Halo Spaceboy is an spacey sci-fi themed top-down 2D space shoot ’em up game set in an intergalactic intrigue.
Your mission: Destroy all enemy ships and save the galaxy from the evil.
You are a space ship captain. It’s a time of dangerous raids and secret intrigues. You have to go through an intergalactic journey to complete the tasks.
Your ship is floating in 2D space, and you need to control it with the mouse. You will have to maneuver it to avoid enemy ships. They don’t just shoot at you, they follow your trajectory. Enemies are smarter than they appear, you will have to dodge them. They will hide behind rocks, hide behind asteroids, they will dodge your missiles, they will come at you from a tactically reasonable angle.
The variety of enemies is wide. There are 25 different enemy ships. Not just differently looking, they use unique weapons and tactics.
There are RPG elements. You can upgrade your ship in a bar at the command center.
There are 10 different weapons your ship can carry. Five of them can only be picked up in the battle. Other five can be purchased and upgraded in the armory. The ship can carry up to three different weapons simultaneously.
There are 12 different enemies that can be attacked by your ship. They are not just differently looking, they use unique weapons and tactics.
The game is 2D, but all ships are 3D models, so the light realistically shines on their armor plates, reflecting the light of dying stars.
Enemy ships aren’t an “if I touch you you die” type. They are physics objects, that you can collide with, slightly damaging both parties.
There’s a tough boss in the end of each level, and you will have to devise a new smart strategy to beat each of those.
The good old school space atmosphere and dynamical battles will excite both aesthetics and gameplay lovers.
This song is called “Uptime Blues”:
As the very first Western developer, we will release a fully functional indie version of the game for $5 for the first 2,000 purchases.
If you are an indie game developer, you can contact us for development and publishing support. We have 9 years of experience with publishing and developing indie games.

published:14 Sep 2013



Features Key:

  • Deadside Supporters are fully automated which means members will just have to sit back and collect their share.
  • Three Supporters to choose from who will donate between 80 & 120 gold to you on a daily basis
  • They may not have the most beneficial traits for the scenario, but they will ensure you don’t miss out on your shares.
  • You will never need to purchase additional supporters to participate
  • Requires

      DL LINK GIVEN BY BOSS (no bots)

    – Fixed lots of bugs with the Deadside Supporters… including the bug introduced in R3 where they couldn’t click items while the caster could see them.
    – Fixed a Player ranking bug
    – Fixed an issue where Rank 13 supporters couldn’t be forced down to Rank 12
    – Fixed an issue where supporters were sometimes sending spam dialog boxes to moderators

    – Fixed an issue where the Mod Rank button would open the mod inbox instead of the mod rank

    – Fixed an issue with timers and supporters working on deadsiders

    – Initial Release
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    The Parade is on! These chickens need your help to escape a dangerous facility.
    Sharp and pointy things are your worst enemy.
    Fear not, for a chicken can not only jump, but it can also FLAP!
    Gameplay is simple. Auto-run moves the chicken for you. All you have to do is jump when the time is right to avoid obstacles and traps.
    Caution! Gameplay might be simple and straightforward, but some levels will challenge even the most skilled player.
    – Simple Controls
    – 50 INSANE Levels to Complete
    – Lots of feathers!

    If you enjoyed this game, please give us a review on Steam! Thank you!

    This game is brought to you by the same team as Succubus!
    Please give us some feedback on this game, and tell us what you think!

    P.S. – Update 1.7.7
    – Fixed issue with Enter level button taking players to home screen

    P.P.S – Update 1.7.5
    – Added an achievement for 50 Levels completed
    – Added proof that I play the game all the time (I do)

    P.P.P.S – Update 1.7.4
    – Fixed level #38 being unplayable.

    P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.7.3
    – Fixed issue with Menu buttons.

    You can now only play the game on Steam!

    P.P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.7.2
    – Fixed issue with the “Heavy Player” achievement!

    P.P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.7.1
    – Added Ability to use up to 3 lives per level.

    P.P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.7.0
    – Fixed some level geometry
    – Fixed issue with the exit level button

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.6.9
    – Fixed issue with “Heavy Player” achievement
    – Fixed issue with unplayable levels, but now level 58 is also playable.

