A mix of Ancient Strategy, RPG and Action; Liege Dragon combines the user-friendliness of a classic card game with the mechanics of a turn-based strategic game.
◆Simple Rules
Each unit has their own stats, skills and abilities. An enemy army is as much luck as skill.
You can easily switch at any time between Unit, Weapon, Magic, Sorcery and Item Cards.
You can make a full combo, or play an attack sequence to defeat enemies.
‘Build-up’ is easy to understand and the ‘Item’ Cards that you receive can help strengthen your troops.
Simplicity is at the heart of Liege Dragon, and it is easy to pick up and play.
Yuran, the dragon hunter, can use a total of four heroes to play out the adventure of Liege Dragon, as well as having countless magic spells at his disposal to save the kingdom of Blaze.
Starting from the basic Barbarian, Mage, Knight, and Wizard, you can build up your own armies with 13 different units.
You can play out battles through various unit combinations, and can equip your units with Items, weapons and magic.
Passing magic is easy, but your bond with your allies has to be perfect.
‘Unison’ is an easy to understand system which allows every player to join forces.
Not only will you be stronger together, but also your unit combos will be more powerful too.
Whether through LAN or via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can enjoy online multiplayer through playing against or with your friends.
Yuran was saved by the Three Heroes, and now it is time for the Four Heroes to work together to save the world.
Introducing online sharing features; new to the Xbox One, can now share your creations with your friends who play this game via Xbox Live.
New characters have been added to the ‘Albion Heroes’.
From now on, Yuran can be played with the new characters of ‘Jack’, ‘Rose’, ‘Elaine’, and ‘Chloe’.

Get ready for a brand new journey in the world of Neo Kingdoms!


Features Key:

  • Unbelievable game length! At least 3 weeks. Take your time!
  • 3…2…1…step!
  • Small+cheap price: almost zero free boosters!
  • The land is tiny. Maybe too tiny for you?
  • Email support: if you have any problem which can’t be solved after trying
    everything you need, you can email us and we will try our best to sort out
    the problem for you. 100% full refund guarantee.


  • Nine digital treasures and two trading cards
  • Lots of special effects
  • Two-player mode with spectacular battles
  • Secret enegry, use your brainpower to find it out!
  • Giant Map of Tiny Lands, big enough to excite your imagination
  • Trading cards shared to all the players
  • Life-sized landscapes
  • Addictive mini version of xiangqi game. Cards worth very little,
    but they are fun nonetheless.
  • 10 coloring tasks
  • Pin, keep it for a long time; if you love the game, you might want to
    retire it. When you’ve retired it, you can choose to give it to someone or
    sell it for only $9.00


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You play as one of the close to the sun pilots working for the Earth Federation, and fight against Vulture fighters to protect the Federation’s first colony on Deneb’s moon?

Deneb is now part of the Federation, and the colony there is the first outpost of the Federation on the planet. Safe for now, but there are a lot of Vultures there…

There are also many other things on this planet, and those of you new to Deus Ex know that there are a lot of things to find on this Earth, be it art or technological advancements, that could make the difference between keeping Deneb as a safe outpost of the Federation or turning it into a Vulture stronghold.

Have fun exploring this rich planet and its inhabitants, and solving all its many mysteries, for we are not at the end of our research in this game, and we will keep finding new things about this world, which can be worth just a small amount of money, but that could change the fate of Deneb forever.

With these two artbooks packed full of some beautiful close to the Sun artwork by our many fans, all the support from our community helped us to create this game, and now we can’t wait to hear your feedback and see how we could improve this game.

If you like Deneb too, and you would like to help us improve and keep this beautiful game, then you can help us by buying this game!

And if you just want to support us on our endeavours, you can also donate to our kickstarter.


Version 1.5.0:

New: Some of the artbook is now locked in the campaign! This means you won’t get to see some of the art (you can still get it from the artbook), but hopefully it will keep you interested in the game

Replay: You can now replay the mission from the beginning with no memory, and earn a new ending on the spot

New: You now get to witness the beautiful Luna meteorite fall

Wishlist: We will now go through the wishlist, allowing you to vote on what you want from the game, we will then try and achieve that goal!

Unfinished Business: This is a continuation of all the items that we missed doing in the previous version, including new waves of enemies, more items, the


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If you want to play other good games, come to Game Over! No matter which console you have, we have what you need for your entertainment. Please don’t forget to share the game with your friends so they can enjoy it as well! Thank you very much for coming to Game Over!

The Nightfall begins, and all is lost. New enemies are out to destroy the last stronghold. Play as one of a number of freedom fighters who are left to repel the attack, and master your skills in this fast paced shooter.

Playing as a team of up to 4 players, compete in the campaign mode for victory. Face a variety of unique enemies as you cross the battle field. Immerse yourself in a world that is both dynamic and dangerous.

