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Name Fantasy Grounds – PFRPG The Reaping Stone
Publisher leaoberd
Format File
Rating 4.84 / 5 ( 6181 votes )
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The Master of Puzzles presents a suprising mystery, which you must solve using logic and your wit. The puzzle features a beautiful cast of characters, an intriguing plot and innovative gameplay.
You wake up on a beautiful island, out of nowhere, without a single memory of who you are. You’re not alone, however, as you will soon find out; there are other people on the island, and they seem to be guarding something very precious. Discover how the island is connected to the outside world, and what the mysterious beacon shines upon.
Using logical puzzles, you must traverse various dungeon levels to solve puzzles, as well as protect the Lightbringer and seal the gate to the outside world. This all takes place inside the Castle, which is full of character.
Improve your skills, unlock new recipes, dodge traps and uncover the whole story of Ascension. All you have to do is find the link between the present and the past, before time runs out.
– Beautiful Castle
– Puzzles to solve and secrets to discover
– A story that will captivate you
– 500 challenging levels
– Innovative gameplay
– Unlocks special items and talents
End-game Bonus:
Get an extra challenge at the end of the game. Beat it and you’ll be rewarded with an epic ending.
Recommended Specifications:
– Windows XP, Vista, 7
– Intel Core 2 Duo, Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
– GeForce 8800GT (NVIDIA), ATI X300 series (ATI), Intel HD graphics 2000 series
– 1 GB RAM
– Dual-Core Mac with Intel Core Duo or better
– Intel HD graphics 3000 series
– Two-Thumb Joystick
– USB port
– 512 MB RAM
– 2 GB available hard drive space
System Requirements:
– 720p(NOT 1080p)
– 256 MB or less of Video RAM
– The game must be installed to the hard drive.
– The game must have a DVD-ROM drive
– The video card must be NVIDIA and ATI compatible
– The video card must support Software video overlay
– The video card must be DirectX-compatible and DirectX 8 or higher
– The video card must support Video bit depth of 24 or higher
– 360p GamePort doesn’t support 3D
– You must have


Additional Information

Name Fantasy Grounds – PFRPG The Reaping Stone
Publisher leaoberd
Format File
Rating 4.84 / 5 ( 6181 votes )
Update (3 days ago)


Fantasy Grounds – PFRPG The Reaping Stone Features Key:

  • A free virtual reality game where your only friend is space. Although you keep getting shipwrecked and stranded on dangerous planets you always eventually manage to find your way home. Your only goal in this game is to survive and make it home safely.
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This game was made in 2014


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Your first task is to build a base so that you can trade for survival. You will need to find resources from the environment and there are different kinds.
Waste, for example, is dropped by players, and will result in the loss of points if collected by you. Your base may also be attacked by monsters. There are six different types of monsters, and you will need to be careful if you have more than one, or more than a certain amount. If a monster enters your base, it will not attack you, and you can escape from it by using one of your points.
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Fantasy Grounds – PFRPG The Reaping Stone (April-2022)

The GM’s screen will open to the main adventure, For Rent, Lease or Conquest, and may be given to a dungeon Master and/or their players for playtesting. This file can be tested in the.pgrp format of Fantasy Grounds. The player’s can then hand this file back to the Dungeon Master for playtesting.

Locations:Edgewaith Manor is located on the Wilderness Trail, west of the Greater Dungeon of Shilfar.

The player’s will take part in a one-room dungeon where the players will be presented with 3 full rooms to work in, each with a specific purpose.

The first room is the Gnome Room. In this room, the players will be greeted by a thronelike stone chair, waiting to be stuffed with a PC. Oddly enough, the gnomes are all out and about, and it seems their crafts are very much in demand. Thus, the players are going to have to be extremely stealthy, in order to get the gnome chair before the gnomes return to the manor. The gnomes will know every inch of this little room, and theyll be sure to eat any intruders who fail to keep quiet. So, be sure to pay attention to the conditions here:

The largest section of the room is a stone slab. There are two mechanical gadgets. Theyre both incredibly delicate. One of them is a small, mechanical mechanical piano. The other device is a loud speaker, which has a low-pitched, scratchy noise emanating from it. The gnomes have rigged the room in such a way that the speaker is designed to only work if a PC sits on one of the mechanical pieces, turning it on. They are sure to make it a challenge. Naturally, the legs of the mechanical chair isnt connected to the rest of the complex, so the players will have to carefully take their time to get to the keys.

The second room is the Mechanic Room. What makes this room so dangerous to the PCs is that its lit up like a nightclub. Not only are the players sure to get their kits ruined by the large amount of hazardous fumes, but its over the dead of a night, so theyll have to keep their wits about them in order to avoid the many traps that are sure to be set. Once the players discover the mechanic room, theyll have to keep a lookout for all of the traps and be careful where they place their feet. Overall,


What’s new in Fantasy Grounds – PFRPG The Reaping Stone:

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System Requirements:

You may have problems with sound or graphics. For sound, you must have the latest version of the sound driver for your computer. If you are running Windows 95 or Windows 98, we recommend that you install the latest version of DirectX (Microsoft DirectX 7) on your computer.
Important Notes
The actual disc version of this game may have additional files that may or may not be listed below. In the case of a version of the game not listed below, we may have listed the same file name.
In the case of a version of the game not listed below


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