ProTrader is a information and trading system, which allows to receive the latest information from the global financial markets, researching and analyzing it, and to perform trade operations in the mode of real time.
ProTrader is an online trading platform for Forex.
The system provides a wide range of services to its customers, such as opening and closing positions, creation delayed orders of opening and closing of positions, the system of on-line alerts, information about quotations of the financial instruments, the technical analysis of charts, receiving financial news from different sources, etc.









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ProTrader.NET is a set of ready-to-use components for a professional use. The system allows you to monitor up to 15 trading accounts simultaneously.
The software allows you to create any type of technical indicators using high-performance components. It provides the opportunity to trade only on the recommendations of technical analysts (Forex, Commodities, Indices, etc.).
ProTrader is a well-known trading tool with powerful functional capabilities, which helps to improve the speed of decision making in trading operations.
ProTrader.Net Training:
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The best choice to make money online is the trade on forex market!
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There are no client-side requirements; client-side synchronization is only available by means of a synchronous server. ProTrader (.Net client) is set up to work independently of any other communication technologies. So ProTrader (.Net client) can be easily installed on any Windows PC, with access to the Internet

ProTrader (.Net Client and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)) is a solution for placing traders around the world, using only their desktop computers to access to global market.

ProTrader is a license-free trader for the Forex.
ProTrader is developed on open source technology: PHP 5.3, MySQL 5.0, Google Maps, JavaScript, XML and XSLT.

See also the Auto Trader.


• Real time trading.
• Online data import from Excel, CSV, TXT, PDF.
• Support for tables and graphs.
• Any kind of time zone system.
• Support for opening and closing of positions.
• Support for delayed orders.
• Advanced data representation as levels, windows, candles or Bollinger Bands.
• Historical and statistical data.
• Receive alerts.
• Managing accounts for professional traders.
• Support for multilevel orders.
• Support for not balanced orders.
• Support for any amount, even if user do not have sufficient funds.
• Support for positions in a certain type, like long or short.
• Real time pricing.
• Support for creating virtual orders.
• Support for any kind of trade, including combining several instruments, at once.
• The ability to use any currency pairs, including futures.
• The ability to change the time period to which the data is averaged.
• Support for using currency, commodity and indices.
• Support for receiving data from and sending data to other services.
• Support for request from other services.
• Search for liquidity, to find a suitable broker.
• Support for fixed bid and ask orders.
• Support for a trade management system.
• The ability to track order flow with the use of a graphical chart.
• We support multi-thread processing to reduce latency and load issues.

Last date to receive order for ProTrader.Net Client: August 11, 2011, 00:00:00

See also the ProTrader.NET client prices.

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* Minimum number of transactions – 200 daily operations;

* The ability to perform analysis of quotes and quotes of financial instruments on the chart;

* The possibility of performing trade operations in the mode of “real time”;

* Traders can view the performance of their operations;

* Possibility of simultaneous sending of several order operations;

* The possibility of viewing the duration of executions on financial instruments of stock market, including the features of the real-time quotes;

* The possibility of automatic closing of all positions with the exception of the current positions.


* The existence of time for the processing of orders, which depends on the result of calculations in the database “TraderStats” at each moment of trade;

* At the opening of an operation, the system sends market orders;

* When a market order is sent, the system does not allow the cancellation of the operation, but only the opening of a new one.

* These clients will be updated on the flow of events with the help of the tool “TTT” in the System;

* The results of calculations for each trading operation (for which the possibility of performing analysis of quotes and quotes of financial instruments) are not sent to the client;

* The sending of statements on the processing of trading operations to the client – only when the operation is “Released”;

* It is not possible to view the description of a trading operation on the screen of a client;

* At the opening of a trading operation, at the release of the operation or at the completion of the operation, the system sends market orders for the assets handled by a user of the client;

* The system does not allow all operations on a single share;

* The system is not suitable for people without the knowledge of computer programming;

* The system does not allow the opening of operations after 2:30:00 p.m.;

* The system does not allow opening operations on the session of a fall with the exception of the session “Sending Trades” and “Processing Trades”.

Trading platform aimed at investing professional traders allows to look at the real-time chart and quotes of financial instruments, to place orders for a fixed or variable currency, to follow the market situation in general and to receive news about changes in quotes.
Trading platform (R) Description:


* The possibility

What’s New in the ProTrader (.Net Client)?

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System Requirements:

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Windows Vista
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