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S – Update 1.6.8
    – Fixed issue with airflaps after level #58
    – Fixed issue with “Heavy Player” achievement


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    3 SITES: OCVR Main Site OCVR English-Language Site OCVR Japanese-Language Site
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    What’s new in Dodge Master:

      Half-Life – The Freeman Chronicles is a set of enhanced version of Half-Life made by BitShock Media. The game was re-released under the Valve name Half-Life: Source Mod, which includes all the previously released content and features, but also introduces more. The set was originally created for the game’s fifth anniversary, but later expanded to include the entire Half-Life single-player storyline, and all related media. It was released for retail, PC and Xbox 360 platforms.





      The Nanospheres

      Some events taking place before the game takes place. A small research base on the Moon, manned by Gordon Freeman, is blockaded by a military order, “The Freemen” (Nanosheep), who demand the suppression of radiation experiments on earth. Meanwhile, a revolt led by scientists of the conglomerate Arklay Industries is underway in the same Moon base, but fails, as the Big Shell drops on them, killing many people. After being rescued from Gravity Gun hell by Alyx Vance, Freeman, Black Knight is killed, but Alyx escapes the Moon with the safety of her father, Thomas, along with Strelok. The Big Shell doesn’t return to Earth after some time, being reanimated by nanobots, heading towards the Moon, until it is stopped by Alyx with Alyx’s Guardian robot, who calls it to his handler for reinforcement. Freeman is then picked by an Arklay agent, Helen, to manage the Moon base against the “Freemen”.

      Just before the installation of the Gates to the City, Freeman meets up with Anton Ivanovich Ivanov, who needs his help to pass the Freemen out of the base. Although Freeman refuses the help, showing his awareness that his survival is valuable to Arklay, Ivanov explains that the Arklay Industries is responsible for the failure of the Moonbase and its soldiers are connected to the Freemen, who then set the Army on Freeman’s base. Now with the help of the tanks, long range weapons and the Solarite, which is capable of releasing a powerful electromagnetic field, Freeman is able to force Ivanov to give up. Back in the base, Freeman witnesses the experiments of the sick Neil, which eventually turned into insane and murderous host called Black Mesa. While fighting some of the Freemen’s armored catapults, black liquid from a containment chamber is released to block the Wastes and expose Black Mesa to the atmosphere


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      Time is meaningless. Truth is insignificant. I don’t know where I am, or when I am. The only thing that matters is your heart. Haven has been blessed, but it will all end now.
      Haven of the Twilight is a 2D life simulation RPG where you can choose to live in peace or humanity and succumb to despair.
      As Haven of the Twilight comes to a close, the world is in peril.
      Those who’ve been blessed by Haven will be brought back to reality, but not to life.
      Choosing the right path to the life you want is in your hands.

      Just started Haven on iOS and it is awesome. I’m currently playing it on a small device and my boyfriend is playing it on his phone. I’m an iOS person and I play everything on my iPhone so Haven really surprised me. This game has no text and no directions and I’m playing solo to experience the game without any help. There is no tutorial so there’s no way of knowing what to do or how to complete the story. I’m not sure if the difficulty has been set really high or if I just suck. I’ve tried the demo and the app gave me a string of text. Haven is absolutely worth a try!

      Fantastic game! I purchased the full game and spent a few hours with it and just got hooked. The characters are just as enjoyable as they were in the demo. I’m not in love with the story and don’t care for the tale of bringing back the dead, I love the simplicity of the game though and I find it very enjoyable.

      I would recommend this game to anyone who has the need for a slow, relaxing RPG filled with interesting characters. I’m sure there’s a lot more to the game than I’ve played so far though, and I’ll be sure to follow the story as it unfolds.

      The graphics of Haven are phenomenal and fluid for an iOS game. The chiptunes are also nice, but I’d rather have no music at all. Haven is a great example of an indie game that was made with care, creativity, and a great attention to detail. There’s no text in this game, just a story told through the words and actions of your character. I can’t say enough good things about this game, but you probably already knew that. :p

      I’m not much into story-driven RPGs, but I really enjoy the gameplay of Haven, so I’m glad to see


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    System Requirements:

    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 64 Processor or better
    RAM: 2GB
    Hard Disk Space: 4GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, ATI Radeon HD 5870
    DirectX: 9.0
    Internet Connection: Broadband connection
    Additional Notes:
    *This version is a beta version. It is designed and developed by the great team of the community, they work around the clock to create this version.
    As for now the first version is only for Mac OS X




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