Wscript/Kak is a worm that will exploit security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook in a way similar to Bubbleboy worm. It will only infects computers running Microsoft Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express or Outlook.
When viewing the e-mail in Outlook or Outlook Express, the VBScript code in it will create “KAK.HTA” in startup directory. This file will be run at next startup, it will create KAK.HTM in windows folder and and changes the Microsoft Outlook Express registry settings so that the KAK.HTM is automatically included in every outgoing message as a signature. The KAK.HTA also changes the Windows registry that it includes the name of the worm file.
On the 1st of any month after 5 p.m. the worm displays the message “Kagou-Anti_Kro$oft says not today” and runs Windows shutdown
· /SCAN – Scans the system for Wscript.Kak worm
· /REPAIR – Use this option to CLEAN the worm
· /ALL – Scan all files
· /SCAN – Scan all files
· /BAK – Create backup copy before cleaning
· /NOSUB – Sub Directories OFF
· /REPORT – Generates report – C:/VIRUSCAN.RPT
· /HELP – Detailed help to clean the Wscript.Kak worm









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Wscript.Kak is a new worm designed to attack Wscript.exe and can damage or clean it. It scans for Wscript.exe in startup folder and add its own virus as a startup item.
KAK.HTM worm contains HTML code to create the Wscript.Kak signature in the outgoing email messages that Wscript.Kak will send to a list of addresses. Worm displays two messages with links to remove or clean. If the link to clean is clicked, it will delete Wscript.Kak and its signature from the computer.
KAK.HTA only adds itself to the Windows startup folder. At startup KAK.HTA checks the startup folder for Wscript.Kak signature, if found it will be opened as an HTML message in the same window as outgoing messages. KAK.HTA also writes a new KAK.HTM signature in every outgoing email with Wscript.Kak.
When you run the KAK.HTA as a separate program it will check Windows startup folder to see if Wscript.Kak is already present. If found, the KAK.HTA will add itself to the startup folder as a startup item. If not found the KAK.HTA will create a new Wscript.Kak signature and add itself to the Windows startup folder as a startup item.
When you click KAK.HTA in HTML message as a startup link it will open the KAK.HTA file in a new window.
The KAK.HTA will display two messages: one is to remove and the other is to clean. If the link to clean is clicked, it will delete Wscript.Kak and its signature from the computer.
If you use Program: WScript.Kak as an antivirus software, this program will remove the Wscript.Kak and it will also clean the virus code from your personal and temporary files ( this does NOT mean that it will get rid of the KAK.HTA in startup folder).
Note: We have decided to make Wscript.Kak a browser add-in and not a virtual file, so if the user of your computer has not already allow add-ins in Windows and the KAK.HTA has not been removed before, it will display a warning message that the program is from Microsoft and add itself to the computer as a startup item.
Upon execution, KAK.HTA will make some changes to the Windows registry, create

Wscript.Kak Scanner And Remover Crack

· Scan for Wscript.Kak, remove it
· Use / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / Scan All Files
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / Scan All Files
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / BAK
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / BAK
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / NOSUB
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / NOSUB
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / REPAIR
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / REPAIR
· Option / Scan for Wscript.Kak and / REPORT
The Wscript.Kak worm’s basic operation is as follows:
During its operation, it makes some changes in the Microsoft Outlook Express Registry.

It deletes the following files and folder.










Wscript.Kak Remover
The Wscript.Kak Remover will check the following to determine if it needs to be cleaned from the infected computers:

The virus file ( Wscript.Kak)

The user account will be created in the Windows registry for it to run automatically upon next startup.

The user account (e-mail address) used by KAK worm is will be registered in the registry.

The kak.hta (worm file) will be created and placed in the path “%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Quick Launch” with the name “Wscript.Kak”.

The user profile name will be inserted into the registry with the name “Wscript.Kak”.

The kak.hta will be renamed to kak.hta.bak.

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This program use the file extension filter so you can delete virus associated with files that have the name KAK.
Wscript.Kak also uses the Host file to auto detect the remote computer name so you can specify if you want to remove only 2 specific remote computer or if you want to remove all remote computer.
Can be run as a console application or Windows Script Host(WSH) and as a self-extracting executable.
Computer Name Prefix or IP Address (Contains :
Destination: (For windows server 2003 or higher)
Domain Name: (Contains: @,! If your domain have the same name on your infected machine you can specify your domain and remote machine domain will be ignore.
Filename Pattern: (Contains: KAK in rtf/txt/jpg/xls/doc/html)
Filename Pattern: (Contains: KAK in outlook.xls)
Filename pattern: (Contains: KAK.HTM)
Filename Pattern: (Contains: KAK.HTM in outlook.xls)
Filename Pattern: (Contains: KAK.HTM in outlook.xls in C:\WINNT\Profiles\[User]\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\Launch
Filename Pattern: (Contains: KAK.HTM in outlook.xls in C:\WINNT\Profiles\[User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\Launch\
Filename pattern: (Contains: KAK.HTM in outlook.xls in C:\WINNT\Profiles\[User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\Launch_

Follow Kaspersky Lab security researchers to solve the following problem:
Vulnerability in the recently released version of the KiTANiT K2 Trojan (KiTANiT-K2-C, KiTANiT-K2-M, KiTANiT-K2-X) leads to the Trojan stealing the user’s credentials and allowing attackers to remotely execute code on the infected computer.
The latest versions of the Trojan are coming in the form of malicious email attachments. An infected file will prompt the user to download and install the malicious file, which will then download a keylogger and start stealing credentials. Kaspersky Lab’s experts are warning users that while this is not a new type of attack,

What’s New in the Wscript.Kak Scanner And Remover?

· Wscript.Kak Scanner will search C:\Program Files\Microsoft Anti-Virus Program\Scan from the date/time the virus was created until now.
· Wscript.Kak Remover will scan all files scanned by Wscript.Kak Scanner, for the virus, and create a report.
· Wscript.Kak also cleans virus in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Anti-Virus Program\Scan\ but not in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Anti-Virus Program\Scan\Clean.
· Wscript.Kak Cleaner is a Wscript.Kak RemoverSwiss journalist. Married, with two small kids. I work as a writer, columnist, and freelance editor. Between the nightshift work and normal life, I still find time to write about my life, travels, and thoughts. I’m a bit of a sucker for kiwi and dark chocolate. Contact me.


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I’m spending almost 3 weeks here. It’s already my fourth month in the country and I’m on a very tight budget with my savings and bank credit. So, this means that I’m currently staying in hostels or bunking with friends, while I save as much money as possible.

The city is bustling. While I’m there, I’m counting a million people in a day, meeting people from all across the globe and all over the scale of communities. There’s so much to see and do, yet, not a lot to pay.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: 1GHz or faster
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with a 256MB VRAM
Hard Drive: ~250MB
(Recommended) OS: Windows Vista or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible video card with a 512MB VRAM

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