The most recent addition to the Mass Effect franchise, the Elden Ring Free Download Game is an action RPG with a deep story that traverses the Lands Between, a massive and perilous world between the Fields Between, to a wide variety of dungeons. A fantasy game that breathes life into the Age of Gods and shows off unprecedented polygons and graphics, players can join the exploits of the Elden Lord and his group of adventurers, as well as a team of heroes that fights alongside them in battle.

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Key Features

– A vast world, a new story, and brand new gameplay.

– With the action RPG genre, have an unprecedented number of resources in multiplayer, including the organic online element.

– With a thrilling battle, an attractive graphical presentation, and a deeply-rooted story, experience the world of the Lands Between with a new cast of characters.

– With an upcoming twin-stick shooter-style action and demanding boss battles, change the genre, and masterfully master your RPG.

– With a variety of original and classic enemies that appear randomly in the field, and a new Survival Mode that has been built from the ground up, there are countless challenges awaiting you.

– The diverse collection of weapons and armor, including weapon crafting recipes that allow you to create weapons of your own, have both an impact on your own battle style and the outcome of the game.

– Develop your character freely while refining your action, or gain new skills through social connections.

– All your cards are free. You can freely build your deck. To select a card that adds a new enemy or raises your stats, you can add its abilities to the deck at any time.

Key features of the “Elden Ring Game” are as follows.

* The most recent addition to the Mass Effect franchise, the Elden Ring Game is an action RPG with a deep story that traverses the Lands Between, a massive and perilous world between the Fields Between, to a wide variety of dungeons. A fantasy game that breathes life into the Age of Gods and shows off unprecedented polygons and graphics, players can join the exploits of the Elden Lord and his group of


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Join the Elden Ring and wield the power of the great Elden Lord
  • A vast open world full of adventure
  • Create your own character through a deep customization system
  • Develop your character according to your play style
  • Online multiplayer modes such as deathmatch, adventure, and capture the flag.
  • Online asynchronous play mode where you interact and participate with others
  • Easy and fun customizing of your weapons and armor
  • Equip weapons from eight mighty, fateful Elden Rings
  • A vast world full of wonders and brand new discoveries
  • Innovative local communication mechanisms allow you to interact with friends
    in online and asynchronous play
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    Elden Ring PC/Windows



    The JUMP OF HEAVEN RACE. Challenge your endurance to the limit and take the race of a lifetime!
    • A Fantastic and Challenging Course in a Wonderful World
    Heaven: a total of 240km (150m) across the mountains and valleys of the Lands Between, where it is said that if you complete this course, the Gods will grant you a wish.
    • Completely Unique Concept
    Flattered to achieve your wish, you can choose from seven different modes of play. There are two controls: automatic and manual. If you choose automatic, you will see the route that you have to follow and the topographic maps where you will see the pitfalls, such as the dangerous gaps or deep holes. If you choose manual, you will see the route yourself and you will be responsible for the obstacles you encounter.
    • Immerse Yourself in the Race and the Landscape
    Are you ready to start the adventure of a lifetime? You will receive feedback from the game director and your fellow competitors about the obstacles and routes that you will encounter. You will be able to adjust your course according to them, if you need to, so that you will be able to enjoy the race to its fullest.
    • Admire a Magnificent Scenery
    The JUMP OF HEAVEN RACE is the perfect place to discover the world of the Lands Between in all its glory. The scenery is absolutely breath-taking and you will reach places never seen before. It is believed that the height of the race is to the top of the highest mountains on the Lands Between.






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    Select the class and weapons you want to play with.

    Make your character evolve and grow.

    Customize your equipment, stats, and features.

    Meet other players and form guilds.

    Explore the vast world and take on hundreds of quests.

    Innovative real-time action that feels alive through collaboration.

    Adventure into the Hearts of Other Worlds The rich colorful world of a fantasy universe, where beautifully-designed characters and powerful weapons add an exciting atmosphere to the game.

    Wielding the power of the Elden Ring, you will be able to meet challenges and overcome obstacles, and achieve your dream to become an Elden Lord.

    Get ready to form a powerful guild, explore the vast world and take on hundreds of quests, and enjoy a rich world of fantasy.

    Android version requires that the downloaded file is saved and launched through the Google Play Store. It may take several minutes to download the game. If the app is not available at launch through the Google Play Store, the image should be downloaded manually.

    ■ Course guide

    1. Install the Android emulator.

    2. Open the Android emulator

    3. Select “Nintendo Switch NX”

    4. Click the “File” menu on the top screen

    5. Select “Open NDK Cache”

    6. Select “/Switch NX_Google_API-x86-e10s-32/data/saved_games/Google.Switch.NX.API-”

    7. Select “Open Android cache”

    8. Select “Google.Switch.NX.API-”


    If the Android emulator is not properly installed, the operations described above may not work.

    ■ Course of action

    1. Download the Google Play version on a Nintendo Switch

    2. Turn on the switch

    3. Press and hold the L+R+X+C buttons

    4. Select “Google Play”

    5. Select “Switch console”

    6. Select “NX”

    7. Select “Nintendo


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Continued Development of the NEXUS Online Game World (Production start of “3.0”)


    Every single aspect of Tarnished Soul has been reworked and recreated. With Tarnished Soul 3.0 we are putting your input from past and present content to good use, preparing a world even more satisfying for you to explore!

    The origins of the new Tarnished Soul is going back to the original light novel series, in which Tarnished Soul was born, and is faithfully returning to the original world. Both in pace and in flavor, the new Tarnished Soul that you experience will continue to carry the strong ‘life force’ and be deeply and wonderfully tied in to the original series as a nostalgic twist of the original, while the new elements and gameplay that have been added will be completely new, fitting perfectly with the current state of the franchise. We plan to evolve the feeling of the game and the vast world around the game as we iterate the game’s mechanics through more content, while creating a world fit for a game that will be serviced in the future.

    There have been many opportunities for community content creation, and it has been presented in the media in multiple forms. Aiming for a Tarnished Soul that everyone can enjoy, we have in mind, a full-fledged project covering every aspect of development. For example, pixel art, models, programming, etc. are all generating content based on the finalized plan.

    Tarnished Soul‘s official website will officially go live in April 2018, along with a comprehensive guide for everyone to organize and create content.

    In addition, the Tarnished Soul official community website (described in link 1 as the


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar: If the zip file is compressed, use RAR executable to decompress it.
  • Run: Select “Run” from the file menu of the file which is already executed.
  • Select the language: Select a language from the list.
  • Close, Too Old: Close the open gates so that it won’t count the reboot time as operating time.
  • Very Thank You!!: Enjoy the gaming 🙂
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: OS X 10.7.5 / 10.8.5 or later
    Processor: Dual Core Intel i5, 2.7 GHz
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent
    Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
    Sound Card: Built-in speakers
    Additional Notes: The player will be delivered through the Games for Windows Live service.
    OS: OS X 10.9 or later
    Processor: Quad Core Intel i7, 2.8


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