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RamVille Cracked Accounts is a directory of French communes (cities). It contains all the French communes (more than 36000).
For each commune this information is available :
postcode (or postcodes), INSEE number, population (as well as the population of the past censuses of 1968, 1975, 1982, ), density, surface, number of main homes, number of second homes and number of empty homes. Data comes from the last survey of 2005 for the censused communes, otherwise it comes from the last complete census of 1999. You can choose to visualize the information about each commune as histograms or other types of graphics.
RamVille Crack For Windows allows you to search for a commune in France, in a department, in an administrative region and even in an old province. Furthermore, it is not necessary to know the correct spelling of the cities’ names : the search engine allows phonetic (RamVille uses an unique search engine which allows you to set the sensitivity of the search) and it is possible to use the wildcards ‘?’ and ‘*’ which respectively replace one character or an undefined number of characters. RamVille allows you as well to search for a commune by its postcode or INSEE number.
■ A more than 256 color display
■ A display not in “large font” mode
■ Does not allow you to export data
■ 30 days trial period

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RamVille Crack+

■ RamVille Crack Keygen allows you to search for a commune, a department, an administrative region or an old province and the data is visualized in histograms and other types of graphics. You can choose to have the histograms or the graphics.
■ Each commune has a single dataset of the latest report; it is possible to remove the dataset or to merge several datasets.
■ The sectoral and departmental censuses are available.
■ The INSEE, the Jiooo, the Parcours, the Archives of national Statistics, the National Library are available.
■ It is possible to choose the main home of the commune, to search by the second home and to hide empty homes.
■ The commune is also available in polygonal form.
■ The commune search engines allow you to perform a rough search by the full name or the postcode or to perform an exact search by INSEE number.
■ The “Recent news” page is available
■ It’s easy to learn RamVille.
■ You can share a commune (or a department) to facebook, twitter or Google Plus
■ RamVille consists of small jars, very well integrated in the site (the communes and the graphs are not too large to be ignored).
■ You can now clearly see the data of the latest census for an already selected commune.
■ RamVille is available in several languages : The site is displayed in english, french, German and Italian.
■ It is free to use for one day.
■ It is possible to invite your friends to RamVille : if you invite a friend, the friend can discover any commune in the area of 1500 km around where you live in France and when he/she has added the commune of his/her choice, you will have the direct to this commune.
■ RamVille has been translated to a few other languages :
■ Russian
■ Chinese
■ Tagalog
■ Bulgarian
■ Czech
■ Slovak
■ Ukrainian
■ Czech
■ Italian
■ Polish
■ Hungarian
■ Finnish
■ Danish
■ Finnish
■ Arabic
■ F


RamVille is a software designed to help users to search for the French commune they want and to search for the number of main homes, second homes, empty homes etc.
RamVille has several interesting features such as:
* User friendliness : the commune name is searched and displayed with a QWERTY keyboard : you will find a list of the possible spelling of the name of the commune, and you can choose the one you want.
* Statistics : you can choose to see the commune’s statistics : population and density in the past censuses, histograms of the population, population change between censuses, population according to the sex, number of main homes, number of second homes and number of empty homes, by region, department, by old province, by INSEE number and by the postal code.
* Search engine : this feature allows you to search for a commune by INSEE number, postal code, population, density etc. The search engine is robust and allows you to search for cities that do not exist. For example it is possible to search for the commune Noire de Fontainebleau. You can also limit your search to communes where the (inhabitants are citizens or have a particular status).
* Searchable : the directory includes the communes who have had a census in the past. For each commune this number is indicated as well as the last census.
* You are offered the choice to print out the list of communes displayed. Moreover you can also print the list of communes as a pdf (with their population and density on a per commune basis) or as an Excel file
* The database file of the directory is available, You can edit the file in any text editing software like Notepad.
* You can export the data of the directory into several formats like csv or xml.
* 30 days trial period

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What’s New in the RamVille?

Ville is a directory for French communes (cities)
The French word “Ville” is not the equivalent of the English word “City” : it is the equivalent of “Town” or “Village”.
The word “Ville” is also used for two types of entity :
■ The commune of which the highest administrative center is a city.
■ A subdivision of the department, a defined geographic area, a department or a region (administrative division)
There is no need to take this difference into account when you use RamVille.
The goal of RamVille is to simplify the processing of the data. Therefore, the information provided by RamVille is displayed in a way which makes it easy to extract data.
Moreover, RamVille provides for each commune statistical data about the population. It is easy to get an overview of the distribution of this population around France : a map is included which shows the relationship between the average population in a given commune and its location.
The main goal of RamVille is to provide a directory which allows you to search by commune name and by other means of addresses (eg. postcode, INSEE number). The commune directory allows you to search for a town or a village, a city, a department, a region, an old province, a city with a special status (like Paris or Lille), etc.
Nevertheless, when you want to get into the details, you can get information about each commune : population, surface, number of homes, number of second homes, number of empty homes, etc. You can also get information about the area in which the commune is located (the department, the region, the old province, etc.)
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2. List of French communes
3. List of cities in France
4. List of towns in France
5. List of villages in France
6. List of French communes with a special status
7. List of cities in France
8. List of cities in France
9. List of French departments
10. List of departments in France
11. List of administrative regions in France
12. List of administrative regions in France
13. List of administrative regions in France
14. List of French provinces
15. List of former provinces of France
16. List of old French provinces
17. List of prefectures in France


System Requirements:

A Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer
1.5 GB of free RAM.
Intel Pentium (4th generation or higher)
AMD processor compatible with Socket AM4 (3850,
Intel Core i3 (6th generation or higher)
AMD processor compatible with Socket AM4 (3930,
Intel Core i5 (7th


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