MCoords is a free hook-program which intercepts the mouse movements and shows its underlying area.
The purpose of this program is to aid the programmer to verify the correct positioning and drawing of graphical elements on the screen, expecially when their output depend on complex routines; its view area also allows the designer to zoom a little portion of the screen.
Basic features:
MCoords shows the cursor current coordinates over the whole screen. They can be shown as relative to the screen, to the window on which they lie or to its client-area. Moreover you can set a reference point that allows you to measure pixel distances. The program also captures and redraws a zoomable portion of the screen that can be later saved in a BMP file. All the command keys-combination are user-defined and easily modifiable.


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This program lets you set the mouse coordinates with a bit precision, its layout is very straightforward and it´s the ideal program to test your grapics.

Pixel Pointer is a 2D color graphic utility. It can show the screen coordinate of a mouse cursor. It can also capture and save any window area into BMP files.
Pixel Pointer Description:
pixel Pointer is a useful and easy-to-use tool which can be used to show the cursor coordinates on a screen and to capture the screen area to a BMP file. It allows to measure pixels distances and to zoom a portion of the captured area.If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, seek professional help. You might want to see a therapist, call your local crisis hotline, or go to a local emergency room. Read more about treatment for anxiety.

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The program features the following:
– Windows XP compatible;
– Interface that respects the Tk Toplevel widget set;
– Configurable zoomable area on the screen;
– User-defined reference point;
– Screen drawing over the whole screen;
– Execution with and without monitoring;
– Can be used in a program controlled by the Tcl interpreter.
How to:
It doesn’t matter if you have only one instance of MCoords on your program, the program loads while it is running and disposes of all and every trace of MCoords when is finished running. The program also has a dedicated Window Manager which allows the user to configure MCoords to its liking. The user can select a preferred reference point where the coordinates are relative to, the screen, the window, the client area of the window or the real world.
To zoom the screen, the user types in:
where m is the mouse number ( 0 is the default mouse), zoom is a number indicating the percentage (default.5);
Before you start, MCoords will ask you if you want to keep a snapshot of the window. After that, the coordinate value is relative to the window.
If you want to draw and position a point on the screen, the coordinate is relative to the client area of the current window. The coordinates change according to the direction of the mouse movements. If you want to position a point in the World coordinate system, the program asks for the coordinates in mm, as defined in the application. Now, these coordinates will be relative to the window.
To center the coordinates, the user types in
where c is the number indicating the percentage (default.5);
When the user types in C-mouse-1,(,s,save,.1) for saving the coordinates, it saves them in a variable which is stored as a BMP image with the extension.xbm.
To draw a point on the screen, C-mouse-1,(,s,draw,x,y )
where x,y indicates the positions of the client area and the number indicates the percentage (default.1);
MCoords is a free program whose source code is available for distribution under the GNU Public License. Contact the developers to know more.Right now, over 80

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MCoords is an easy to use program that intercepts the mouse movement and shows over the whole screen its underlying area.

Shareware Association-programming and support for Windows 95 and Windows 98.

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A-Site Pro for Windows is a powerful search engine with general-purpose features. It works just as well in a Windows NT/2000/XP environment as it does in the original Windows environment. In addition to locating files and folders,…

A-Site Pro for Windows is a powerful search engine with general-purpose features. It works just as well in a Windows NT/2000/XP environment as it does in the original Windows environment. In addition to locating files and folders,…

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What’s New in the?

In “MCoords User’s Guide” users will be able to find an animated and animated-online version of the program.
Download MCoords:
MCoords can be downloaded from
[os] Windows 2000, XP, Vista,…
[os] Microsoft Windows 95, 98,…
[os] Android
[os] Linux
[os] MAC OS
[os] iROS (IoT Robot Operating System)
[os] Rasberry PI
[os] Holotab
[dev] Java
[dev] Jogl
[dev] OpenGL
This version of MCoords was released on 30/10/2007

MegaTux is an isometric 2D-game for Linux and Windows. It uses the Java-based framework ART (Adobe R&D Toolkit). The game is equipped with text and sound and advanced background music.
It’s easy to play: you click the mouse to jump and avoid the
enemies. And if you have a joystick you can set direction with
that. All with a single click.

Images from many professional sources are then added, to help the player help the game.
The possibility to add Images is a great invention of an Art Director/Developer:
Some great games [in the spirit of “Ridgewalker”] are based on this technique and I am glad to see it come out of here.
May I ask you for a reference and maybe an example of usage of the textures and images to create a better game?

For all your help!
I’ve implemented and compiled your latest tweaks, the result is very nice:
But the problem is now that you tell me, that the game name can’t be changed and the player can only play against the session name.
Is there a reason for that. I can’t see any other way than making a new game with a different name.

Hi guys, I just got the new versions (out of version 1.1), and I wanted to give you the heads up on my apologies as I think there was a change that led to this.
Basically, I get a “Access to the application denied” from my desktop to the game.
I can download the files fine from my desktop into my laptop, so it must be something in my desktop.

I can play 3

System Requirements For MCoords:

Mac OS X 10.5 and above
Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk: 3GB
Graphics: Video card with 1GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse: Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible sound card with ALSA, OSS or Windows ALSA drivers is required for both Free and Pro versions.

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