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Name Santa’s Holiday
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.94 / 5 ( 5746 votes )
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The Longest Road on Earth is a sort of mobile puzzle game, in which players follow a character called The Hero who is fleeing. The Hero can run, sprint, jump, and climb his way through a series of puzzles by following the guide line that he draws with his fingers on the inside of the screen. The puzzles he encounters are divided into four categories of challenges: Rope climbing, Airplane mode, Road crossing, and Finding his way home. Some puzzles require a certain answer, but others have no definite rules. Play with friends, if you have them, or work through it alone.
The Longest Road on Earth is the first title released by the newly-founded firm RPS VFX, based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, RPS VFX worked together in the helping to create video games for music label Game DVA.
About The Artist
Matthew Goldman is a British video game designer, working in the Hong Kong based company RPS VFX. His experience in video game design has gained him experience in developing games for different consoles and PC platforms.
“The Longest Road on Earth is the first title released by the newly-founded firm RPS VFX, based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, RPS VFX worked together in the helping to create video games for music label Game DVA.”
Matthew studied Computer Science at the University of Bath and then Media Studies at the University of Warwick. After three years working in Bristol, he moved to Hong Kong, to pursue work in the games industry.
For any further information regarding this game:
Game: iTunes:
Email: marketing@rpsvfx.comQ:

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Additional Information

Name Santa’s Holiday
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.94 / 5 ( 5746 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Santa’s Holiday Features Key:

  • Manage your air force
  • Destroy all the F7 fleets
  • Buy campaign boosters
  • Survive
  • The end game is yours
  • NOTE: If you don’t have your Spance keys the process is the same as any other game:
    1. Download the modded version of Armada 3040 and launch it.
    2. Click on Start Game and the game will load up.
    3. Click on Options and then click Load Game.
    4. Load your Modded Spance. You can navigate through the folder and select the modded Spance file. If you make a mistake you can always click on Clear to remove the modded Spance file.
    5. Click on Start Game and the game should start loading.
    6. Once loaded the game will play the game as normal.
    7. Download the Ingame Screen Editor and launch it.
    8. Open the modded Spance in the editor and click on Load.
    9. In the loading screen click on Load Game and when it asks if you want to run the game click Yes.
    10. Once loaded click on the Ingame tab and locate your Spance Client.
    11. In the Modded Spance Editor click on Exit and it will close the game.
    Playtime Instructions:
    Tap on the map to bring up your squad, once you have selected one enter orders.
    The main objective is to destroy the red fleets, for each destroyed fleet the CPU loses 2 points in game.
    Do not buy any fleets, just use your normal click to buy. Make sure you know where the red fleets are.
    Definitely do not make a fleet for each one of the opponent’s fleets, there is no point. You can make two fleets per side for an extra 2 points of your Squad.
    Remember to make any purchase with your Spance Keys.
    Remember not to take the risk of getting your ships destroyed, you need to be 100% sure that you can destroy them.
    If your Spance is taking a hit but has no damaged ships click on the tiles tile with 00’s next to it. This will prevent it from taking damage for some time.
    You can buy additional boosters in the store to increase your squad of ships.
    Don’t worry about scanning before you are tasked with a


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    In The Signifier, you are a man in a world that’s on the brink of madness.
    You’re the only one who can save mankind from its impending destruction. You must solve mysteries by using symbols and clues to find out what the invisible forces of this world are all about.
    Discover hidden objects, read the scores, and uncover the details that have been obscured for generations.
    With its intriguing story and its profound world-building, this is one of the most artistic adventure games ever created.
    Key Features:
    A gripping story, made more cinematic thanks to the full HD graphics and the music and sound effects.
    A brand new 3D-rendered world which takes you into the surreal, with a fantastic soundtrack by electro-acoustic musician Nico Stoll.
    More than 500 different hidden objects.
    Fully voice acted dialogues and character animations.
    Full multi-player support.
    Discover the truth behind one of the most dramatic events in history: the Time of the Signifier.
    Beguile your senses with more than 600 audiovisual effects, including animated shadows, stroboscopic flicker, line animation, and Flash.
    Its final and most important mission: peace in our troubled world.
    Discover an enigmatic paradise in the final moments of your adventure.

    I keep hearing rave reviews for this game so I decided to give it a go. What I like is that it is incredibly easy to get into and allows you to get to grips with the basics while still being able to enjoy challenging yourself. I think the game was well worth my money and 5 out of 5 stars!

    I love the atmosphere and the story. It’s very refreshing and different. I was also impressed with the puzzles. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer component so you cannot talk to other people or encourage them.

    Overall, I give this a fantastic 8.5/10.


    The puzzle solving in this game is about as intuitive as the gameplay concept, though the atmosphere and atmosphere, combined with a rather poignant story provide a lot of entertainment. I would however, have appreciated a hint-system.

