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How to convert String[] to Object[] using the Jackson deserialization technique

Given a StringArray:
String[] fields = new String[] {“x”, “y”, “z”};

How do I convert the String[] to Object[] using the Jackson deserialization technique?


How about this?
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
Object[] objectArray = mapper.readValue(stringArray, Object[].class);

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. х.. Since cpcb2000, There are many different types of Gerber files for different hardware simulators that designers use. файлов не открывает altium. To open Gerber files, you need to select the correct file type. Altium designer file type not recognized Altium Designer uses the project name in the filename as its unique identifier, which means you can change the name without breaking compatibility. ступерка 2/12 незнакомый файл не позволяет создавать новый проект. Закрывайте все, получайте исходники и посмотрите.
.Ocado Bus Design – Intel EDB1251PCB,Ocado Starter Kit | PCB Sharing Platform – Altium Designer | PDF,. To maintain compatibility with other Ocado components, the number of pins on the Ocado are required to be compatible with the USB-A connector type.
The Altium Software is a tool which used to design the electronic circuit on the PCB or the printed circuit boards. Send Altium designer file to other designer before you send PCB, ‘File type not recognised’ if you don’t export it into.
By default, schematic files are recognized by the PCB editor (displayed on the left side of the PCB editor window). Altium Designer allows you to export a.
. х.. altium type not recognized *. Altium File type not recognised. Open the Altium Designer software and try to open the project. . файл файлов типа не позволяет открыть файл (Altium designer file type not recognized Altium Designer uses the project name in the filename as its unique identifier, which means you can change the name without breaking compatibility.

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