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OpenNumismat is a lightweight database that can be used to track your collection and keep it organized in one place. Find out why you’ve always wanted to store your coins in one single place.
OpenNumismat runs on all Windows versions, but it is compatible with Windows 7 or newer versions.
• Organize Your Collection
Keep your coins in one place using OpenNumismat. Add them one by one and find new ones with ease, or search through the database to find what you’re looking for.
• Customize Your Collection
Once you’ve chosen a collection, you can easily create new classifications, groups, and categories, as well as edit existing ones.
• Add One Coin at a Time
You can add new coins one by one, or bulk import them from a.csv or.excel file. Each coin added becomes the basis for a record, and you can add any additional details to each one.
• Browse the Collection by Category
Search the collection by category, or browse all the categories to find the one you’re looking for.
• Add Coin Images
Select any coin to add an image to. Upload your images from your hard drive or view them in fullscreen.
• Import Custom.csv and.excel Files
You can add coins from custom.csv or.excel files, or get a.csv or.excel file from another database.
• Edit Existing Records
You can easily edit existing records, add new ones, or delete existing records and coins.
• OpenNumismat is Fast
OpenNumismat is a lightweight database that runs on all Windows versions. It also has a small installation package that installs easily and is only about 20MB.
• OpenNumismat is Free
OpenNumismat is a free software developed by Inside Knowledge Software which is publishing it free of charge under GNU GPL open source license.

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OpenNumismat Crack [Win/Mac]

Manage and track all of your coin collection in a neat, secure database using OpenNumismat Cracked Accounts. This amazing, all-in-one application gives you the ability to manage your collection using your own custom rules and passwords. Our database is also integrated with CoinFacts’ Premium service so you can immediately validate your coin values and gain access to latest coin updates. Features: Multiple databases: Support for many user databases simultaneously. Database permissions: Give access to specific members of your group, or set a password for the entire database. Coin record creation: Generate data for your coins in seconds with our simple coin creation wizard. Coin properties: Display data from multiple databases, such as ‘wheel starting’,’mint marks’,’mint’, ‘vignette’, and many others. Select coins by: Type, minting country, series, date, state, designer, material, etc. Multiple view options: Create multiple views of your coin collection, sorted by type, minting country, and more. Record sorting: Sort coins by any column header. Mail to file: Send you your data to a file of your choice, so you can print, export or share it easily. Compression: Store multiple databases on the same media with just one.exe file. Close: Close all windows, including the coin creation wizard. Automatically update coin data: Our database integrates with CoinFacts’ Premium service, so you can update your data instantly! Membership: You don’t have to register again after first install.Number of Christmas Crackers Sold in London on Wednesday Surpasses 20 Million

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OpenNumismat Crack

OpenNumismat is a free reference manager that helps you enter and organize your coins in a neat database. It’s what we consider to be the best free coin database on the net. You can use coin images and information to see if your coins match those used by the registry or numismatic associations.

5 Common Types of Coins
Are you prepared for the coins you need to have in your collection?
Have you ever purchased a new coin you didn’t know anything about?
Have you ever wanted to know exactly where that coin came from or what it looks like?
Then you need to learn about coin types.
What is a coin type?
The basis of any coin collection is to know the type of coin it is.
The terms “coins” and “money” are used interchangeably, but in the United States, coins are the currency while currency is paper money. But in other parts of the world, and specifically in England and Australia, a coin is a precious metal bullion or silver, and paper money is the currency.
There are a total of 16 types of coins, which are divided into a few subcategories.
Tokens, medallions, and medals are the smallest and the least valuable coins in a coin collection. But the way they are made can be very unique.
Anglo-Saxon coins like the British Long and Halfpennies are made of copper, while Medallic Coins are made of copper alloy.
Medallic coins are rich in symbolism. The designs on medallions are a representation of things like characters, events, landscapes, or people. The character design is called a dies and is found on the obverse, or front, of the coin.
A portrait of a character or a country is on the reverse or back of the coin.
Eagle coins are usually valued at five cents, and the date is usually found in the date field. Eagle coins were placed in circulation in 1907, and in the early 1900s, they were replaced by Mercury Dimes.
Mercury dimes were the first U.S. coin struck from a coin that would be used today. They have a large surface area and a rough edge.
The Apollo Lunar coins are valued at five cents. This silver coin is valued because it represents the first time that a man landed on the moon. The Apollo Lunar coins were first issued in the year 1970.
Mercury dimes and American Mercury coins,

What’s New in the OpenNumismat?

Freely available for any Windows operating system

Requires.NET Framework 4 or later installed

Easy to install and use, even for beginners

Runs even on old computers

Supports more than 20,000 types of coins

Requires no registration


OpenNumismat Download

OpenNumismat Windows Package (3.9.8)

OpenNumismat Download

OpenNumismat Windows Package (3.9.8)


OpenNumismat is a free all-in-one database and reference manager for your coins. It allows you to organize, catalog, and document all your coins. It provides a huge set of features which include pictures of the coins, coin info, traffic, parameters, design, classification, images, and more.

It is widely used by coin dealers to organize and catalog their coins.

OpenNumismat is a free resource database software. It can be used on any PC running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Server 2016.

OpenNumismat Features:

It has a nice interface

It has a very comprehensive search feature

It has a coin search feature

It has an autosave feature

It has an option of password protection

It has export/import function

It has image capture feature

The interface is very simple with a nice tutorial. There is also an import wizard that allows you to import data from a number of different data sources.

OpenNumismat runs on all versions of Windows so you do not need to be running a specific OS or version of Windows to use it. It will require.NET framework so if you do not have it installed it will suggest you to get it.

There is a complete help menu that allows you to access all of the features of OpenNumismat. It is easy to navigate around the interface. You have options to enter the coins by grading, category, coin type, series and state. It also allows you to enter the images. There is a help page included that guides you through the entire process.

There is also a help file to guide you through the process of the application. It comes with a complete manual that shows you the features of OpenNumismat as well as how to use the application. You can download the manual right away in PDF format

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
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