You are the pet owner. The day starts when you wake up in the pet care center. You have to go to work.
After work you have to feed your pet. If it is sick you will have to cure it.
After mealtime, you will have to clean the pet cages and the whole pet care center.
You will have to make sure that the pet has a nice home with a loving family.
New tasks are coming with each level. Your pets can become great racing dogs, later they can make a lot of money to buy a new house with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden.
You will enjoy the game by your pet. But beware: Your pet can easily become very ill and needs your attention.

Watch out, some stupid little elephant has broken into your house. Can you rescue him before he knocks down some of your important items? A little puzzle game that doesn’t require a lot of brain power, but will certainly keep you amused for quite some time.

The challenge:
In each of the levels you will have to carry out a task to get back to the starting point.
Some levels will give you some clues, some levels will even be a little bit funny. After all: How else can you rescue a big elephant from a room full of different tools and obstacles?

* No real “difficulty” involved.
* From the bright and colorful logo to the nice little elephants, everything is kept in a very artistic, cartoon-like manner.
* Depending on the level, the game will be different.
* No brain-training is required.

The Mammoth – Surf the Iceberg: This is a modern action-adventure game with extreme visual effects and life-like quality. You are a Mammoth living in the cold winters on the edge of the ice, where the water is so deep that only the mythical giants could swim. All that, even though you’re a male creature, with a massive weight of about 4000 kilograms on your back! But don’t let the surface be your limit. You still have to go to the shop to buy upgrades. From there on you can take your big companion with you and explore the two worlds.Features:
* Realistic handling with 8 great directions and the amazing physics system
* Two different underwater worlds for the Mammoth to explore – the ice platform and the submarine
* 5 different extreme water levels with different environment


Features Key:

  • 10 different type of tentacles
  • Gameplay modes of training, endless and battle
  • 15 stages
  • Gust Mode
  • Slither mode
  • Aweso Mode and much more…
  • RELEASE DATE: July 8th 2017

    This game is available on Steam, and other platforms. The DOA6 store page is at: >

    Looks fun enough, but:

    Steam page: [

    At checkout, don’t accept the Terms of Service unless you see the profile
    editor edit screen.

    I presume it’s for IP reasons, but it might be good to remind people that this
    is a steam app and you are installing
    > >You must be at least 13 years old.

    “The game also features a Level Editor in which players can create their own
    mashups. The game’s 2D graphics engine is simple enough to be used as a
    platform for programmers to create their own animations on top of the game’s
    general game play to create their own 3D rendered versions of battle for the
    local arcade.”

    Looks like they’re going the do-it-yourself route with a fork of DOA6?

    Yep. Also announced few days back at PlayStation Experience party:

    Then it


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    RPG Maker MZ – The Emporium of Copper and Steel is the ultimate of making your own RPG, with powerful features, resources and tools.
    How to Play:
    Use the inspector button to bring up a pop-up menu. After you set the options, click the OK button.
    * Please note that the amount of land you can use is variable in the global setting. That said, the amount of land you can start your game on is fixed. (Assuming you start on a land map.)
    * Global Setting is located in the main menu
    * Available Layers are First Layer, Second Layer, Third Layer
    * These settings apply to the selected layer.
    * You can hide a selected layer to increase the size of the game area. (For gameplay ease.)
    * The global setting will control the map tilesize.
    * The tiles are squares, not circles. That’s why you don’t have to move the game area while setting map tiles.
    * The minimap and village map are set to 1/12 times the entire map size. (For gameplay ease.)
    * You can hide the village map (and minimap) to show the map in its original size.
    * If you set the game area too big, the tiles will be hidden in the global setting if you select a 3rd layer.
    * The tile map can be rotated by left clicking and dragging.
    * Left click to move the camera. You can control the camera by adjusting the Y-axis (how high or low the camera is).
    * To view the focus point, press the space bar.
    * Press the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to rotate the camera.
    * Press the left and right click keys to move the camera.
    * You can set the focus point by pressing the space bar when the camera is positioned in one of the eight locations.
    * You can also use the camera-rotate button (the lightning-bolt icon in the top right corner of the game area) to directly rotate the camera.
    * Press the ‘R’ button (the red button with the ‘+’ sign at the bottom-left corner of the game area) to change your weapons and create items.
    * There are five weapon slots and one item slot.
    * You can increase the number of slots by right-clicking the two slots in the game area and choosing the number of slots you want.
    * Items that are not equipped to the


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    Hideous Brigade heroine, Lux, is an entirely new character created for the title, and she sets out to save everyone she loves from the sad fate that awaits them.

    Tsumugi Station is the new Japan Railways East Japan Company train station in the center of Tsuyazaki, Okayama Prefecture. The station will be located on the Hōjō-Hirose rail line between Tsukaguchi and Uchisai, and is scheduled to open in April 2017. The new train station will serve as a link between Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture as well as operate express services to and from Kyushu.The station will include retail, events, and office facilities.The main hall will include the first AR store in Japan. This will also serve as an AR viewing venue.

