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The universe is full of harsh, cruel and brutal place. In the wild wastes of Siberia there is nothing but void, ice and even less people. However, there are also lots of weapons, vehicles, collectables and much more. Hunger, ice, elements and anything else is waiting for you…
Create a unique character and take part in an exceptional story full of traps, intrigue, twists and many other incredible happenings. You need to survive, even when facing hundreds of other opponents, when the law of the wild wilderness is simple: the stronger conquers.
Survival Classic has three game modes, including Survival, Team Deathmatch and Melee.
Change your tactics at any time, as you are in charge of your character’s action and success.
Improve weapon damage, manage your health and ammo with your actions, evade traps and traps and much more to win this brutal but exciting game…
* Dozens of weapons, including melee weapons, firearms, special purpose devices and shotguns
* Vehicles and gear, from motorcycles to tanks
* Dozens of collectibles
* Variety of environments with different conditions
* Atmosphere – the logic of the world is very simple in Survival Classic: strong conquer. The stronger one survives.
* Beautiful graphics – the game is developed using CryEngine 2, the CryEngine 3 and Unity as a game engine.
* Optimization of the engine for all major platforms
* Multiplayer for up to 12 players on the same machine


Version 1.2

(16/12/2012, December 16, 2012)

Added “Projects Manager” and “Mission Manager”

Added projectmanager and mission manager to be able to manage your projects and missions more easily

Version 1.1

(08/10/2012, October 09, 2012)

Original:Survival Classic:
‘Evil eye’ – the climate changes. Darkness and the cold rain fall. Everything is reduced to one thing – to survive. Survival Classic adds a new dimension to survival games.
Immerse yourself into this new world, in which the most interesting feature is not based on the weapons, vehicles and equipment, but on the atmosphere.
#Survival Classic is a game which has been taking place over the whole Earth. This release is the first big update to the game and it contains a lot of new features.
#Survival Classic:


Download ZIP 🗸🗸🗸 DOWNLOAD

Download ZIP 🗸🗸🗸 DOWNLOAD

Anode Features Key:

  • Awesome 3D Mario like game.
  • Autumnal forest and snow feel. Jumping into the feeling of fun and adventure.
  • Use barrel to activate special power.
  • Beautiful graphics design.
  • Great soundtrack.


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– 2Kb – 3Kb
– Casual Physics Game
– Playable on all HTML5 platforms
About This Game’s Soundtrack:
– Low Quality Music made with Audacity
Thank you for downloading this game.
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Also give your suggestions on what to include in the next game.
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published:06 Jan 2018


This is my first real game, I made. Playing around in Game Maker for years, and even made a few little things. I will be adding to this and getting better over time.
If you like my videos, please subscribe!
P.S.: The audio is not mine. No copyright infringement intended. Just please no under my copyright.
What is this?
This video is my first attempt at game development, and it is very, very basic. Please excuse any miss-spelling or bad English. Also, be sure to note the following:
– This game was written in a text editor, not game maker.
– There are zero graphics, zero sound, and zero gameplay.
– To change scene, simply hit the home button or tab.
– The files are referenced perfectly in Game Maker, but it appears it does not read some files from outside of it.
This is my first game, and it was lots of fun!
– I can’t wait to try and improve this game!
– I really hope that this game was easy to follow. Because, it was a major pain to create.
This is my first game, and I’m proud of it!
– If it makes you feel any better, my game is made with a hack, which means that none of the assets are from the game I’m making, It’s major. I’m very proud of that.

We’re having a nice conversation on the couch about casual/heavily casual games. Which games would be fun to play casually? The whole show, we’re talking about the casual experience.
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Created by: Cilithocal

Published by: Cilithocal

Genre: Gameplay 2D physics puzzle, Action, Top down view, 0 gravity, Easy, Short, Survival

Developer: Cilithocal

Publisher: Cilithocal

Platform: PC

Sub Category: Puzzle

Version: 1.1

Size: 22 MB

PEGI: 18

* Game has 0 missing ESRB or PEGI descriptors. This is an old version. For more information, please refer to this page

* Latest uploads is at 6/19/2020. the facts, in accordance with the instruction to the jury, was:

“The claim of the plaintiffs against the defendant F. T. Heins for damages was submitted to you upon evidence showing that the defendant was liable for damages for damage to the plaintiffs, and upon evidence showing that the plaintiffs have been damaged, and the amount of their damages, and the liability of the defendant for damages, and the amount of their damages, if any, was submitted to you. The defendant F. T. Heins denied that the plaintiffs suffered any damage as a proximate result of the alleged act of negligence of the defendant.

“If you find from a preponderance of the evidence that the plaintiffs have been damaged and that the defendant is liable for damages, then the amount of the damages will be determined as instructed in the court’s charge upon that subject.”
[6] See footnote 1, supra.
[7] Art. 2212: “The penal code recognizes no crime, but provides that any injury to a human being is a tort. Article 1747 provides, `All damages shall be awarded, and the amount thereof shall be in proportion to the culpability of the wrongdoer.’ `Culpability’ is the degree of culpability which the law attaches to a certain act. It can be assessed by comparing it with the culpability in other cases, the criminal codes, the Civil Code, and the consequences which such act has for the public.

“Article 2064 provides: `The damages that a person shall recover for a breach of an obligation not arising from contract, are measured by the loss that was caused to him by the gratification of the obligation, or of the operation that was frustrated by its violation.’
“This article limits the recovery to the damage caused to the injured party by the injury which the


What’s new in Anode:

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    Make your own ninja and protect your target in motion.
    At the target, a ninja equipped with the punch of a mouse and the tactics of a rat!
    *To make ninja, be careful when you install this file to your app!
    If you use any other music app, you must be careful, because the shadowing effect of the ninja and the background music may be out of sync!
    The parrot is laughing at you for being so careless!
    -It’s… the ninja whom I rescued.
    -I’m not… the Touhou Project.
    -This is… Konohazuku!
    The number of ninja was cut in half!
    -What the?!
    -Who are you?!
    -I-I’m Vrana!
    -I don’t know what you’re talking about…
    -What are you doing?!
    -It’s not true! It’s not true, it’s not true!
    I want to save the village for the sake of Moka’s princesses!
    -They’re princesses!?
    -And what was that about ninja?!
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    -Were you a ninja in the first place?!
    -And you used a ninja’s punch?!
    -I… I was careful when I was checking for ninjitsu, but…
    -So, it was you, was it?
    -Who are you!?
    -Nevermind! I’m busy!
    But I do know who you are, so we don’t have to fight!
    -Are you… a vampire!?
    -Like I would never… I’d never! I’d never use vampirism in my ninja, so I can’t understand you at all!
    -You’re a vampire, too!
    -I’m… really… surprised.
    -H-Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…
    -Yeah, I’ve been following your journey…
    -If you had just said that, you wouldn’t have been killed!
    -But, how did you know I was a vampire?
    -Auspicious greeting…
    -I-I’m so sleepy…
    -Only the most powerful gods could’ve done that!
    -Why me?
    -I see! I see!
    -Before that


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What is Bounty Hunter: Space Detective – Population Pack 7







System Requirements For Anode:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows Vista
Memory: 32MB RAM
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E4400 (2.66 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 2200+ (2.2 GHz)
Hard Drive: 8GB of available storage
Video: 1024 x 768 display resolution with latest DirectX
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card, DirectX 9.0c compatible sound drivers
Input Devices


Download ZIP 🗸🗸🗸 DOWNLOAD

Download ZIP 🗸🗸🗸 DOWNLOAD

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