It's almost common knowledge that, with time, junk files and other registry related entries can and may slow down your computer. Happily, there's a plethora of system cleaners out there, each more interesting than the other.
Maintener is one such tool, and it offers you a quick and stress-free way of cleaning registry issues, removing junk files, and handling startup programs. Additionally, it brings to the table a duplicate file finder and cleaner, but only if you opt for the paid version.
Easy to install and effortless to get along with
Other than that, we have a lightweight and novice-accessible tool of this sort on our hands. It can be deployed on your computer's system with the minimum amount of effort thanks to a typical installer, provided that .NET Framework 4.5 or newer is present, of course.
Working with the app is a fairly straightforward affair, with you only having to choose the required sections and to click the appropriate scan buttons.
Clear junk files, remove registry issues, delete duplicates, and manage startup apps
The Junk Files section is probably the most complex of the lot as it allows you to declutter your PC by removing all sorts of temporary files, memory dumps, thumbnail caches, log files, as well as other types of junk files usually associated with browsers like Internet cache, history, cookies, and other login data.
The other two sections available in the unregistered version, Clean Registry, and Startup Manager are even simpler, with you only having to select any result in order to remove it from the associated list. Lastly, the self-explanatory Duplicated Files feature provides you with the possibility of locating dupes based on their file type and even their size.
Declutter your PC with the help of this straightforward cleaning tool
Taking everything into account, Maintener is a user-friendly tool that shouldn't have problems proving its usefulness if you choose to give it a shot. It packs enough tools to make it worthwhile, it's lightweight, it's fast, and it's quite accessible for even the most inexperienced users.


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★ Junk Files – Remove all of the temporary files, memory dumps, thumbnail caches, history, log files, cookies, cached Internet Explorer pages, right click menu entries, and anything else that you shouldn’t see on your desktop (the list is probably very long).
★ Clean Registry – Maintainer can scan and delete all trace of malware and spyware found on your computer.
★ Startup Manager – Lets you manage all of the programs that get started on startup.
★ Duplicate Finder – Allows you to find and delete duplicate files of any type (registry keys, documents, images, videos, songs, audio, etc.) and even size.
★ Startup Cleanup – Remove all programs associated with Windows startup.
★ Optimized Startup – Lets you optimize Windows startup so that only the essential programs get started on startup.
★ No Tech Skills Needed – Just drag and drop to start cleaning your computer.
Maintainer Installation Guide:
1. Open Maintainer from the Start menu
2. Double-click “CreateMaintainerDesktopShortcut.bat”
3. Click “Yes” when asked for the extension to be overwritten
4. When Maintainer is installed, you will see a link to the ‘Maintainer Menu’ icon in the system tray
5. Double-click the Maintainer Menu icon to open the Maintainer application
6. Select the appropriate sections of the computer you’d like to scan for problems and click the Scan button
Maintainer Features:
★ Junk Files:
Clean all junk files (temporary, cache, history, right click menu, etc.) from your computer.
★ Clean Registry:
Maintainer scans your computer for malware and spyware.
★ Startup Manager:
Maintainer can manage programs that start on Windows startup.
★ Duplicate Finder:
This tool can find and delete duplicate files of any type (registry keys, documents, images, videos, songs, audio, etc.) and even size.
★ Startup Cleanup:
Remove all programs associated with Windows startup.
★ Optimized Startup:
Maintainer lets you optimize Windows startup so that only the essential programs start on startup.
★ Click the Maintainer Menu icon to go back to Maintainer’s main window.
Working with Maintainer is pretty straight forward, and the more experienced user will be able to get along with it in a matter of minutes and without any sort of error.

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Maintener Crack + Free

An easy to use tools for cleaning your computer of unwanted files, Maintener lets you remove temporary files, temporary internet files, history, logs, cookies and cookies, temporary favorites and more. Plus it can clean the Registry, delete duplicate files, Uninstall unwanted programs, manage startup programs, and more. Maintainer version supports Registry cleaning, junk files cleaning and program startup manager for users with different version of Windows.

IMPORTANT: Maintainer tool can cause PC to become unstable.

With Maintainer you can: – remove junk files – clear history – uninstall start-up programs – clean browser history – delete browser cache – delete temporary files – clean browser favorites – delete duplicate files – speed up PC – improve system efficiency

Where we offer Maintainer license code?

Supported countries: ALL

Maintainer Features:

Available in the following languages: English (US/UK)

How to download installer:

Please download.exe file. You can also view Demo and Free Download link for Maintainer.

When you Download Maintainer you will get a file with the Maintainer File (With Maintainer) and a Installation package file. The Maintainer File (With Maintainer) will help you run this software. The Installation Package file is used to Install this software on your system.

How to Install Maintainer:

In a English Windows system, double-click on the installation package and follow the on-screen instructions to install Maintainer.

Important Notice:

Please be sure that you have no other program running while you download and install Maintainer. It is very dangerous to run Maintainer in a system with other program running.

We Recommend:

Other than Maintainer, we also recommend you to download and install CCleaner.

Download CCleaner and you will get a file with CCleaner File (Without CCleaner). It is not needed to install CCleaner. In the CCleaner File (Without CCleaner) you have only download link to CCleaner.

How to Download and Install CCleaner:

Just click on download button and wait the download progress. After the download is complete, run the CCleaner file and install CCleaner.

Important Notice:

What’s New in the Maintener?

Junk files cleanup utility tool for Windows

Junk Files Cleanup: You need a cleaning tool that can clean up your computer efficiently as it will remove all types of junk files present in your PC which will reduce the speed of your computer. So, you should opt for a cleaning tool to remove junk files that can result in performance issues with your PC. You can download this free tool to clean the junk files off your computer and make sure that your system stays healthy without any performance issues.

Junk Files Cleaner: If you wish to clean your system completely without any errors and to free it up, you should use a Junk Files Cleaner tool. This tool will clean all types of junk files that can cause performance problems with your computer. It will also clean temporary files which clog your system and slow it down. All these files become useless and it’s better to remove them from your computer. You can use this tool for free to clean junk files from your computer.

Startup Manager: If you run a lot of applications at startup, you need a tool to manage applications that are run as soon as your computer boots up. If you don’t want to boot all of your startup applications automatically, this tool is for you. You can use this free application to manage applications that run when you start your computer.

Registration Required!

The Windows Registry is the key to storing information on your computer. Registry cleaners are needed to clean the registry out of junk. They actually repair the registry and make it accurate again. In the past, the windows registry was of no use but with advanced programs it was a great feature. The Registry is the home of essential Windows settings. If a program is not using the registry properly, the performance of the computer will be affected. Many third-party programs exist that can defragment, cleanup, and update the registry.

Getting Rid of Junk Files

It is said that the most useful things in the world are the simplest; for example, a keychain to hold your keys, or an empty space to hold the old file that is deleted by mistake. But, some files cannot be put back the way they were and, even worse, many files get lost and the user does not know how to get them back. If you are one of these people then there is a file recovery software that will allow you to get back your lost files.

Know the Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning

Do not ignore junk files–fFLSVIsBr1Vew2DK

System Requirements For Maintener:

8-Core/16-Thread Processor (see note on Multicore/Thread Performance)
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2 GB VRAM)
AMD Radeon HD 7970 or NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 770 (3 GB VRAM)
Intel Core i5-3570K (4 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 5650 (2 GHz)
Windows 8.1 with 2 GB RAM
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_31-b13)

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