Special characters are often necessary when writing text documents, whether you're looking for French-specific symbols, trying to insert the copyright symbol, or something else.
Instead of spending a lot of time browsing the character map, there's a simpler solution: you can find the Unicode of all characters on the web, then copy and paste it into UnicodeInput to immediately send it the application you're writing in, whether it's Microsoft Word, Windows Notepad or something else.
Easily insert Unicode into any program
This is an old program initially tested on Windows XP. However, our tests have shown that it works smoothly on Windows 10. It doesn't require installation, which means that you can keep it stored in your collection of portable software and run it whenever you need to insert Unicode characters into your documents.
Once launched, it creates an icon in the systray and runs in the background without interrupting you with any messages. To bring up the main window to the screen and insert Unicode, you just have to trigger Alt and the plus sign on the numpad. The last sent code is remembered.
Simple and straightforward app for inserting Unicode into any program
Unfortunately, this means that it cannot be used on keyboards without numpad. After pasting the Unicode here, you can press the "Send" button to immediately paste it in the window that was active before deploying UnicodeInput. The systray icon doesn't have a menu for exiting the tool. To do this, you have to bring up the main window again and close it.
The program is free for personal and commercial use. However, the chance for UnicodeInput to receive any further updates is low, especially when taking into account its straightforward functionality. Unfortunately, there is no option implemented for keeping the window on screen after inserting Unicode, as it simply disappears afterward.


Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ===> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






UnicodeInput Crack+ Free Download [Updated]

Read all Unicode codepoints (e.g. from website or document) directly from the command line and insert into document.

Inserts codepoints (with Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese and other specific characters) directly into any program (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.)

This little application is a great tool for inserting Unicode in any program. I think this is the most innovative and interesting UnicodeTool I’ve seen.
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UnicodeInput Crack+ Incl Product Key (Latest)

UnicodeInput is an easy-to-use application that makes it possible to
send Unicode directly to any program you are working with.

Input Text:

Language – UnicodeCodepage – Unicode

Creating Unicode:

Press Alt key + Num Pad + spacebar to insert Unicode into the active window.

Paste the Unicode output using the Send button.

How to use:
Click here for more info on its use.

Comes without charge for all personal and commercial use.
Included in the PortableApps.com software collection: 20,000+ apps and over 80,000 portable freeware and shareware titles.
It’s a simple and straightforward tool that will greatly facilitate your life when you have to insert Unicode in any program.


If you want to use some other than standard windows programs, install the free Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, use the input box at the top. Type in whatever character you want.
You can also download a collection of keyboard layouts, including those for Mac and Linux (I think, but I can’t check right now).


I made it myself quite some time ago.
It’s a small utility that enables all unicode characters in the shell or any console application (it’s more useful in the console, as you can easily copy the text from the application in the shell).
Example usage:
[ c:\> ] type @A
hey, this is a unicode symbol

This just puts the relevant font and the associated unicode symbol into the CLI.
This also works in the PowerShell, so you can use it easily within Windows 7 and Windows 10. It runs in any user session.
You should install the Unicode Font, so you can see all the unicode characters, e.g. this one [ c:\> ] type @@
As I’m just a student, I created it on Windows 7, so it might need some improvements regarding unicode support.


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UnicodeInput Crack Incl Product Key PC/Windows

Put Unicode in any application that can have it already installed on your computer.
Insert Unicode into any application, and don’t worry about copy/paste limitations.
UnicodeInput is a memory-saving tool that installs an icon in the systray that can be triggered by simply pressing Alt+\.

If you have not done so, you can install it by following the link below, but you can also directly download the executable here.

Finally, you can also find all character codes on the web using this app.

Update: UnicodeInput is also now available in the Windows Store, and can be quickly downloaded from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Windows Store, just as its desktop program. The app is automatically updated in the stores whenever the source program is updated.

Unfortunately, this means that it cannot be used on keyboards without numpad. After pasting the Unicode here, you can press the “Send” button to immediately paste it in the window that was active before deploying UnicodeInput. The systray icon doesn’t have a menu for exiting the tool. To do this, you have to bring up the main window again and close it.

Maybe this change was made because of the alternative Unicode Input app that was made for this purpose? I’m not sure. Either way, the changelog isn’t very detailed.

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What’s New in the?


Insert Unicode into any Windows application:

Use any Unicode program. No need to install, no need to change the locale, no system restart, just press a button and start typing!

Work with numpad and/or keyboard to insert Unicode.

Work with any program in which Unicode is supported.

Can be used on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Keeps the last Unicode sent and the icon in the task bar.

Works in the background without any icons to bother you.

Save time and eliminate searches for Unicode on the web.

Can be used for insertion of: symbols, Diacritics, Latin, Greek letters and many other special characters.

Works on simple keyboards with numpad and other tools.

Insert Unicode without having to spend countless amounts of time on web searches to find the right symbols.

Can be used when typing into: Windows, MS Word and other programs that have Unicode support.

How it works

To insert Unicode, you have to start by typing the code on the numpad. The first code displayed by UnicodeInput is the sent Unicode. You can click the pad to send a different Unicode. To repeat, just press Alt and the + key on the numpad. To continue, you can press F7 to enter “Send”.

You can add Unicode to any program that has Unicode support. It does not have to be Microsoft applications. Insert Unicode into:

Windows Notepad

Windows WordPad

Windows Excel

Any application that has support for Unicode

What’s new


– support for Windows 10


– Windows 10 support


– Windows 10 support


– added support for Windows 8.1


– Added support for Windows 8


– added support for Windows 7.5


– support for Windows XP SP3


– enable for Windows 7 SP1


– you can copy codes from your Linux terminal.

Free to use, free to distribute.

Possible Issues

UnicodeInput doesn’t support following Unicode additions:



System Requirements For UnicodeInput:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Windows 8
OS X 10.7 or later
Steam account (optional)
Release Date:
May 20, 2015
Madfinger Games
Gameplay Video:
Wes on Twitch:
(English Stream)
(German Stream)
Developer Comment:


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