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(Special Edition Original Soundtrack)
SWARMRIDERS: Original Soundtrack
With hidden bonus tracks!
Music by Walter Machado
Disc 1 – 01 PIPES AND WIRES – 3:24, 2:19, 2:00, 1:49, 2:24, 4:53
02 POISON – 2:00, 5:40
03 NECRODRONE – 2:00
04 EDGED – 1:49
05 ULTAKAAR – 2:24, 4:16
Written & Composed by Walter Machado
Additional Music Written & Composed by Andrew Sega
Performed by Andrew Sega
Additional Music Performed by Felix & Sterling
Score Album cover: Saiko (KOR) & Boki
Published by GreentextSound
Southampton, UK / Vicenza, IT
Released 17th June 2013
SWARMRIDERS: Original Soundtrack
The original soundtrack of the original game, from the Zeboyd Games
design studio.
This soundtrack is special for the release of the video game
SWARMRIDERS: Dark Port of the original game – it features enhanced music
and sound effects for this edition
Special edition original soundtrack for original soundtrack
Completely remastered!
For PC, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3.
All upcoming game releases are available on the website
1. Pipes and Wires
2. Poison
3. Necrodrone
4. Edge
5. Ultakaar
All above are hidden bonus tracks in the original soundtrack.
I’m a musical composer, but I can not listen to music without
playing / watching games, so I started to study the game engines,
and from this started the idea of this game, which is very near
to my life, I was made in Neopets (you can have a look at the
original site at
The main theme, which is the main title of the game,
it was made with the help of Hans de Weger and Felipe Alves
(Brazilian composer) and Heiko Maier
Miyuki Sarutobi (Japanese composer) with help of Hendrik
Wunderlich (German)
The main bass was made with Andrew Sega (Polish),
with help of


Shipwreck Escape Features Key:

  • Smart Action
  • Extremely clear sound
  • Ultra strong muscles (and a frame that will not break)
  • Free access to a free mmorpg
  • Lots of fun and entertainment
  • How to Play Ultimate Hardbass Defence Game

    • Game is free to play. No cost but with in app purchases
    • Click touch anywhere to play the game
    • Tap to absorb air in front of your by pressing the screen and your character will kick so like air (Yeah I picked a stupid name there, hehehe)
    • Tap to shoot enemies by touching the screen
    • Tap to open the menu of the game, hi-score and power up

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    . This game is free to try. The app features ad supported by ads. You can turn them off from the game options. Ads will help the app developers to develop the game.

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