Support multiplayer, eight player, and solo gameplay with up to four player local head-to-head. Watch your team-mates’ health while you play. The in-game support system lets you connect to other games and enjoy them with your friends. Create your own arena by choosing one of six maps.

Cannons and other gameplay elements come to life when you’re playing as one of our heroes, and victory is yours for the taking. The Fast paced action makes this a great game to play in your spare time.

“A very good FPS. I have never seen one like this. Perfect balance of action and strategy. As some players (myself included) do not like overwatch games, this is a great alternative.” – www.fanboys.com

A hack ‘n’ slash action role playing game with side scroller elements. Create your character and advance through 5 unique campaigns.

Do you ever want to play a hack ‘n’ slash role playing game with side scroller elements? Do you want to create your own character and advance through five unique campaigns? Are you ready to join an epic adventure that will have you locked in battle for the fate of the world?


– 5 Unique campaigns with multiple endings- Mix and match weapons and abilities between characters- Build and learn spells from a magic tree- Create your own unique character using a character creator- Local and online multiplayer – battle it out with friends or strangers around the world- Progressively unlockable achievements and trophies- Randomly generated maps with multiple paths to take in each

“This game has a fair learning curve, so beware if you are a noob. All weapons and spells can be upgraded and


What’s new:

Has Nothing on This New Phenom Modpack

Payday 2 mod Archive

Today we introduced the phenom modpack, headed by Winston on Patch.

The ZIP consists of 8 compressed pack files, each of which is available on the site.

The modpack features:

New Weapons and Armor – Picnicpong Bombs, Boots of Flying, Geminidore’s Wall, Artillery Launcher, Copper Boys, Minelayer, Enforcer

New Life Signs – Lao Da Lanterns, Plants

New Scaffolds – A-Frame Towers, Half A-Frame Towers, Quad A-Frame Towers

New Vehicles – Sleeper Rigs, Jackal Prowlers

New Camouflage Patterns – Forest Stealth and Speed, Leafy Green, Dune Sand, Desert Sand, Dung

New Items – Mule, Trannie Sling, Spray Paint Can, Gas Mask, Revert 90s Surgical Mask, Pumper

New Achievements – Chillin’ With The Classics

New Props – Fabric, Clothes, Straps, Dregs and Skins

New Co-Operative Multiplayer Maps – Hallway Escape, Warszawa, Sluice-Up

New Operative Missions and Allies – Bombs Away, Snow Job, Heat Round, Street Mob, Bomber Unit

The first map is Warszawa, a true 4×4 hybrid gamemode map. If you don’t know Warszawa yet, do check it out.

Thanks to the incoming playerbase, there is some problem with file downloads. It usually lasts for a couple of hours and we still have some users without the mods. In the future, you can use the Gift link from the game files section, as it’s working as intended.

Payday 2 mod Archive

Archive (click to view): payday-all-mods-archive (489 MB)

Desert Sand Map Pack *NEW*

Desert Sand is a multiplayer map pack for Operation Flashpoint. It features a desert-like topography with mountains, caves, and plenty of space for parkour jumping. Best described as an open-space, alternate-reality map, Desert Sand is perfect for cooperative gameplay.

Payday 2 mod Archive

Archive (click to view): payday-all-mods-archive (141 MB)

(load the.


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An active nuclear reactor, which has been hit by a natural disaster, is slowly sucking in the population of a small town. With an
outbreak of radiation taking place and the military fighting over the area and suffering casualties, the group of survivors have
now realized what’s at stake in their survival and a way to get out of this nuclear nightmare. With their power of all kinds
of weapons, it’s now up to them to stop the meltdown.

Collecting for disarmament
Collecting the weapons and items can be done in two different ways, either by finding them or by defeating the enemies. The
kill points will be highlighted in white and can be pressed to obtain the items.

Collect and disarm
When the game first starts, weapons will be collected for you from another survivor, so you may collect when you reach
the next checkpoint. This can be done by seeing a survivor with a gun, or the weapon can be unequipped, which will
automatically equip a survivor. Now you can change the weapon and give away the old one. Just remember you can never
give away the rare weapons, so if you really want to win a few fights, you may need a rare weapon that you can’t even equip.
You can disarm or un-equip the item, just keep in mind that when you disarm, you will lose the power. If you want to get
the weapon back, you must equip it again.

Using Cross Platform Play
During the cross-platform play, you are playing the game with your mobile device as another player. You have a left and
right aiming device, the left one acts as your right hand, and the right one as your left hand, it’s up to you to decide
which hand you use to throw the weapon. Just remember during cross-platform play, you only have access to left handed devices.

Community Support
Communication is something that you cannot do when you play alone and so we implemented a chat platform for all the
players. You can even shoot each other while you chat. If you do want to make friends, just click on the other player
in multiplayer game. You can check the community forum to find out more about the game.

Once we finished the game and reached the goal of the game, a few more updates were made and released.
Update 1.0.1 : – Upgraded the quality of the English language
Update 1.0.5 :


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