    I find the puzzles to be very well designed, challenging and satisfying to solve. Perhaps due to the lack of online play I can not comment on the ‘hidden object’ aspect of the game. I also have to admit that the form of the font used gives the text a feel of the text in old printing presses of the 18th century. In


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    ・Select a scene
    (There are 4 different scenes in the game)
    ◆Scene 1: The Festival Committee Headquarters
    -This is the primary story path, although you can unlock the sub-story at any time
    ◆Scene 2: The Flow Machine
    -After the events of the game, if you complete the main story, you can access this game
    ◆Scene 3: School Festival Headquarters
    -Story path for the first episode of the spinoff
    ◆Scene 4: Hometreeth Training
    -NPC battle story path of the spinoff
    If you play other routes, keep in mind that unless you save the scene data when you play through the main story, you’ll lose it after a while.
    So before you begin, back up the game data and restart!
    Please note that it’s possible to skip scenes in the game by pressing “skip” while going through the dialog. (This feature is temporarily unavailable)
    Key Words:
    ・Keywords from Tama
    To change the tone or environment, type “[Tiny Buddy]” (“[Big Buddy]”/“[Tama]”) and press Enter
    If you want to skip a line or a part of the game, you can press “[Skip]”.
    To review the conversation, press “[Back]”.
    If you have any questions, please check the “About This Content” section

    Discover a new chapter in Chisato’s life in AQUARE, a story about a beautiful, bright and cheerful young girl who once lived in a confined space with no windows – until one day she gets trapped in a ship travelling to space!Through intense tension and heartfelt drama, unfold the mysterious secrets of this fresh yet charming story about being in-between.
    Chisato Hino is a cheerful girl with a bright personality. She doesn’t care about her appearance or her image and always smiles. She is not the type of person who tries to impress others. This girl is also full of spunk, but when someone claims that they like her for her looks she is actually taken aback. So, Chisato lives her life day by day, running around the ship, playing with her friends, studying hard, and finding new things to do.
    However, one day, Chisato encounters a


    What’s new:

    Tank Maniacs Reviews

    Anno comes from Southern California and obviously fell in love with the tanks as a child. From pulling his little car up to the tank at the Vader’s Star Destroyer, to the beauty of watching the battle from a little known Australian prison, tank flicks were his primary mode of entertainment.

    Anno, like many of you, became familiar to Tank Maniacs because of one of the world’s greatest tank series: “Pacific Fighters”. A WWII tank action show similar to “Jungle Fighters”, the show was shot in 35mm in Australia, and ran from 1965-67. In each episode, the focus was on a single, very active, and very violent episode from the Pacific campaigns. These episodes were relatively uncommon, and the tape of one episode would cost a lucky person $5. Giant Films would produce a volume of remastered tapes for $20.

    In 2000, after being a huge fan for over 20 years, Anno became fully informed of the history of the tank flicks. As the 2000s proceeded, Anno approached his “new interest” cautiously, incorporating his knowledge into his limited knowledge of this genre of movies. Now approaching his sixtieth year, Anno revisited the 40 odd tank flicks that he has loved as a child in 1965.

    First off, I have to ask, why are there so many lousy looking tanks in the flicks? A variety of reasons, but the response from the owner/viewer dictates some knowledge of tank flicks. In my opinion, any tank that wears a tattered battle blue coat is not worth looking at. Graffiti must always be used sparingly, and no patches should be pasted. Once flicks began to rely on the US, this began to change. I still feel that the best looking tanks are still the Russian, mostly used by the Germans.

    The other issue that Anno sheds some light on is the context of tank flicks. Back in the day, a tank was a big, massive machine, with it’s own individual crew, with complete details. The engines, included for technical detail, but the crewmember detail is complete including the numerous hats, coats and other items under the unit’s rail. So, when looking at these flicks, we are looking at a particular truck, with it’s own crew, at a particular point in time, in


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    “The Story”…
    I’m not sure if this statement will give you any clue as to the overall theme of the game.
    I have had one overarching theme since the beginning of the project, which is to create a sandbox-style space combat simulation. I do not plan on adding any explicit story to the game. Players can make their own story by choosing different objectives, factions, and whatnot. If this works out, I will have a sandbox campaign mode where the players are just creating worlds and going for resources. This would also open up many other opportunities, such as allowing players to write their own comic like story series!
    “The Players”…
    You are the Nexus Defense Force, the only organization that can keep safe the Nexus, the homeworld of your species.
    However, your planet is slowly deteriorating and the threat of a Void invasion looms. It is up to you to destroy its origin and keep your species safe.
    As you go on your journey through the solar systems, you will meet many NPCs, weapons, and items. Some NPCs will aid you on your quest, while others will be a constant source of headache. Take what you can get and leave the rest behind!
    “The Anima”…
    The Anima is a deity, similar to a God in your religion, who will guide you on your quest.
    The Anima will infuse you with the Nexus’s Might, which is your stat, and give you unique skills and weapon abilities.
    With its power, you can save your colony, make a savepoint at the end of a mission, or launch a mission to a new solar system!

    With all of the feedback I have received, my plan is to create a Sandbox campaign mode. Once the world has been created in the Sandbox mode, I will create a campaign to go through.
    The only way to get to the sandbox mode is by completing the campaign, which will be randomized each time you play. This is just to keep people from playing the same missions over and over while the rest of the game is being worked on.


    There is no stable balance
    Your in-game team lmg will explode once every one of its members die. I don’t think that helps the gameplay at all.


    This is barely a game. As a “sandbox” experience, it’s at most


    How To Install and Crack Santa’s Holiday:

    • Download & Install The Good Men
      • PROS: Unlimited players, Huge map size
      • CONS: Looks like a tile-based RPG

        As far as I know there are no technical cons, but it’s kinda basic!


    System Requirements For Santa’s Holiday:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i5-750 / AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or ATI Radeon HD 6970
    Storage: 200 MB available space
    Recommended Requirements:
    Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 / AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition


    Additional Information

    Name Santa’s Holiday
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.94 / 5 ( 5746 votes )
    Update (10 days ago)


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