Designed in an action-packed top-down shooter, you will assume the role of John. John as you know him is a mild mannered IT engineer who has a knack for solving people’s problems. He recently quit his job and took a risk that he knew would be long, expensive and difficult. John found a way to get into the heist business by picking up his trusty guns and donning a black hoodie. He specializes in bank heists, robberies of vendors, places of worship and sometimes even package deliveries. His team, a motley crew of friends and family, work together to make his heist plan a reality.
Single player or co-op
Fully playable online, from wherever you can get internet
2, 3 or 4-player heist co-op
6 or 7 player death match
NEW: Customization! You can customize your character, from the weapon you carry, to the clothes you wear!
Powerful weapons
32 weapons and more to unlock
You can customize your character, from the weapon you carry, to the clothes you wear!
The environment
You will go in, try to score as much as you can, stay quiet and avoid getting detected. There are no HUD elements and your main equipment remains visible on your person.
Single Player Gameplay:
Single player is all about assassinating your opponents by shooting them in the head, one shot per kill. Its single player gameplay is based on your individual strategy. You will have to decide whether to go in all guns blazing and be noticed, or going in stealthy, shooting when the time is right.

What can you expect in this massive heist game?

A simple 2-minute intro explaining what Heist Day is about, and what the story is about. We drop our hero John, your character, in a normal city somewhere. No biggie. You’re in IT and you have problems. Sounds like a normal day right? Well, until you realize that something is strange about the city. People seem to be disappearing and there are plenty of people trying to grab your stuff. You then decide to rob the place. You head out with your trusty friend Shosh, your dog, and your other dog, Antonio. You decide to make your way to the top, to make your first heist. You finally manage to get inside the building and begin your heist.
Now, this is where the fun begins. You will


Jets’n’Guns 2 Features Key:

  • TWO campaigns. The West campaign, and the showdown.
  • Create and control one of two sides– either the Illinois “Phineas T. Guinn…” side, or the “Eli McCullers…” side
  • Team build two armies of 5 models, that includes three gun models (one massive – I called them “Destroyers”)
  • You can tag the Ground you own. At the beginning of the movement phase, you can instantly declare you own the ground you have one infantry / weapon / unit on.
  • There are Stat rolls for picking attacks and scenario objectives
  • A firefight can be resolved through a fight. And takes only one step
  • Delete/use troops or objects.
  • And every troop on the field counts towards scoring. No dead or rolled-back or oblivated troops
  • Cool video made for Osprey’s Lone Rider book.
  • Contents:

    1. In the West, elected leader of the Brittons…An open air terminal with the capabilities of travelling a distance of one thousand km in a five-hour time has just been opened in Bhandup in suburban Mumbai. This terminal can be used to stock up cargo from all over India.

      The passengers who had come from Mumbai in search of a comfortable and accessible starting point, this most recent addition to the city was a major success. While some opted for a domestic flight to their destination, the rest preferred an Indian airport transfer and disembarked at this terminal for their onward journey.

      The airport will be functional from Monday to Friday between 11 AM to 6 PM. The airport can take up to 20 trains daily, three by the Mumbai local train, nine by Delhi-Chandigarh Expres, two by Humsafar Express, four by Deccan Express, and one by Rajdhani Express. The pick-up time is from 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) Domestic Terminal, CST and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)


      Jets’n’Guns 2 Crack + Free Download X64

      – 12 fully animated characters to control
      – 3 battle sequences including a card game!
      – 4 ages of the bartender, plus 3 wild card variations
      – Ability to choose between 12 Mexican dishes, or the Chinese!
      – Optional chocky mode. (chocolate covered nuts for the kids)
      – Save your progress
      – Fully playable on consoles, PC and mobiles
      – English and Spanish versions available
      – Physics based fighting game

      Key Features:
      – Full Mexico City location map for each of the characters, plus a time-line of the series’ history!
      – Multiple restaurants to play in (including an authentic Mexican cantina)
      – Inventive and beautiful cartoon like graphics
      – Ability to choose Mexican or Chinese dishes
      – Optional Chocky mode. (chocolate covered nuts for the kids)
      – Save your progress
      – Engaging story mode with full dialogues and cutscenes
      – 2 card game modes
      – Japanese arcade mode (destruction only)
      – Authentic music and sound effects
      – Play the game when you are alone, or with a group of friends!
      – Full possible combinations of your characters
      – Endless ‘Party Mode’ with a never ending supply of rewards
      – Local Multiplayer mode
      – High replayability and loads of variants and unlockable content
      – Optional phone support
      – Full possibility to change the character’s look and skin for the characters!
      – Fully playable on a console, PC and mobiles

      Help your friends to become a successful bar boss, and earn rewards by performing well on a variety of missions.

      After Toni defeats all the opponents in a bar, he’s free to do anything he wants, while his friends stay in the lobby waiting to enter the game. Once all his friends are in the bar, he can show them each a mission card, each telling them what they need to do, and then letting them interact with other players in the bar to complete the missions.

      Barbarian Dreams is a multiplayer game where the only goal is to drink the most alcohol and score the most points possible. In the game you’ll use an old-fashioned style joystick to fight your opponent in a 2D arena. The objective is to knock down opponents, absorbing their health and increasing your points by knocking them out! You’ll get clues along the way that will help you explore the Bar without being attacked by a horde of enemies!

      Build your own house with the help of your friends.


      Jets’n’Guns 2

      Santa and Claus are on a mission to prevent Hitler from taking over the North Pole and Christmas!
      Target Practice:
      Hit the enemies with the Ice Rod to freeze them.
      Team Up for Team Deathmatch:
      Hit the enemies with the Ice Rod and then swap to another weapon for bonus kills.
      Cheerful Locations:
      Annotate Santa’s route and work your way to a location in the north pole and make a huge dent in the Nazi forces.
      Christmas Shopping:
      Unlock Santa Costume and make good little boys and girls happy with your new shiny guns, many more costumes and much more!
      Have fun, play single and multiplayer and destroy the Nazi threat!1 Player story mode:
      Santa must save Christmas and save himself from being frozen or shot to death.
      2 Players can team up and play a co-op story together or 2 Players can play co-op on the couch.
      Item Management:
      Earn Santa Dollars to unlock costumes and buy lots of goodies!
      Endless Survival:
      Keep your collectable game going for as long as you can!

      Crossing Over Games has been a home for gaming since the year 2000, when the company was formed by a group of friends who love games, and have a passion for those who play them. Some of their games have included NHL 2002, NBA 2K10, WWE War Zone and Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. The company has many of their own titles, such as Star Trek Online, on the path to becoming the next hit game release. They also write games, such as Star Trek Online, and they contribute games to other publishers’ development teams.

      Community Game “Santa Slays Nazis” is an action strategy game, you control Santa (of course), also called John. With a very special Santa coat and a few extra weapons, you must save Christmas and Santa before the Nazis destroy it!

      You play as Santa Claus, the North Pole’s most beloved reindeer. With a new mode of gun, The Ice Rod, you fight to save the North Pole from the evils of the Nazi’s machine.

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      What’s new in Jets’n’Guns 2:

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