YaSync is a handy and reliable application that helps you to automatically synchronize your Android device with Outlook and save call logs, messages and appointments.
By using YaSync you have the possibility to synchronize contacts, remove unwanted SMS or block specific contacts, view the images, as well as to restore your messages, as convenient.
With its user-friendly interface, you are able to select a contact and send new messages, browse through the device system and view all the images, attachments and documents.







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== Best Android backup solution for Windows ==
== YaSync is a software with a fast functionality and easy management ==
YaSync includes the following features:
– Saves all call logs, SMS and other data
– Undo and redo operations
– Access to device storage and phone book
– Read contacts from your Outlook database
– Support Outlook folders: Address book, Calendar and Tasks
== YaSync is secure and simple to use ==
YaSync is secure because it can not be easily compromised, the package is
protected by a unique key. YaSync is also simple and easy to use, YaSync is easy to
install, manage and use to synchronize your Android device with Outlook.
NOTE: YaSync doesn’t support to make backups of SIM cards or SD cards.
– Fixed the problem with SMS logging permissions
– 10 fixed bugs
– Updated user guide
– Fixed all bugs
* SMS logging permissions. YaSync doesn’t need to ask for SMS logging
permissions to work.
* Fixed all bugs.
YaSync Apk version History
YaSync has been released and new features.
* Supports to synchronize Outlook contacts, folders and tasks with the Android device.
* Supports to access to the device’s storage and to browse all attachments, documents and
* Supports to read the contact list from the Android device.
* Supports to see the photos and maps in the Android device.
* Support to browse all the images, documents and videos on the Android device.
* Support to synchronize all the apps installed on the Android device with the Outlook database.
* Fix the problem with SMS and MMS logging. YaSync no longer needs to ask for SMS and
MMS logging permissions to work.
* Support to export all the data stored in the device and to manage them.
* Support to restart the process automatically if a problem occurs.

YaSync [Latest] 2022

– Built-in reading of contacts and e-mails.
– Sync Calendars: synchronize appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, & more
– Your messages and call logs will be recovered and synchronized when restoring your phone
– Send messages from Outlook to Android phone
– Backup and restore contacts to your Android device
– View pictures, videos, music, podcasts, apps and documents
– Browse through your device’s filesystem
– The automatic backup& sync will save all the data from your device to your PC
– The automatic backup& sync will remove all the unwanted SMS from Android
– Hide contacts from your phone number in the contact list
– View messages that have the same number as the contact
– Manage all contacts and groups in your contact list.
– Add new contacts and groups from Outlook
– View image attachments
– View SMS attachments
– Add filter for contacts
– Search contacts alphabetically and by phone number
– Search folders for contacts and messages
– View recently deleted/old SMS messages
– Delete all messages in your device’s SMS inbox
– Remove SMS attachments
– Add one of your e-mails as an alias for a contact
– Set a filter for your e-mails
– Set up external sharing

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• Automatically synchronize your Android with Outlook with one-click!
• Keep your text messages, emails and schedules up-to-date
• Automatically remove unwanted SMS or block specific contacts
• View, browse and restore all the images, attachments and documents
• Save the call logs with one-click!
• Backup and restore contacts in the blink of an eye
• Search contacts by name, email address or other fields.
• Optimized for working with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more.
YaSync Features:
• Requires no rooting or system modification
• Supports all Android devices
• Compatible with all Android devices (versions 2.x and 3.x)
• Supports Android Marshmallow, Lollipop and Jelly Bean
• Save images, messages and contacts with one-click!
• Automatically remove unwanted SMS with one-click
• View contact by name, email address or phone number
• View call logs to save all the communication with a call-back service
• Keep the Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Google and others with one-click
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What’s New in the?

YaSync is an application for Android, Android Wear and iOS devices and allow you to synchronize Outlook contacts with it and make Google contacts appear as the Outlook ones. YaSync allows you to synchronize contacts from Outlook to Android, Android Wear and iOS devices and hence making contacts on any device visible on Outlook.
YaSync for Outlook can also be a standalone application for Outlook and as a browser for Android phones and tablets.
Sync Outlook Contacts With YaSync
YaSync supports only synchronizing contacts from Outlook and with a few taps you are all set to sync contacts between Outlook and Android.
You can also choose any contact from Outlook which you wish to sync with Android, so that you can view their phone number, mobile, email or web address and be able to use the same on Android device.
Key Features of YaSync:
1. Backup, restore and synchronize Contacts with Outlook
2. View, delete and sync contacts from Android with Outlook
3. View and edit contacts from Outlook
4. Add contacts from Outlook to Android
5. Send SMS messages and MMS to Android contacts
6. Add Google contacts
7. View and send emails to Android contacts
8. Add Microsoft Exchange contacts
9. Remove unwanted SMS and block contacts
10. Create new calendar entries
11. View and edit calendar entries
12. Call logs
13. View attachments and documents
14. Identify and remove duplicate contacts from Android
15. Add phone numbers, email addresses to contacts

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System Requirements For YaSync:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-650 @ 2.66GHz / AMD Phenom™ II X2 555 @ 3.33GHz / AMD Phenom™ II X4 @ 3.00GHz
CPU Cache: 4MB / 8MB
RAM: 4GB (8GB recommended)


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