ABOUT EARTHFALL RENEGADES: ABOUT ELDEN RING AND EARTHFALL RENEGADES ABOUT ELDEN RING AND EARTHFALL RENEGADES I have participated in the development and planning for both the Tarnished and Elden Ring games. A major portion of the Elden Ring and EarthFall Renegades are common elements such as combat, challenging dungeons, and the world map with many trees. In addition, I designed the maps for the new Elden Ring, which are completely new and have never been implemented in any other game, so please look forward to that. Until the development stage, the former “Elden Ring” game and the Cyber Angel RPG were not in contact. However, the discussions I had with them turned out to be very encouraging and made us all think about what the future is. Because of this, the Elden Ring game is continuing on its long path and becoming an independent game. In addition, the Cyber Angel RPG is shaping up to become a new type of game that draws on the knowledge and talents of the people associated with those games. Here is a quote of an interview with me about the Elden Ring game: “A portion of players have been trying to find a way to create an action RPG due to an increased interest in the series, so that’s why I started the development of the Elden Ring. In addition, the Elden Ring is an action RPG that simultaneously draws on my thoughts concerning RPGs and the feelings created by the Cyber Angel RPG. It is a challenging RPG that is not a “straw-man” of the Cyber Angel RPG, but a brand new game that I have been playing. Your feedback has been very helpful. The new Elden Ring game has been targeted at the 22 – 55 generation, and those who have shared their feedback and uploaded images have also been very useful.” -Kang Ho-kyung, Producer ABOUT ELDEN RING The Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG developed by Techn


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A new fantasy RPG with a vast world and story of a huge scale.
  • Create your own character and master your skills.
  • Discover the worlds of the Lands Between and meet its many people.
  • An epic drama born from a myth. Every character, every character and item you collect will become part of the story.
  • The online mode for synchronous operations with other players in real time.
  • It is possible to also play in local multiplayer mode.
  • Key Features:

    • Huge world with an unparalleled freedom of action.    
    • Create your own character and master new skills.
    • Discover the new worlds of the Lands Between and meet its many people.
    • Create powerful allies with your chosen character.
    • Action-adventure game with an exquisite rhythm of battle.
    • Battle against ferocious monsters, powerful enemies and strong bosses.
    • Unlock the powerful powers of the Elden Ring.
    • A deeply customizable battle system.
    • A vast and customizable costume persistence system.
    • Expand your own company and wage endless war.
    • An uneasy feeling that other players are present.
    • A mature storyline in the Worlds Between.


    Elden: Powerful and mysterious person with a secret past

    Ria: A pure hearted lady who is in love with Elden and is always by his side

    Starmand: A man who has a bittersweet past

    And …

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    ===================================== Chapter 1: Crafted Glory ===================================== Follow the gentle mist in the early morning fog on the day after the incident in the city of Runa. As you look at the ripples on the water created by the wind, the face of a woman dressed in a long cloak appears in your mind. And then, they met again. The gaze of the woman dressed in a long cloak, sitting on the water, is an expression of a bright confusion, and her face, with a long, solitary gaze, is a sadness reminiscent of an old work of art. The woman had married a few years ago. But she was a troubled soul. First, she had married a man who was barely educated and whom she did not love. Second, she had been deceived. During her trial, an unsanctioned user of magic called an ‘Elden Lord’ appeared. The man she had loved had been attempting to bring darkness to the land that he loved. Only now that the man who she had loved was imprisoned, did she turn to the world she had abandoned. The woman sitting on the water is a mindlessly bitter creature who did not have the courage to stand up against the man she loved. If the man she loved had truly understood, he would not have sought power. But an Elden Lord is a being that possesses great power and is not any ordinary person. He can violate the very laws of existence itself. The man she loved had discovered that. Only, he was not able to save her. That’s why the woman sat on the water and cried in silence. If you look at the woman who was crying, you will no longer see despair. If you look at the woman who was crying, you will see sympathy. The woman who had been crying, was the woman who was trying to live her own life. “Why are you crying?” You cannot understand what that question is. The answer is that she wanted to see the face of a person who could save her. She wanted to see if there was a person who could save her. Because she had lived for as long as she could, she had seen all that she could. Someone, a person, who could save her. Then, to that woman came another person. She was a girl wearing a long cloak who


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    New Features

    Map Route
    -Maps can now be moved by clicking on icons.
    -The Position of each icon in the map can be changed and rotated.

    Tune Battle Skills
    -You can adjust the ratio of each skill.

    Map Change
    -You can change the position of the map by selecting an area on the map.

    Find Treasure
    -Treasure is displayed on the map together with your position and that of the enemy leader.

    Add Items from Treasure
    -Find hidden items, select them, and equip them.
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    Welcome to the Cracked.com Home of Code and ‘ROMs/Games’ If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. User Info: jknight17 jknight17 1 year ago #2 Chaotic Tutorials Welcome to the Cracked Cracked.com Home of Code and ‘ROMs/Games’ HOW TO INSTALL AND RUN ELDEN RING: 1. Run the PC install file provided by your game publisher, and allow the game to run unattended. 2. Open a command prompt, navigate to the directory of the game’s install file (if the game is installed to the default program directory), and type: WAD. (Game Name) Example: WAD. Skyrim 3. Using any of the following commands: cd ‘Program Files (x86) Games (Programs) (x86)’ or cd ‘Program Files\Games’ or cd ‘C:\Program Files\Games’ 4. Type: cd ‘Program Files (x86) Games\RPGmaker’ or cd ‘C:\Program Files\RPGmaker’ 5. Type: cd ‘RPGMaker\bin’ 6. Type: exe Config\RPGMaker.exe 7. A black and white RPG Maker XP window should appear. 8. Press X (Esc) and XF (Exit) at the same time, as if to close it. 9. Upon exiting, hit Enter to return to the command prompt. 10. Type: nmake -f make.mak 11. Enter Enter to continue running. 12. Enter Enter. 13. Enter Enter. 14. Enter Enter. 15. Start the game. 16. Play the game. HOW TO EDIT IN-GAME TEXT FOR SCREENSHOTS: 1. Create a folder on the desktop named ‘Pictures’ or ‘Images’. 2. Create an image called ‘Screenshot.png’. 3. Run the game


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Disconnect from internet, Turn off anti-virus
  • Unpack.rar file with WinRAR
  • Burn in ISO using ImgBurn and boot ISO in debug mode (F12. during boot)
  • Open COmmand Prompt (press Alt+F2)
  • In the command prompt, type “cmd” and press Enter
  • Navigate through the folders to the StartUp folder, go to games/Elden Ring/ and double click on Remove.bat
  • A shortcut will be created in your start menu, right click and allow the shortcut to run As Admin.
  • Now start the game using this shortcut
  • Enjoy the game fully
  • Credits:

    Development Staff:

    • Producer: Takahiro Kishimoto
    • Art Director: Yusuke Koizuka
    • Lead Programmer: Riichi Tachi
    • Co-ordination Programmer: Ryosuke Okayama, Tatsuhiko Kawasaki
    • Lead Tester: Shinyo, Kazuyuki Okada
    • UI Designer: Amirani
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    System Requirements:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD equivalent. GPU: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7970. RAM: 8 GB HDD: 10 GB OS: Windows 10 or a Mac with macOS 10.11 or later. Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or later; compatible with latest Windows updates. DirectX: Version 9.0. This version requires the full version of the game. Thanks to Aeris, Oure, Schmetterling, and Eriquelle for feedback


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