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Milestones in Journey so far…

  • Sep, 2015

     Conducted 1st Magic Show for school kids.

  • Sep, 2015

     We planned a Local Ahmedabad City Tour for School kids. ..

  • Aug, 2015

      We celebrated RAKSHA BANDHAN on 28/08/2015. The festival was celebrated on all centers separately due to tense situation in Ahmedabad. Each girl brought RAKHI for their classmate brothers and every boy brought pencils to give to their classmate sisters. With great enthusiasm RAKHI was celebrated and sweet was distributed to all students..

  • Aug, 2015

     On 15th August we celebrated Independence day at Footpath School.

  • May, 2015

      150th student enrolled in Footpath School.

  • May, 2015

     Opens 6th center in Narol. 3 independent teachers and 4 volunteers now trained for independent charge of 3 centers.

  • Apr, 2015

     1st center to get a roof to address summer and monsoon season challenges

  • Apr, 2015

     1st volunteer teacher joins to open and run 4th center in Narol.

  • Mar, 2015

     celebrated Holi festival with donation of water guns, colors, snacks.

  • Feb, 2015

    – New food supplier vendor and logistics process set up for quality and scalability

  • Feb, 2015

     Conducted 1st Yoga camp for school kids.

  • Jan, 2015

    – Celebrated Uttarayan festival donating kites & accessories and educated for safety during kite festivals

  • Jan, 2015

      Set up standard operating process and kits e.g. teacher manuals, school registers, evaluation process, teacher training etc.

  • Dec, 2014

     Footpath School opens its 3rd center, still run by Virat Shah singlehandedly

  • Nov, 2014

    – Distributed “Hygiene Kits” to kids to create awareness on this important aspect

  • Nov, 2014

    – Celebrated Diwali festival with sweet distribution

  • Month, 2013

    – Footpath School opens its 1st center at, Narol with some number of kids, run by Virat Shah singlehandedly.

Our planned activities include…

  • Yoga


    – Conduct “YOG SHIBIR” for self-awareness through yoga
  • Festival


    – celebrate all major festivals xcelebrate all major festivals
  • Target

    Dec, 2015

    – Our target is to have footpath school centers operational, streamline the centers with standard processes and execute professional framework for quality and scalability
  • Dresscode

    Aug, 2015

    – Target to distribute uniform, footwear and school bags to all footpath school kids as a motivational measure.
  • Dresscode

    July, 2015

    – Target to introduce white dress code for teaching staff as a discipline and uniformity measure.

Little Joys!

Our aim is to impart a feel to footpath kids that they are not any different in the society – footpath kids can enjoy all little joys which other kids of well-being families enjoy. So we celebrate all major festivals like Diwali/ Holi/ Uttaryan, conduct educational tours and hold regular spiritual activities like Yoga camp.

Activities in the background

For us, setting up and running a footpath school is like setting up a new factory unit with standardized processes, predictable and measurable quality output. There are several activities and steps, which go behind planning, running and sustaining a footpath school center.

Some such activities include

Resource mobilization for the center materialsand snacks.

Logistics of making resources available and rotation across various centers.

Financial support mobilization for existing and new centers.

Train the volunteer- teachers and prepare them for independent responsibility of running the centers.

Maintain and update records like student attendance record, teacher’s attendance record, student’s fortnightly evaluation registers, Student Admission form record and Teacher’s/ Employee Bio Data.

Plan-Check-Action process implementation to ensure activities are conducted as per the manual, they are being monitored and maintained as per the manual in all the centers. record are updated and in place.

Inventory management system and process e.g. maintain register for issuing the stationary material to students as well as to volunteer teacher. Make available computerized records for easy access, control and planning additional material.

Food delivery chain management to individual centers.

Preparation for the CHARITY WALK in public places to create the awareness of the Group among people and receive broad based support.

Prepare for the launch of online initiatives for financial support and spreading awareness

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