their own themes for use with NeoPhoto. Make generated photo albums match you site. See the Template Writers Guide for more information. What’s New in This Release: ■ All templates updated. ■ Caption and Title dialog more accessible to new users.







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■ Automatically sends large photo albums in a single email attachment. ■ Add titles, descriptions and keywords to your photo albums or pages in a single click. ■ Generate a customized photo album website in a single click. ■ Easily upload your webpage to the web using the built in FTP or SFTP client. ■ As a designer build your own photo album themes using the powerful NeoPhoto Template language. ■ You can drag and drop your photos into your album and browse through them with your album in the background. ■ Works great with any page or website. NeoPhoto Timeline: ■ The first version of NeoPhoto was released in January of 2002. ■ In its first year, NeoPhoto generated over one million web albums. ■ In its second year, NeoPhoto generated over 15 million albums. ■ In its third year, NeoPhoto grew to over 50 million albums. ■ The current version of NeoPhoto is the third generation. The first two versions were not nearly as flexible or able to work with many different file types. In NeoPhoto 2.0, we have now added great template editors, file types, and user feedback. Screenshots: Double clicking a thumbnail will open the image in a new browser window. Double clicking a folder on the workspace will open the folder in a new browser window. Double clicking a file will bring up the File Browser. Double clicking an album will bring up the Album Browser. Double clicking an album page will bring up the Album Page browser. A selection of the 8 NeoPhoto themes. NeoPhoto allows you to drag and drop one or more photos into an album. The photos are treated as a new album page. Click each image to see a larger picture. NeoPhoto allows you to drag and drop multiple page templates into an album. A script generates a new album page with your template. Click each image to see a larger picture. As an example of how easy it is to generate a website using NeoPhoto, we invite you to create a simple page. Just put in the dates, names and any captions you want. Click the “Export HTML” icon. With the click of a button, you can format any page, (even a newly generated page) and paste it into the “Web Album Generator” window. In a few

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No expensive and complicated software necessary. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain. All the complicated “batteries included” that you need for all other photo management and web designing software are already included. Create your website using your photo albums right in NeoPhoto! Take your photo albums to the next level. ■ Use your photo albums to create professionally designed websites. ■ Create detailed HTML websites with the click of a button. ■ Get started in minutes. ■ Simply drag and drop photos along with their captions between your photo albums. ■ NeoPhoto will automatically transform your photo album into a professional looking and functional website. ■ Work through more photos in less time. ■ With NeoPhoto’s powerful templates you can create professional looking websites in a matter of minutes. ■ Add captions, titles, dates and keywords to each album. ■ Assign keywords and tags to each album and photo. ■ Generate a full HTML website from your photo albums and photos. ■ Upload your pages and photos with one click. ■ Use the built-in FTP client and the SFTP client to upload your photos and your entire website to your server. ■ Using a powerful XML based tag language you can create your own themes for use with NeoPhoto. ■ Create your own customized personal family and holiday websites for free. ■ Create template sites, such as web catalogs, using our powerful templates. ■ Easily and quickly create one-time-use webpages for your website. ■ Download webpages and images directly to your hard drive. ■ Delve into the possibilities to perform batch processing of photos. ■ Create your own theme, use the Power of XML, even create your own templates and plug in your own image processing algorithm. ■ Use our powerful XSLT template language to create new skins or templates for use with NeoPhoto. Supported Platforms: ■ Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.9 ■ Windows XP, Vista, or 7 ■ Mac OS 9 ■ Linux ■ iPhone ■ Android ■ SQL Server 2005, 2008, or 2008 R2 Supported Web Servers: ■ Apache 2f7fe94e24

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NeoPhoto is a easy to use photo management, web album creation and publishing tool. Instead of using folder names, NeoPhoto uses the date and time to organize your photo albums. There is only one album for each week in a month and each day in a month. It takes only a couple seconds to label your photos into each weekly “tag”. In addition to albums, NeoPhoto creates a web site from a collection of photo albums. You can attach your photo albums to a News, Calendar, Contact, Invitations or Event topics. You can create an HTML page, or sign up for a full website including text, layout and graphics. You can create photo pages from a collection of photos. Each photo page is a single entry on the site. Easily create a variety of photo and album layouts and design your web page with NeoPhoto’s template engine. Add captions to each photo, and to each album. You can easily drag and drop your photos and captions from one album to another, or to a newly created web page. You can also drag and drop from within the same album. Each album has a date and time field for quick and easy organization. You can tag any album or photo. Tag names are available for quick searching. When you select a photo, you can see the “Tags” for that particular picture. When you click a tag, you see the photo’s last tag for that particular day. All of your email accounts are integrated. Simply enter the email address, name and phone number of the person and NeoPhoto will email the entire selected album, including any comments, to that person. Using the built in FTP Client you can upload your entire photo album to any web page. NeoPhoto stands alone. It doesn’t require Photoshop, Perl, Java or any third party software. Supported Formats: NeoPhoto can handle images in most popular formats including: JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP. Planned Features: There are over 100 planned features. If there are features you are interested in, please use the Product Feedback form to let us know. System Requirements: NeoPhoto will run on a wide variety of operating systems including Macintosh, Windows 95-2000, Windows 98, Windows NT/2000/XP, and Linux. This program requires an Internet connection and some free time. Example of NeoPhoto in use With NeoPhoto you can: ■ Organize photos. �

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NeoPhoto is a photo archive manager for Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista/7. The application allows you to organize your family and friends photos into album and share them with all of your family and friends. With NeoPhoto you can automatically rotate, resize, crop and adjust the exposure of your pictures. You can assign captions, titles, dates and keywords to your pictures and post them on the web. NeoPhoto has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface where you can move pictures between albums. Just drop a picture on the album you want to add it to. You can drag multiple pictures at a time. Albums keep their integrity when the pictures are moved to them. You can edit titles and descriptions. The application makes it easy to generate a professional looking website and can create a smart 3-D lightbox containing any number of your albums that you can email as a single attachment. A: You’re looking for Photo Gallery FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION JUL 20 2011 MOLLY C. DWYER, CLERK UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS U.S. C O U R T OF APPE ALS

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