One of the games in the famed TANE series with is a great Eastern Ukraine Railway game where you can either become a train driver or a passenger and navigate your way through the Ukrainian rail network.
You can also see the route in Google maps.
The game is designed in a very detailed way with many different local stations, stops and ambiences.
The game also includes either diesel locomotives or electric ones and either high speed passenger trains or less high speed passenger trains which can carry about 2 hundreds of passengers.
You can either purchase the game or you can try the Early Access version.
There are 4 part of the game so you can download the full game or parts of the game at your own pace.



5 map layers

Local and long distance trains

Various sizes of the local stations and depots

Over 150 various vehicles from trucks to passenger trains.

Lots of track variants and a variety of tracks

26 signals and track switches

Over 24 bridges and viaducts

Detailed line and signals, stations and stops

Detailed graphics and nice ambience

North American Railroad Over 100 layouts from Canada and USA with hilly terrain and lush forests with very beautiful scenery

Great detail of stations and local building

Great tracks for freight trains on canals and winding steamboat roads.

Great detail of trains and road trucks

Over 100 various trains from boxcars, locomotives, electric and diesel to freight trains and slow passenger trains

Loads of track variants and track types

Over 200 signals with all types of signals and track switches

Detailed graphics and nice ambience

Easy to use interface

Overview of all data


1.4: Improved map rendering, lots of minor bug fixes and improvements.

1.0: First released version

DLC Add Ons:

– All DLC map kits are available to add to your desktop version.

– High Resolution versions for PC, Android, and iOS are included in all cases.

– Add-On versions are included in all cases.

– With add-on versions you have an option to combine the respective maps in one data-file.

– Add-On versions cannot be added to your desktop version.

– You have the option to purchase the add-on version with your Steam Wallet.

In a railway simulator, the


Features Key:

  • Ride the full featured motorbike in drifts and overtake and crash in the fullness of time.
  • Drip your favourite hit sound track on while the soundtrack pedal to all your riding moves are recorded
  • Worldwide leaderboards, achievements and credits.
  • BATTLES: Pollinate

    NOBUNAGA BATTLES: Pollinate Game Key features:

    • Take control of your club’s bees as they herd and pollinate
    • Collect pollen and nectar to power up and boost your results.
    • Earn huge amounts of cash for doing all that they do best
    • Board with a full selection of stadium and field choices.

    ‘S AMBITION: Leather Pack Vol. 1

    NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Leather Pack Vol. 1 Game Key features:

    • The Evolution of WAR!
    • True-to-life Game Mechanics
    • Cross Platform Multiplayer.

    BATTLES: Leather Pack Vol. 1

    NOBUNAGA BATTLES: Leather Pack Vol. 1 Game Key features:


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    All the Way I Hear the Drums…

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    *I’d like to thank my brother in law for the awesome song playin’ gifs and editing them in Blender.
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    Manipulation of Reactive in Azure

    We have a backend consisting of a MSSQL server which contains data which we retrieve from it. When we retrieve the data it is sorted and the data is stored in a DataTable which is sent back to the client side. In the client side we have a JavaScript application. In this application we have a reactive application which depends on the data in the DataTable. We have a WebApi running which sends the DataTable to the client side. What we want to do is to make sure that when the server sends the data to the client it will be sorted.
    Here is a picture of what the backend looks like:

    The first method I used was to add the sort-column to the server side DataTable, and in the JavaScript application I sort the DataTable after retrieving the data. This seemed to work but I was under the impression that this would have a big performance hit because the DataTable is sent back to the client before the sorting was complete.
    Next I tried to send the sorting to the server side and then send back to the client side, but this seemed not to work. When I send the sorting to the server side the DataTable is updated and it works just fine, but when it reaches the client side, I get an error that the data is null, and when I check the data it is indeed null.
    What I want to know is, what is the proper way of doing this? Is it the sorting on the client side or is it the server side which must be used?



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