Drunk Puppet is an easy-to-play game made for the Android platform. With a friendly interface and easy controls, it’s absolutely great for people with little mobile experience.

Pigeon Idle Travel Games, Piggy Travel Game, Piggies Travel Game

You’re a Pigeon, and you’ve been playing this morning. Everyday, you have to do everything in the world. Pretty stress, huh? But who cares, you’re still a Pigeon.
Pigeon Idle travel games are for you.
Pigeon Idle Travel games bring to you relaxing moment in the morning and evening.
How to play?
Use arrow key (up, down, left, right) to make Pigeon travel.
Do you like this game?
If you like our game, please rate 5 stars(★★★★★).

Puzzle Travel Games

Random Puzzle Travel Games

Puzzle travel games are very fun to play. Choose your favorite puzzle, game and start playing!


Traveling is a game where you roll the dice and travel to a destination set by the cup. You can chose a destination by pressing the left or right arrow keys.
If you can’t see the destination you want, press the continue key until you see the destination you want and press continue. To roll dice you can press the. key and to see the location of the cup, press. When rolling, if you roll a 9 you get a destination on the top of the screen. The locations of the cups are random for the initial roll but they get fixed after the destination has been chosen.

Traveling Dice Game

Traveling Dice game has the same formula as normal dices in the same game, here you have to roll and see where you get to.

Dice Traveling

Dice traveling game has you rolling the dice and having to travel to specific locations. Use the arrow keys to move and the. key to roll the dice.

Rolling Dice

The object of Rolling Dice is to make a number of sets equal to the dice in order to obtain the destinations the dice land on.

Rolling Dice

You must roll 4 dice and pick up each one when its landed on a specific land, collect all the pieces and the board is cleared.

Rolling Dice

You roll the dice and try to catch the different colors, just keep rolling and rolling until you get a




Features Key:



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What would you do if your choices in life ended up deciding the fate of the whole world? Duskspeaker guides you on an adventure to the very heart of the Deadfire Archipelago, where the gods themselves are trying to stop you, for the fate of all existence rests on your shoulders. Will you rise to the challenge? Conquer the Beyond and be the hero that the world needs? Or will you just plunge into despair, the world falling into ruin under the weight of your choices? Will the game end, or will the world continue? Will you simply walk away and forget this whole adventure?
“Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Beast of Winter” Includes:
– A 6-hour epic single player storyline with a unique plot and a plethora of side quests.
– Four new companions: Gidekh, a wizard of considerable importance who can cast spells, Vatnir, a powerful druid and warrior who can heal allies and strike fear into enemies, Frawn, a rambling paladin with the heart of an honorable man, and Ethaldir, a chivalrous and spell-casting gunslinger.
– An extensive and varied equipment system: Your character will have a vast amount of equipment available, and different weapons, armor and accessories will increase your stats, resistances, and enhance your weapons and armor.
– A customisable world: You can create a world as you see fit, adding new locations and making discoveries with your own hands.
– A full character editor to make your character as you see fit: Increase your strength, agility, dexterity, constitution, wisdom, charisma, and diplomacy stat. Add new shouts and spells. Customise your appearance. Change your equipment. Change your god allegiance.
– Crafting: Craft all equipment with your own hands, from the incredibly rare and powerful equipment to common but useful weapons and armor.
– Dungeons: There are five Level 1 dungeons and two Level 5 dungeons. In each one you will have to face a number of enemies. Defeat all enemies and you will unlock a new dungeon. You will have to fight through traps and monsters in order to get to the end and open a new path.
– New enemies: Hundreds of enemies with several variations of each enemy type to fight.
– New locations: Explore a breathtaking world, to truly immerse yourself in the experience. Make new discoveries, find new items, fight new enemies, make new friends, and save or destroy the world.
– A New Boss


What’s new:

Welcome back to another bonus episode of LPN ‘shirineshi’, a show that dedicated to the archives of RAGE, a magazing company where they released a light novel (mostly shoujo ai and yaoi) and art novel. This time there’s two spin-off series, one is Love Meet the Cosplayer: Organizer Yuki by Nekomura with illustrations by Maou’s seiyuu. And the second one is Inchi Ichi Honey-oh Sekai Is Michi Tennyo by Luo Erwei.

I’m going to read Nekomura’s works, finish my exp as of now (thanks to Saint Seiya and One Piece) and I’m going to watch both Lu Erwei’s and Inchi Ichi Honey-oh Sekai Is Michi Tennyo’s episodes.

I’ve read two RAGE Light Novels, though I prefer the Manga story over the Light Novel one. The Manga was original and the light Novel was a deliberate retelling from the manga. I prefer the Manga to the Light Novel one. I feel that the Manga was more expressive and has a more mature story while the light Novel was written almost just for light on the eyes purposes. Anyone can understand the light Novel “how lucky we are” but not the Manga “how cruel this world is.” Then again, there are two sides of every story and every word said. I don’t recommend to read it if you’re not willing to read the Manga by the way.

As seen in the details of the picture, the artwork in the Manga was also amazing. It’s just like an anime. Compared to the Manga, the Light Novel one was a mere backstory piece and the illustrations were simply not as beautiful as the Manga one. Though I can’t be biased or anti about the Manga one, the Manga artwork has this entire cute and cool concept that the Light Novel one failed to express.

By the way, we have two sides of online shopping. I have had good experiences and bad experiences in both online and offline shopping. With online shopping, you have the extra payment of third-party like paypal but with no control of the store itself. Then, when you buy things from the store, they sometimes don’t ship the products right away. With offline shopping, you have the ability to decide


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In this magical world, you are invited to experience a unique story while seeking hidden treasures. Travel around a vast world, solve puzzles and help out the various characters through everyday life at the Ranch of Rivershine!

This is a huge game that will take you several hours to complete. It’s one of my most anticipated games of the year and I can’t wait to get it. I’d love to see how it turns out for the Vita though, it may be too big for it.

Many years ago while helping my parents get a new home my dad was diagnosed with a terminal disease. He decided to move in with his wife and spend what little time he had left with them instead of living in a nursing home.

A few years later my mother decided to go and visit our old home to let my dad know she was coming. Unfortunately she was killed in an accident before she had a chance.

While visiting our old home my dad realized that there was a lot of stuff left behind. He started to pack up his things and ended up with a lot of stuff.

He found a small house and began to live there.

A year later my dad is finally ready to be cared for in a nursing home and so begins the game. I was told that the story has a happy ending. Even though I don’t know how it will play out.

This game really sucks and has pissed me off to no end. The first hour is great, you find a way to change the fate of your father. That’s good. The ending is very subpar. It’s like its supposed to be that way, but it’s not.

What makes it worse is that the game goes on for over five hours after that point and you don’t get to finish the rest of the game.

I really don’t know what I’m going to do with this game. I wasted $50 on this piece of shit.

I hope in the end I get my $50 back, but the game is not worth it.

It’s a platformer/rpg, where your character’s face stays on the screen and you look at it.

Gameplay is that you will go from the start of the game to the end and back on over 60 or so levels. Most of the levels are hard, but if you want to get to the hard ones you have to finish the easy ones first.

Character creation is rather good, you can change


How To Install and Crack Eastward:

  • How To Install The Game & Crack?
  • How To Activate The Game In Your System?
  • How To Download Game Patches & Mods?

System Requirements For Eastward:

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel Dual Core CPU 1.6GHz
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes:
– In order to use DXUT, you will need to be running a 64-bit operating system
– This demo may require the use of a VGA, or other video output adapter that can
drive a 1920×1200 display at 60 Hz


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