AIMstor provides a single data management platform enabling Backup, Realtime Replication, CDP and Archiving. The User interface enables you to create policies using different types of operations for given classifications.
Use all the features collectivelly seamlessly or use specific features. Has built in Data Tracking enabling logging of who / what / when files were opened and modified. You can use AIMstor on desktops or laptops and servers as well as protecting / replicating databases. This is suitable for small environments.







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AIMstor Crack For Windows is an efficient and user friendly tool to backup and archive data, provides you features like flexible and easy to manage policies which enable you to back up data from both local and network sources, and process them automatically or manually in a sequential or a backup order. It also provides you features for network, centralized, remote location backup, secure backups, realtime replication, file migration. Besides, it makes your life much easier because it is also able to handle backup of databases.
You can store a single file or a file tree in one archive or a number of archives that you specify using folders. It can copy files from all kinds of source including local, network, FTP, Web sites etc, and it can also copy files in batch, at scheduled or on demand. Besides, you can configure the compression algorithms for data and you can also compress archived data to enable you to save on disk space. 
It also enables you to configure your choice of operation that includes deletion, compression or moving of data from archive. It also lets you view the file and its details through which you will be able to determine which actions should be performed on the file. This makes your backup or archiving process more efficient. AIMstor Crack Keygen helps you create policies that make your life easier by automating your backup process and saving your time and efforts.
AIMstor Download With Full Crack has built in Data Tracking enabling logging of who / what / when files were opened and modified. You can use AIMstor on desktops or laptops and servers as well as protecting / replicating databases.
AIMstor Features:

AIMstor enables you to backup and archive local and network data, replicate data to different locations, secure your data and moves it in an archive. You can organize and manage your archives to create a policy to run your backup process by designating the priority and the speed of data.


AIMstor allows you to save your data on a local drive or to back up data from a remote source. It allows you to combine multiple source including local, network, FTP and Web sites together to back up and you can also backup to a central location.


AIMstor allows you to save data both locally and remotely to be archived, and you can archive data to different types of archives including ZIP, RAR and TAR etc. You can also back up data to a local drive or to a remote location, and also back up

AIMstor Activator Free (Latest)

For Windows

For Unix

AIMstor Activation Code  Integration with Acronis Backup
Acronis Backup is backed by Acronis backed by DV. Both offer True Image of the key features of Acronis Backup plus the speed of DV.
Acronis Home and Business offer Acronis True Image. You can backup local volumes, servers, desktop and laptops (except Windows based systems). You can do a copy of the current image to disk or (if memory is limited) to the memory. This is perfect for taking a copy of a working laptop image, or a production server image. Which contains the essential data files (e.g. the operating system, database files, application programs, etc.)
True Image Home and Business is an unlimited one time file backup of the current machine state.
DV compares the working disk image of a disk with the current file system contents. If there are any file system changes, DV creates a new image of the disk. You can make scheduled backup or you can make a full backup of a disk, which would reduce you need for backup space.
You can even make copies of the images to disk.
DV:CNF will even do cold copy. Thats a copy of a copy, but there are no more downtime during the process.
The DV:CNF offering can be rolled back to the exact state, if you ever need to.

AIMstor  Integration with Acronis VM
Acronis VM is Acronis Backup with hardware virtualization. You can use VMware, Virtualbox, Hyper-V, Parallels, or Vmware Server Virtualization software. With Acronis VM, you can run Acronis VM on a small business or small server.
To protect desktops, laptops and servers with VM software you can use a license of Acronis Backup Home with VM, or Acronis VM Enterprise and Acronis VM for SMB.
If you want to run VM software on your server, Acronis ESX also offers a license for 1,5-6 VM software. VM Software can be run on servers and desktops as well.
VM Software, also known as a virtual machine (VM) provides a virtualised environment to run other operating systems in a file or a complete partition from which you can launch any number of operating system instances. Acronis ESX provides an environment where you can install and run

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1. Supports backup across all major vendor platforms
2. Supports replication across all major vendor platforms
3. Allows you to archive backups to local or remote server
4. Supports CDP for realtime replication across major vendor platforms
5. Supports FTP/HTTP over secured SSL channels for other backups, Replications and Archiving
6. Has automated Data Tracking, which log’s all changes to files and the user that made them. Thus creating audit trails
7. Supports all major platform devices including RDBMS, Oracle DBMS, SAP DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
8. Provides full support for MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.
9. Provides full support for Oracle databases.
10. Provides full support for Microsoft SQL Server databases.
11. Has administrative capabilities to control configuration settings, backup policies and management.
12. Has standard RESTful API via FOP, available for developers to use
13. Has a webbased user interface.
14. Has an installable console application with full commandline support


Review of AIMstor moving to SQL edition

Review of AIMstor web based solution

Review of AIMstor web based solution

System requirements for AIMstor

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What’s New in the?

AIMstor is a complete Backup / Archiving / CDP / Realtime replication Solution that provides flexibility & ease of use to manage data across all enterprises / organisations.
AIMstor backup (Backup) — This feature provides AIMstor as a Backup solution for your data. The data is backed up in multiple levels with the support of incremental and differential backups as well as checkpoint backups. If data is lost, AIMstor automatically restores the data from previous backup.
AIMstor Archive (Archiving) — This feature provides AIMstor as an Archiving solution for your data. All saved data is automatically archived for future recovery and reference. AIMstor Archive also offers the facility to perform time-based movement of files as well as performing user-based archiving.
AIMstor Replication (Replication) — AIMstor automatically replicates the files to other servers, shares or external servers as selected. The replication is performed as granular as per your need.
AIMstor CD / DVD (CDP) — This feature provides AIMstor as a CD / DVD or DVD images for archiving. It supports the self-extraction of.ISO images on CD / DVD or protected image on DVD.
AIMstor Annotation / Collaboration — AIMstor is designed to support annotating and collaboration. AIMstor enables users to add comments to documents and organize them into folders. Users may add comments to files so that the comments are stored alongside the files in the archive. AIMstor also allows users to create a user-defined index of all files and files that have been downloaded. The index includes the comment and the URL of the originating file. You may also assign tags to files so that the comments are organized by tags, making them easy to find.


AIMstor is designed to offer best-in-class features for backup, archiving, replication and other related data management tasks.

The following features have been highlighted in the product description:

=== AIMstor Backup (Backup) ===
Multiple levels of backups
Group-based access control
Multiple levels of backup
Incremental Backup
Differential Backup
Checkpoint Backup
System Backup
Multiple Logical Backups
User-defined Backup Policies 
Binary or Text Backup

System Requirements For AIMstor:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0GHz or AMD Phenom II X3 550 @ 3.1GHz or faster
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512MB or ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512MB or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 40 GB available space
Additional Notes: The minimum recommended OS is Windows Vista (64bit)

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