    Kishōtenketsu, the female protagonist of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love! – Kishōtenketsu Sugoroku-!-, which is the third game in the Sakura Wars series. This port retains the original Sakura Wars: Suiri no Kagi (新見の亀, New Viewing of the Dragonfly) and Sakura Wars: Preyasu no Kagi (風邪の亀, Windfall of Illness) endings, as well as the three previously-released endings.The game is set in Sakura City around the year 7,750 (a few years after the events of Sakura Wars) and is a sequel to Sakura Wars 3. Unlike the other ports, the game follows the same plotline as the Sakura Wars anime.

    Yuki is a short-tempered middle schooler who lives in a city called Gekkou-e. During his first year of middle school, he chases after the girl he likes. Yuki searches for his dream girl, but it ends up being a harsh and harsh girl named Aiba, who has a magical left arm. Shortly after, there is a dead serious zombie outbreak, and during that time, Yuki meets Aoba, a slightly spoiled and bossy girl who accompanies him during the outbreak.

    Yukio’s father is a successful playwright whose plays failed to gain success at their debut as he doubted their ever becoming a hit. This resulting in him being fired from his position and becoming a drop-out. This was also the origin of Yukio’s mother’s financial problems. However, she takes on a job to fund Yukio’s operation


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    Bundle Includes 18 Halloween Stickers for Ultimate UHD Gear

    Product Details

    Race 21 characters from the “Ghostbusters” movie

    Team-up with Slimer, Winston and the Winstons (ghosts) to beat your opponents

    Collect all three characters, one by one

    Collect all 18 characters before Oct 13, 2015 to unlock an exclusive costume!

    Limited to 3000 pieces

    Product Description

    The Ghostbusters have come to collect! Drift your way through the Halloween Stickers Pack! Based on the popular movie franchise, Drift Car X Race 21 car packs include 18 different characters. With Star Slimer and The White Ghost, your ghostly friends are at your disposal for a complete ghost-handling experience at the drift tracks. Earn stickers for each character as you battle it out in UHD gear from NXP!

    Be careful what you do when racing Drift Car X, because you never know who might be around the next corner.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Online operations and access may be based outside the United States.

    Introducing the 750hp Supercars of Drift.
    We’ve taken the most extreme and iconic drift cars and strapped them to the track to see how far they can drift.
    We’ve produced some of the most outlandish and hard to drive drift cars to date.
    These cars have been completely stripped down and upgraded to push the standards of drift performance, each for it’s own unique purpose.
    Our Drift cars are more than just cars, they are a statement of intent as to who we are, what we want to achieve and where we want to take drift!

    Social media

    Stay in touch with us

    Email Address :

    On we give you a Love Bug for your love. Absolutely no fine print! That’s













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    The series beloved by fans around the world, DRAGON BALL, has been going strong since 1984.
    Like previous games, DRAGON BALL Z is full of new features in a high-intensity action game.
    As Ryu and his friends from other worlds take on the Monster Kingdom, you’ll once again help fight against the evil Majin Boo!
    -Based on the characters and universe from the hit anime series.
    -Features all of the fun elements from previous DRAGON BALL games.
    -Includes “Fighter Craft”, a new mode where you can battle through the game with various special abilities.
    -Features a wide selection of music from the series such as “Goku Diner” or “The Name of One’s Body”.
    -Includes special downloadable content.
    Fighter Craft:
    Fighter Craft features a vast selection of abilities for players to switch between, each with their own set of songs.
    With each ability, players can use the appropriate music to switch the music playing back to the original style.
    Players will be able to see which Musou (Fight Styles) will work well against what.
    Players will have to choose the appropriate Musou to change back and forth between the songs and abilities.
    In order to win, it will be important to keep up with the enemy and learn how to use abilities with all the different Musou types as efficiently as possible.
    ※ The game’s normal difficulty setting can be selected.
    The Extra Difficulty mode can also be selected so that players can experience an even more challenging fight.
    Extra Difficulty Mode:
    The Extra Difficulty mode is a mode where players use the game’s practice mode to hone their skills to the max.
    Because this mode is played without saving, “Fighter Craft” and “Fighter Craft Basic” are playable.
    ※ The Extra Difficulty is difficult. “Fighter Craft” can be played once only.
    ※ In order to play “Fighter Craft Basic”, players will first need to unlock “Fighter Craft” and then “Fighter Craft” should be unlocked, and then play “Fighter Craft”.
    ※ In order to play “Fighter Craft”, players will first need to unlock “Fighter Craft” and then “Fighter Craft Basic” should be unlocked, and then play “Fighter Craft Basic”.
    Fighter Craft Basic:
    In this mode, some of the special abilities can be used in the first round and some of the special abilities can be used after the first


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  • Features of Privateers:

    • Extremely unique combat system with fast paced bonus shooter action!
    • UFO Boss fights!
    • Flyfast jets with powerful Energy Armour!
    • Plenty of Space and Ammunition with 4 different ships.
    • Upgraded Iron Man Armour system!
    • Multiple Powerups!
    • Special Weapons!
    • Collectibles!
    • Collect equipment in time in Multiplayer!
    • Multiple Endings!

    Endgame Youtube Videos:

    • Bueno while ago
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